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Created: 2005-11-29 00:47:56
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


It was a Monday,

Mondays sucked, and this one had the promise of one more that took the breath from your chest then smiled at you as it pushed you off a cliff.

The world as it was once known was gone, snuffed out like a damn candle that was set to close to a window. A big Effin window.

Few knew how it happened, Fewer still knew why. Yet, we all knew that it was like a kick in the teeth. Thats life for ya, one kick after another. It keeps coming until it takes everything from ya. Only this time the bastard left us Breathing, Hurting. I hate Life

We (damn looks like i'm the only follower of Barnabas, damn weak minded bastards) found ourselves on a raft of some sort. A small one. It looked like an old gate. It had splinters but we didn't complain. Some like pain, and the salt water only enhanced the pleasure. Some people are sick. I hate Sick people.

Monday turned into Tuesday,

Although Tuesdays could stick it to ya like a greedy begger, they were better than mondays, and for that we were grateful. By Now we were hungry. Hunger, another one of life's little kick, isn't satisfied by this crap we find floating in the water. It looks like moss, but its not. I hate Moss.

Tuesday finally turns into wednesday,

I havn't know a bad wednesday, somthing tells me thats about to change. I get to know a guy named John. He seems like an ok guy. Tells me he used to be into carpentry. I tell him he probably built the prison i just got out of. He agrees.

It begins to rain. Slowly at first, a few drops here and there, the wind picks up. Soon the water begins to heave, creating monstrous waves. Hours go by. The wind and rain stop. John is gone, the sea ate him. I hate the sea.

Thursday arrives, earlier than expected.

Theres just enough fresh water in the ruts of the raft to keep goin. I'm taking out the next person I can. I am what I am, someone's gotta be. I hate Myself.

Friday, thank Barnabas its Friday.

Someone sees an Island, i don't see a damn thing. If they're lieing, i'm going to drown them. I hate Liars.

Saturday, I killed the bastard who got my hopes up. Island my ass. Then someone else sees it. Shit, I see it too. Poor bastard, good eye sight got him killed. Nothing i can do about it, life goes on as it always does.

We start kicking and paddling our way to shore. We're tired but that doesn't matter. The sand is hot against our skin. It burns slighty but we don't care, its dry and its solid, thats all i care about. I love stability.

Some of us explore, thats nice. Let em explore, i'm staying here. I eye the Jungle, it gives me the creeps. Wierd sounds, strange vibes. I hate Jungle.

Its night fall, no one has returned. Good, dumbasses. It'll teach the others to stay put, to stick together in a group. The noises get louder, I'm not worried. I've heard worse, I'm a badass...sorta. I hate being Cocky.

Sunday, we found out what happened to the others. They're dead, you don't need details. It was bad, I've seen worse, I think. The suns doing strange things to my head. Its hard to see, hard to stand or walk. I hate the Sun.

I wake up, its Sunday Night. I'm alone, where did the others go? I thought I told them to stay put. Idiots, why didn't they listen. I hear screams, screams that make my blood run cold. What? I'm not scared..I'm a badass..remember? I hate your short memory.

I hear more screams, they sound crazy. Those can't be human, not a sane one. I hear another one, its closer this time. Shit, its dark...I can't see. Normaly I love it but for now....I hate the Dark

I found em laying there, grasping for breath. Fools, I told them stay by the fire. Why didn't they listen. What happened to em? They're cut, deep. I've never seen a blade do that before. It looks more like a mauling. I hate animals.

I feel somthing wet run down my cheek, I wipe it away. My skin feels wierd, slippery. I look at my hands, Blood. I check to see if its mine, its not. What the hell. I run back to the fire, i'm out of shape. I try and catch my breath, go to hell its not funny. I look around to see more bodies, where did those come from? I don't know. I jump, that wasn't my voice I just heard. Yes it was. I run. I hate running.

What the hell is going on? Was that voice in my head? What are you nuts? It wasn't in my head....I don't think. Where did this blood come from? Why do my hands ache and where did these bruises come from? I keep running. I hate being scared

I trip and hit a rock, I'm out.

The sun is out, its damn light hurts my eyes. I feel like i've been drinking, I wish. I try and stand, I don't make it. Then it comes to me. It pours into my head like a damn flood. The screams, the bodies, did I really do all of that? No, Yes. No.......Yes......

It was fun, I need to do it again. Theres no one left. Wait for others to show up....I hate waiting."

~Excerpt from Nether's journal, 11/21-11/28


AGM: member
Squad Leader: member
Full Member: member
Member: member
Newbie: wanna be


CoI is a remarkably active, talented, and perseverant guild, as we have shown the world during our first age in existence.


1) Obey ALL Tempers Ball forum rules. We are an honorable guild and this must be kept in mind at all times. The rules for Tempers Ball are.

a) No Vulgarity or Profanity.
b) Do not make an ass out of yourself.
c) Do not post accusations of cheating.
d) Do not post bug reports.
e) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
f) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

2) Guild member rankings are as follows:

Rank 1: GM - The man in charge. 'Nuff said.
Ranks 2-5: Members - These rankings will be used as the GM or AGM sees fit. In times of war especially, they will be used to rank kingdoms based on size, so that strikes can be better organized. These ranks will never have anything to do with player skill, so in theory a Rank 2 player is just as vital to our success as a Rank 5 player, and the two will be treated as equals. Usually Rank 6 will be used to tag severe inactives and vacationing kingdoms (If you have recently been accepted to the guild, you will be properly ranked within the next day, so don't fret about that). These inactives (vacationing kingdoms included, if a prior heads-up is not given to the GM or AGM) will be warned, and if no response is given to let us know that they are still alive within about a week's time, they will be asked to join another guild, and booted several days afterwards even if a new home has not been found for them by that time.

In the case of a GM leaving the guild, the AGM will immediately become GM and appoint his or her own AGM from the remaining members. In the case of an AGM disappearing from the guild, the GM will simply appoint a new AGM to the position.

3) To gain entry into CoI, you must email either the GM or AGM with the following information after officially applying to the guild:

a) Name you wish to go by to the rest of the guild
b) TB posting name
c) Your local time difference in relation to gametime (in other words, hours ahead or behind the gametime); this will be used to help us organize strikes around the majority of the members' schedules, since I know many of you are in school or working
d) Contact information other than e-mail; Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and AIM are all acceptable, as I have all 4

4) On a side note, if it is possible for all or most of the guild members, strikes will not always be held on IRC. This is not only more convenient for myself, since a non-firewalled internet source is not always readily accessible to me, but it can also help to keep out unwelcome guests while we are at war. If this isn't convenient for enough of our members, strikes will be held in an IRC channel as is the standard practice of most guilds.