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Created: 2005-11-29 22:36:32
Game: debacle
Faith: Barnabas


Before God was a word, before faith in anything became religion, there were men and women who fought for a cause all their own. Within the lands of the realm known simply as Solo, came the many faces of warriors and warrioress' who fought one another to rule the lands, awaiting the inevitable, the one who would overthrow them. It was not till recently that Gods came into play. With the coming of religion came also segregation.

Those of different faiths mainly kept to themselves. Going outside of your faith was nothing like it is today. At the time those of other faiths did intermingle in the name of progress. Trade routes sprang up, but most were not used by the majority in the land. Those who did travel between realms did so more for the benefit of others then themselves. Moving goods and ideas also made these people tend to look at things more sharply then those who never left the bounds of their gods blessing.

Although the travelers moved in groups, they became known as Solarians. Many know not the true source behind the name, but a few still do. The name came from the life they lived. Traveling between realms never assured that those around you where of the same inclination, let alone faith. Those who traveled became dependent on themselves and no one else. The Solarians were the first
people to see the merits of faiths not their own. They also had the first known instance of people switching faiths.

As time wore on, the Solarians started to notice the Imblance. Switching faiths became more common among them as they sought to bring balance back to the land. Then came the Simple Sin.

With its coming and the passing of time the realms were plunged into mistrust and chaos. Solarians came under suspicion for their acts as “heretics”. No Solarian was trusted in any realm because people believed they could have worshipped the heathen gods, or they might still and be spies. For their actions aimed at the greater good of all, they were shunned by all. The only place they could find acceptance was among other Solarians.

Some of the more respected Solarians called a meeting. During the Meeting of Exile all those who wished to be heard were allowed to say their piece, and soon the matter was decided. They would flee from those who would try to force their ways upon them. No family would be left behind, for those who left now had no family save those of like mind. Using what influence and favors they had left they gathered what they needed and met on the southern coast. The fleet that sailed that day was never seen leaving. No one cared were they had gone except those on the ships.

For the next 2 years the Solarians sought a suitable land. When they finally made land fall they were exhausted but hopeful. For the next 200 years they rebuilt as they saw fit. Soon a flaw in their dreams became apparent. The land to which they had fled was much smaller then that which they had left. Overcrowding became a fact of life.

Life could not continue under these conditions forever. A group of respected Solarians soon found a solution. The same facts the gods had seen became apparent to those present. Life is wasted on those who do not live. Struggle and strife are part of life. Soon the Accord was drafted.

“In order that life might continue and not strangle itself, all members of the land shall elect leaders under whom they shall gather. A limited number of our realm shall then be allowed to lead their troops to war. Balance must be maintained! All the tenets set forth in the Meeting in Exile shall still stand. Those who wish to travel between realms and further the whole shall be allowed unhindered. Those who would war shall only be allowed to under the sufferance of those who follow them. No realm shall go against the good of all.”

Parts of the land of the Solarians were set aside so that members of warring realms could meet and discuss matters of the land. These places soon became common grounds for trade and the exchange of ideas, and life continued for 500 years without any truly momentous events to interrupt time’s forgetful touch.

One day the original Scrolls of Exile were found. People held debates over their contents. No one questioned if they were real, but whether those across the Forgotten Sea could truly be so blind as to cast out those seeking to help them. True, Solarians had had wars and vendettas. Those who warred sought to gain as much as they could for themselves and those who looked to them for guidance. But no one, not even those warring in earnest, would do something to harm the rest in the land who sought to help them all.

Thinking that things might not have changed, but hoping that they had, the Solarians gathered a group of their warriors and charged them with crossing the Forgotten Sea. Their task was to see what had happened in the intervening years. A single ship was sent. The warrior charged with overseeing this was Chameleon. A respected member of the land of Solo, he was sent to observe and report what he found.

Upon arriving Chameleon found a land torn by war. Not only had the faiths split, the members of each faith had splintered into separate groups known as Guilds. Holding true to his charge, Chameleon built a kingdom and set forth to contact members of the realms around the land. The first thing learned was that those not of a guild were attacked by all, no matter how strong. Every guild contact made was from being attacked without cause. Seeing no hope for peaceful contact Chameleon traveled back across the sea.

When he returned several of the Solarians met in council at the behests of TOM812. Angered at the way of life there they knew that they had to bring them the light and knowledge of the Solarian way of life. They appointed one Darnivan to take care of the garbage on the ships for the voyage across the sea and set sail. After arriving they found a new age just beginning and the kingdoms beginning once again as they must each age. With their Garbage Man at their lead they set out into the land of guilds

In a mater of days, these Lost Souls had found a home, chosen a God, and gained the ability to trust each other, if not forever, at least for now.


GM: Garbage Man
AGM: Keepers of the Shnoink
Squad Leader: A Giant Mongoose
Full Member: Flying Giraffe
Member: Space Toad
Newbie: Shnoink


First age is Debacle




We shall always attack in the best manner possible. No member shall ever be sacrificed to save another. No member shall ever be asked to give himself or herself up for a mistake made by any other member. Repeated failure to participate in a war chat, or the war itself will result in removal from the guild.


Names and titles change over time. You must earn the right to bear a certain rank. These are not given easily and not taken lightly. If you feel you are ready and capable we will give you a higher rank. Failure to perform duties that your rank includes will result in you be removed from your position and possibly from the guild.


Communication within the guild is swift and effective. All members should have ICQ; exceptions will be made only in rare cases. Officers regularly review the kingdoms and will offer suggestions for improvement to our members. If the GM disappears, the Master of the Pointy Sticks will hunt him down and lynch him.


Diplomacy is but another weapon in our arsenal, and it's one we wield with unsurpassed skill. Accordingly, we demand a certain polish in our members when they deal with those of lesser guilds. There will be times when you disagree with others on Tempers Ball. Do so in a dignified manner, particularly with those of your own faith and brotherhood.

Members are expected to adhere and obey the rules of Tempers Ball, which are:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself

2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

The above is word for word from Tempers Ball, including the typos.


We have a well-established training program for those newbies that feel they have what it takes to become a member. We expect you to play regularly and adhere to the rules of the guild. If you will stop playing for a period of time do not even bother. If you feel the leaders are wrong, address the matter to me and it shall be dealt with.

The rules are simple and are as follow:

1. Obey the orders of those appointed over you. Discipline is the key to victory.
2. Maintain a military force in order to defend yourself. The guild will not
protect those that do not first protect themselves.
3. Do not make enemies for the guild. We shall destroy the heathens one by one.
Attracting the attention of many only hinders the ultimate plan.
4. Loyalty to the guild and each other. We stand firmly together in all that
we do. We will ultimately win through our conviction not only to the cause,
but to each other as well.
5. Death before dishonor. To die is not to fail, for giving your life in the
name of the cause is the ultimate sacrifice and a refusal to fail.

These are the titles that you will be eligible to hold within the guild:

GM: Garbage Man
AGM of War and Scum: Master of the Pointy Sticks
AGM of Nothing: A Giant Mongoose
(Lvl 3) Squad Leader: Flying Giraffe
(Lvl 2) Member: Space Toad
(Lvl 1) Entry: Shnoink

Please answer the following when submitting application to the guild:

1. What is your TB name?
2. What is your kingdom name?
3. Do you prefer to play: Scum, Sorcery, or Warrior?
4. What time are you usually online? (Please give days of week, times and time
5. List all ways you are able to be contacted by (E-mail, ICQ, AOL AIM, MSN
Messenger, etc...)
Please respond to these questions via e-mail (include the question with your
answer) to the GM. You may apply to this guild only if you have first obtained
permission from the GM. All other applications will be automatically denied.