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Created: 2005-03-21 22:27:48
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


Darden saw moods as does the world itself; light days followed by dark nights, whose lengths varied according to season and whim of the land. In the long light days of that glorious first summer, Darden's bowl stood empty as the God enjoyed the adulation of the people. Faith bore fruit in the form of spirits of the land; dryads, wood elves and brownies frolicked amongst the ancient oaks of the forest, and a new wave of magick spread throughout the land, making even the most darkened country thoroughfare safe for travellers.

When autumn arrived with its glorious bronze and orange, the land looked and felt exquisite; grain was stored in the granaries, the animals began their preperations for hibernation, and all celebrated the love of their deity. Even the priests of the various deities managed a civil word to each other if they happened to pass in the street, though it was obvious even then that there would be tension between the faiths if they continued down the path of telling the faithful of the superiority of one over another. As the evenings darkened, travellers began to make their journeys shorter and stopped more regularly at the various half way houses and inns which dotted the landscape; woodland spirits or no, few travellers would risk laming their horse in an unseen pithole in the path or splintering a cart axle over a bump in the road.

Autumn slowly gave way to the first winter, with the grip of frost only grudgingly making way for the appearance of the pale sun each morning. The few travellers who still made their journeys through the ancient forests of the land at first spoke of the spirits retreating into hibernation with their woodland compatriots; then came rumours of noises in the darkened woods, and of travellers disappearing 'twixt one inn and the next. Occasionally one of the hardier travelling folk brought back news of vivid red stains upon the otherwise pristine snow, or of screams in the dead of night.

The bowl was no longer empty; rats in the granaries and a poor harvest in the East drained the summer's wealth until hard times were apparent to all. Despair flooded the land, and Darden's bowl overflowed; in panic, the God drank deeply of the viscous black fluid and an unearthly gleam appeared in the eyes of the trickster God. Where previously his will had seen the arrival of the brownies and capering spirits which had so reassured travellers, the dark liquid brought forth spirits and creatures more suited to the long winter nights; demons, craven creatures which dwelled within the shadows and would only emerge to take a victim. As food and fuel both began to become short in supply, the shadows crept ever closer to the bustling cities and lay their claim to the back alleys and slums of those places. As the days grew ever shorter and the night's embrace ever deeper, the creatures began to grow in strength and temerity; those were black times for the city watch, who lost scores of men in the first wave of nighttime attacks from the deepest shadows.

Those fell creatures which seized unwary passersby and dragged them into darkened corners became knwon by many as the greatest threat to their way of life. The world around them was no longer peaceful, they could no longer rely on their god to protect them since now it was his will that haunted them. And the people knew true fear for the first time since the birth of the gods and they were unsure of the course of action they should take. Many rallied to take arms against the twisted monsters that stalked their darkened streets. None were ever seen again until the creatures took to brazenly displaying their kills during the brief daylight hours.

However the coming of the war between faiths changed everything. The first sin went unobserved by the monsters, so content were they in glutting themselves on the followers of their creator that they were blind to the calm before the storm that it caused. Yet when the Last Sin was comitted they were unable to avoid it, their souls were directly affected by the resonance of their father Darden joining in combat with his fellow Gods and instead of taking it as a call to arms they merely used the chaos to further themselves individually. Under the cover of the havoc caused by the celestial battle they took their chance to come from the shadows completely, they seized control over the mortals around them more directly and seated themselves as rulers of all they surveyed. They claimed themselves as various things in various places however one group exceeded even their most diabolical brethren by enslaving not just a secluded hamlet or city but an entire region and there they ruled not as kings but gods!

They called themselves the Scions of Despair and claimed to be the chosen voices of Darden. It is unknown now wether they truly believed their own lies or if they were simply too drunk on power to understand the consequences of their heinous blasphemy. The battle between the Gods ended quickly and after a spell of seclusion to nurse his wounds Darden did turn his gaze to the state of his followers. And when he laid eyes upon the actions of the creatures created by his darker side his ire was raised and he struck out against the worst offenders amongst them for both their arrogance and their lack of devotion. He had given them life and in return they had shackled his mortal followers to their whims and ignored the call to battle against his treacherous fellow Gods. The self-proclaimed Scions of Despair were not the first to be struck down by Darden during his fury, nor were they last but they are the ones Darden punished most harshly for their transgressions.

The legends say that Darden himself sat in judgement of the Scions and did find them wanting in both faith and remorse for their actions. What he did not find them lacking in was arrogance; each of them strutted like proud peacocks before him and did all but dare him to level his worst at them. They had become so convinced of their own supperiority that they would dare to defy a God yet had any of them been able to forsee the curse that Darden would bestow upon them it is likely that they would have repented and begged for a quick death to spare themselves the torment.

The curse is a subject of some contention between modern scholars, some claim it was the kind Darden of old rearing his head and showing mercy to the children that he had created when he took that first fateful sip of the bowl. Others preffer to believe that it was the ultimate act of cruel vengeance by the Demon of Tismad against his unruly children.
Darden is said to have given the Scions of Despair numerous chances to repent and fight for his cause as champions, lead his mortal flock in battle against the heretical followers of Foret whose existance offended him so yet at every turn their leaders spat in his face and goaded him to do his worst. Finally the God lost all trace of patience and decided upon a course of action that would both punish his creations and at the same time see them serve his cause aswell.

There were nine Scions, each of them notorious for pandering to a particular vice or emotion in their mortal flocks. It was this foible of theirs that Darden turned against them when he shattered each of their demon forms, turning them into incorporeal beings before locking their essences inside frail mortal bodies. His curse was thus; they would forever be doomed to seek out and devour the souls of those who tread down the path of belief of either Isonia or Foret but each of them would need that soul to be consumed by the trait that they themselves had most coveted while they were true demons. Each soul they devoured would prolong their life and see them live a fraction longer without fear of being overwhelmed and destroyed by the very thing they now craved so much.

The Scions finally accepted their curse after two of their number were destroyed attempting to cling to their rebellious nature. At first they squabbled amongst themselves over matters ranging from wether they should remain together or split apart to who should be considered first amongst them. The squabbling ceased when one of them was destroyed by the hand of another who decreed itself the only one capable of leading them, the rest still reeling from the shock of seeing one of their brethren destroyed quickly, if somewhat reluctantly, fell into line behind their new leader. This leader had been a pleasure demon in life and quickly surrounded itself with Incubi and succubi, encouraging its brothers to do similar with lesser demons of their own kind. Eventually their ranks had sweeled so that each of the Scions commanded an army of lesser demons and when the task was complete their leader made its first decree.
It decided that the days of using thier demon names were long past, that each of them must adapt a new monicker and that it was only fitting that each should take the name of the trait they now required tostay alive. So this creature did take up its name first, becoming known to all simply as The Lust and transforming the Scions of Despair into an army of monsters known to this day as the Nights of the Flesh.


GM: Lust
AGM: Scion of Despair
Squad Leader: Lesser
Full Member:
Newbie: Probation


Darkness made flesh.



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2.RP is our primary function as a guild. Everybody is expected to make two posts a week, anybody who cannot must inform the AGM of roleplay in advance.

3.The chain of command is there for a reason, follow it!

4. Activity is required! If you can't play once every three days, either give us decent warning of your inactivity or look elsewhere!

The rules above are all very simple and if you cannot follow them then you will be removed from the guild without a second thought. You get two warnings, and this here is your first! Remember that well.


The Lust - Leader of the Nights of the Flesh and first amongst equals. The Lust handles the day to day running of the guild and all decisions are made by it.
Should The Lust be unable to perform its duties then the Scions will run the guild in its absence, until one of them steps forward to take up the mantle of sole leader for the duration of The Lust's absence.

The Scions - All of the others stand just bellow the Lust on their social ladder, equal to one another but lesser to it. In the absence of The Lust they form a council to oversee the safe running of the Nights of the Flesh until The Lust returns.

Lessers - All those recruited or coerced into servitude of The Lust and its brethren. their only responsibilities are to do as ordered or die trying.


To gain membership to Nights of the Flesh you will be expected to contact the GM within twenty four hours of your application to the guild. Failure to do so will see your application rejected without exception.


In the event that you need to contact the Nights of the Flesh for whatever reason then The Lust and The Sorrow (chief of foreign relations) can be reached at the following places:

The Lust:
email - lust@reignofevil.com

The Sorrow:
ICQ - 120747075