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Created: 2005-02-11 23:26:19
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


They were called Heathens, Evil-doers, Non-believers, Gypsies. Knowing not what or whom they were, the unenlightened needed to have a group to place them with, and so they slandered them with these senseless names. They all had their gangs of beasts that worshipped false Gods, and so they assumed everyone must have someone to associate themselves with. They had to have a direction, a faith, and something worthy to fight for, for if they did not engage in the primitive ritualistic letting of the blood of others then what would they do with their time?

Fools the lot of them.

They used the resources of the many, the power of the land, and they trampled over it as though it could ever really belong to them anyhow. They did not feel alive without the taking of others' lives, and they did not feel power without a God backing up their every move. Using their own Gods as mere excuses to engage in barbaric actions, these pitiful creatures that lived their fallacies went on destroying all that they came in contact with.

Then their Gods left them, their land was failing them, and chaos had ensued. What direction would these people travel without someone telling them where to go? Did they not know of the power within? They claimed to... they all claimed to be the most powerful of all their beings, a title they would earn by putting the most of another follower in their graves. Bringing death meant power. Bringing death meant the weakening of the very structure they so depended on. No, as much as they had claimed to have it, none of them knew of the power that lies within, and it became increasingly hard to hold any bit of remorse, sympathy, or pity for the fools, and Sarasvati began to fidget as contempt grew from within.

The raven circled high above as though he were waiting for a meal, and Sarasvati's thoughts turned inward as she watched it's dark gracefulness above.

She came not in the form of a mortal being with mortal words, but as a mere feeling, a knowing, something that simply could be nothing but the truth. She was the very ground Sara stood upon, the air she breathed, the water she drank, and the food that nourished her body, mind and soul. This is the Goddess that she worshipped, for this is the one that brought a personal sense power to her, and did not merely use her to do her bidding like some pawn in a game that no-one could ever possibly win. A name she did not need, but Sarasvati gave one to her anyway. Oleana, the legendary Goddess of old that cared for that which was natural, and nurtured all that followed her. The Kabala told mere fables of her existence, but it was one that this woman chose to believe in.

Everything that is real is constantly in motion. There is no still upon this Isle; things are being created, destroyed, growing, changing, living, breathing, and they would continue to do so until their Mother decided to put an end to it all. This, indeed was a time of great change. Speculation was the only thing that any of the unenlightened could muster. They wondered if the end was near, if their Gods had run in fear, or had gone on to other realms. Maybe they had been wiped out by forces with power that no-one could ever manage.

This was the time that more change needed to happen. This was the time that the people needed to release their fear of the unknown and let go of their dependency on Gods, and learn to trust in themselves and the world in which they lived. They couldn't be forced or taken by war; They had to come to this new state of consciousness entirely on their own, and when they did Sarasvati would be there to receive them, comfort them, guide them on their new journey. It wouldn't be difficult to find her, for they all traveled in the same waves of life, carried the same energy, and existed within the same collective consciousness. They would just know deep inside where they needed to go, and who of like mind existed in their world... they would follow the Raven to their new home.

Within the tumultuous times of exasperating change, the enlightened would form a coven, and their mission would be to bring balance back to Tonan, and put the power back where it rightfully belonged... With those that lived here, and the ground on which they lived upon.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is our first age in Maxim


The Requirements-OOC The full reading of these is required for guild acceptance

The Circle of the Raven is a Role-play first guild. A love of writing is the major requirement for entry. Everyone has personal issues and events that keep them from putting out as many RP posts as they'd like to do, and so numbers aren't the major concern here, but merely the love of it. The creativity looking for a place to flow, and a place to be nurtured and played with is what we're looking for. That is the requirement for entry, and proof of it is the requirement for advancement in the guild. Consistent lack of it without communication is grounds for demotion.

Your primary in guild Role-play alt will be a faithless persona- A Pagan, or a Witch that does not believe in any of the usual in game Gods. He or She will believe in herself and the world that nourishes her, and know that there is not a single being out there with more power than she. This is not meant to be a limiting requirement, and certainly a being that follows no God is up against the same obstacles as everyone else, and this should only open up new doors for creativity. You can absolutely have as many alts that follow as many Gods as you wish, and this requirement is only for the RP body that is the coven. Other alts of yours that are in our coven RP will have to be peasants or such that live on the land that you own, as there is a 13 member limit on actual coven members. The people that work for/with you may form their own coven or be Solitary practitioners, or secretly worship some other God/ess etc. After the re-code, we will be full worshippers of Oleana, wether she exists in game or not. If she is not an in-game option, then we will pick another faith to fly the banners of while secretly worshipping Oleana (and ourselves).

Communication is vital to any group of people playing together. If you're consistently strapped for time, or don't care for letting others know of what's going on in your world, then this probably isn't the place for you. Being MIA without a reason, or leaving your guild bewildered as to what you may be doing and when, is grounds for demotion first, and then finally removal. Proper communication, and guild participation is weighed heavily when consideration is made for advancement.

Our coven will have a member cap of 13. If we end up with 13 active, communicative players that create and write regularly, then we have the potential of becoming a guild of 1 GM, and 13 AGM's. I don't really believe in ranks being looked at as a power trip, or for the making of a holier than thou ruler. I tend to give out advancements freely to those that earn them, and Level II High Priest/Priestess should be a rank that everyone is shooting for. Advancement to high priest/priestess will be role-played out in a sky clad optional ceremony.

Once per month, we will meet in chat to RP. Once RP has begun, it will be IC only, and all OOC comments must be made through PM. Each attending player will post a portion of that RP in a thread in Tempers Ball, and we will continue it in normal post fashion for the rest of the month, or until it is finished. A different Priest/Priestess will be chosen as the story teller for that thread; they will be given notice in advance, and will have to come up with a story line as well as the first post in chat. Prior to the chat going all IC, they will inform the rest of us of their intentions for the thread, and give us a direction to shoot for. They can ask everyone participating to create an alt just for the story line. The level of continuity and interesting factors contained in that thread will weight heavily on your advancement to high Priest/Priestess. [b]You have to know how to gently guide a RP, introduce twists and turns, and without stifling the creativity of others. [/b]

Our charter story, as is our guild, will be a place of constant change, and you may be asked to update it with the current happenings in our guild's Role-play, so being on top of our threads is yet another requirement for advancement, and holding onto your High Priest/Priestess position.

Everyone in the coven will have equal say in guild happenings. Your thoughts and advise are greatly appreciated, and will be taken into consideration, though final say will lie with the GM

In the event of the GM or Prophet suddenly disappearing, or not being able to perform her duties, the High Priests and Priestesses will vote on a new temporary leader. The change will be Role-played, and if the original Prophet is unable to return within a month, she will be removed from the guild, and the temporary leader will become the permanent leader of the guild. These rules cannot be changed until the new [i]Permanent leader[/i] is well into place.

All rules of Tempers Ball will be followed, and you must remain mindful of the affect your actions have on the entire guild in both IC and OOC situations. Bringing shame on our name through the breaking of any of these rules, or through posting OOC comments in IC threads, or through not putting any thought or consideration into your RP (This includes obviously not reading what was posted before you and/or Godmoding) will result in first a demotion that you will have to work very hard to overcome, and then removal from the guild if it continues. I will be very strict about this, even if you are someone that I call friend, or hold a high position in guild, as RP is what this guild is about. The rules of TB are as follows:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

To join the circle, send a role-play IC letter to mistymoonlight@frontiernet.net. Include an OOC tag with your previous experience (If any- it's not required) and your ICQ number, as well as the part of the charter rules or rankings that struck you the most- either positively or negatively. A link to a thread that contains some of your RP would be helpful. Applicants that simply use the game function to apply, and do not send an accompanying e-mail will be considered unwilling to go so far as to read a guild's charter, and therefor not know what we're about, and will be denied without reason.

The Ranks

Upon entering the circle, you will be a "Seeker". It is not necessary to RP out this placement (Though you may if you like- you could certainly be completely lost and in the soul searching phase of life) as you may not be there for long. The length of time you spend as a Seeker is entirely up to you. Advancement to the next level of the coven will happen once ICQ contact is made with the Prophet, at least one post is made in an existing guild RP thread, and you have made substantial contact with the rest of the guild in our guild's forum. Your only RP limitation at this stage is that you are not allowed to start a thread with our guild's name in it, as we have not yet decided if your style of writing is one that the guild as a whole can be proud of, and therefor don't know if you'll be staying with us.

With your first promotion, you will become an "Initiate". An Initiate is a full member of the guild as far as game functions goes, but is merely a coven potential as far as RP goes. You have a place reserved for you within the coven, but are not quite a full member yet. It is quite a bit harder to be promoted from this position as once you leave the initiate spot, you will be a full coven Priest or Priestess, and it is far more difficult to be role-played out of the circle at that point. This is where you will spend time discovering your guild, and deciding if we're right for you. It is also where we will be looking more scrutinizing at you to decide if you're right for us. We will be looking at RP creativity and participation, communication skills with the rest of us, and in game activity including, the posting of news, war chat participation, and regularly building of your realm. You may be given specific duties or jobs to see how you handle responsibility. If you are thinking that this may not be a place that you could call home for the remainder of the age, and for the following age (even after the re code) then please do not accept the next promotion. Provided that you are actively participating, and that keeping you in guild as a temporary member is not taking up a position that someone else would like to have, then you will not be removed from the guild for refusing promotion.

The next promotion makes you a full coven "Priest or Priestess". For RP purposes you are now a full coven member, and can call forth the energies of the universe or the elements for ritual. This is when you may obtain database access, and you are expected to use it. You can add scrolls, scouts, or simply look up numbers or find UG for the initiates. This is when you will be given the job of storyteller for threads that begin in chat, and will be the first time that you can start guild threads with our name in it. You must maintain the quality of RP, communication, and activity that was required for you to get to this position. If you begin to slip, a gentle nudge will be given, if you are unresponsive, or require too many nudges, you may be demoted again, and loose DB access, though you will not be kicked out of the coven for RP purposes unless you are removed from the guild. Removal from the guild, either by us or by you will be role-played out, and may not appear favorable for you if you do not participate in it.

The High Priest or Priestess is either an assistant to one of the AGM's or else and AGM in training. Perhaps you've met all of the requirements of moving on to a Level II High Priest but one, and you need time to nurture that quality within yourself. This position may be skipped, and it is possible that you will simply move on to full AGM. For RP purposes, you may now lead rites, rituals, or recommend someone as an initiate.

Your next promotion is to "Level II High Priest or Priestess". You will now keep up on all the requirements that got you this far, and may be given a specific "AGM" position, or you may simply be a general AGM, and make yourself available often to the other members for help or guidance. Or you may be looking over the boards to see what the other members are up to, and how they are doing. You'll report the activities that you do to the other High Priestesses as well as the Prophet, and may be asked to fill in if someone else is away or cannot perform their duties.

The last step in guild ranks is the "Prophet", and that is my job. All High Priests are required to "know" this job in the event that you have to take over the guild. By know it, I mean to know it the way that I like it run, so that once I return, the guild wont be in a state of chaos, or changed in a way that I'll have to fix.