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Created: 2005-11-30 09:26:04
Game: debacle
Faith: Angelique


It was a hot, sunny day when Gili and Nagash sat relaxing on a beach. They were commenting on the other people around them.

“ Was that a hippo walking by just now, or was it a humanoid? ”

Gili wondered aloud, glaring at something huge that had just crawled along. Nagash was too busy watching a group of elven maidens play a game involving a ball, a net and lots of graceful movements to have noticed it come by (however huge it was). He watched in the direction Gili was pointing and grinned.

“ I would’ve said it’s an elephant actually, cross-bred with a dwarf. ”

On purpose, he said this a bit too loud. The person they were talking about (whom in fact was part whale and part gnome) cast an angry glance in their direction and the two rolled through the sands with laughter.

“ Guess you were wrong there! ”

It was then that they noticed a priest running in their direction, waving frantically and tripping over his robes every two or three steps he took.

“ Oh no. Guess our quiet time is over. ”

“ I wonder what the church of Leto wants this time. ”

The priest by now had reached them and with a final effort to try to deliver his message without tripping over his robes and making a complete idiot out of himself, he stepped on the towel of a sunbathing orc, whom grunted and punched the priest’s leg, causing him to stumble and fall. After he’d apologized to the orc and tempered his enthousiasm, he made his announcement.

“ Lords, there has been a revelation of great interest to all of us! ”

He wanted to have a dramatic pause after these words, so kept his silence for a bit. This silence was interrupted by Gili and Nagash, whom were growing impatient.

“ Well? ”

“ Speak up, fool! ”

The priest sighed and gave up. He told the two that the prophet of Leto, Decae, was about to speak. All soothsayers, fortunetellers and other clairvoyants had predicted so. It was going to happen an hour later, but no one knew where. Nagash and Gili gathered their few belongings (their towels and a cute pink bucket) and went on their way to the nearest temple of Leto.

As they arrived there, priests there sat in a trance. In fact, most were faking a trance and making important-sounding hums. One of them immediately drew the attention of Gili and Nagash, for this one just stood there, casually leaning against a statue of a gorgeous priestess who was cutting the head off a monster with nine eyes, five arms and seven legs.
When the two lords approached him, he suddenly glanced up at them. His eyes were crimson, the look on his face grim. He made a violent movement in their direction and let out a high pitched shriek. They stopped dead in their tracks and the priests also stopped faking trances and looked at him. When he spoke, it was in a deep voice.

“ Hear me, for I am the prophet Decae!! Since Improv grew up and became a testy teenager named Mo’Pri, who then sullenly passed into an adult named Maxim – I’m without a child to manipulate and improve. ”

The rest of what he would’ve said was lost, for the man’s eyes gained their normal color again, his face went from a grim expression to one of terror and he lost his consciousness.

Gili and Nagash were sure that these truly were the words of the prophet. Who Improv, Mo’Pri and Maxim were, they did not know. It were weird names for children, not to mention the fact that apparently they had evolved into each other. Or something. What they could make sense of though, was the statement that he needed another child. To improve and manipulate. Whatever that might’ve meant. Gili was the first to speak.

“ Did you hear that? ”

Nagash nodded and replied:

“ I sure did. He needs a child. ”

“ To manipulate and improve. “

“ Wow. ”

“ Hey, let’s give it to him. ”

“ Give what to him? ”

“ The child ofcourse! ”

“ To manipulate and improve! But ofcourse! Let’s go and rob some heathen countries of their children then, and offer them to him at the Evernight Temple! Then he can choose! And they heathens are easier to manipulate… ”

“ Yes! Let’s follow his prophecies in the future! To the letter!! Let it be written and let it be done!! ” They took a piece of parchment, on which the foundation of their future actions would be built. Nagash wrote on it: The prophet needs a child to manipulate and to improve.
Gili then wrote: We of the Loony Outsmarted Letites shall follow the prophet’s prophecies.
Thus it was written and thus it would be done. The two set out to muster an army and raided many heathen lands. They would butcher anyone in their way and steal all children. These they would load into carts and send off to the Evernight Temple, where the prophet was said to live. Here they’d tie the children up to a tree and set out to get more. When they had gathered a few thousand children and tied them all to trees, they went to the Evernight Temple. Nagash asked the children:

“ Anyone of you guys called Improv? ”

No one answered. Gili stated that he expected as much and set out to the one tree that hadn’t anything attached to it. He took a note, saying: Dearest prophet. Here are some children for you to improve and manipulate. Hope you like them. Yours faithfully, Gili and Nagash.
This he pinned to the tree with a dagger and they went back home.

“ I wonder what he’ll ask us for next… ”


GM: Looney
AGM: GM Trustee
Squad Leader: LOL Diehard
Full Member: Known Member
Member: Scarcely Known to GMs
Newbie: Constipated


We overwhelmed many an age, and we wuuuuuuuuuuv lime green (and Whit)!!!


Command Structure

The only real command structure is:
Decae. The prophet Decae although not in the guild, is whom we listen to. To fulfill his desires is to fulfill Leto's. This can often, and this is encouraged to lead to different interpretations into what is meant by our prophet.
Nagash / Gili will serve as senior members of "The Guild" to try and make sure total anarchy doesn't become our downfall.

The Guild

For administrative purposes a few people will be given all or some of the privileges to share the load of GM(s).


As per standard TB rules.

Additionally we should be on the look out for what Decae posts, so we can cater for his whims and needs.


All within the guild should be treated as equals we are here for some light hearted amusement, and so ranks shouldn't really be an issue. However if people are willing to share the work load of GM's and the current GM's see them fit to lead then more people will be granted GM rank.

Application Requirements

Applications are welcome from all.

Guild Issues.

This guild, as in the game it plays in, is not to be taken seriously. Unless members demand it there will not be mandatory war chats although team work is obviously advised. Players are still expected to play their turns daily.