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Created: 2005-01-06 06:30:09
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Demonic Reality Charter

In the beginning the world was void and dark. In the darkness dwelled the demons. Vast creatures of evil and malignant intent and they war'd upon one another. Defiling and raping each other in ways which were without equal and as bastardly as they were malevolent. They sought ways in which to amuse themselves and to out do each other. The world ran red with blood.

From this came a demon called Celan. He conceived of a deceit so perfect no other demon would be able to compare nor ascend higher in treachery. Over the course of eons Celan made a world inside the depths of Hell. And he called it... Tonan. There his magic connived and wove, twisting the dark magics of illusion with the darker magics of necromancy. There came to be a great light and the grasses and trees. Insects and animals, the sky and the soil. Mountains rose and valleys dipped. Oceans swelled and rivers ran. And in all places he made shadows. He stepped back and he looked upon what he had created and his lips peeled upwards into a smile so horrible that the light broke for the hours he smiled and from this came the night.

The other demons watched him from the darkness, hissing and whispering of his lunacy. They gibbered and snickered and went on killing and tricking each other. Leaving Celan to his insanity. In his solitude Celan created images of himself. Made from the soil of the ground and the fluids of his body he molded forth many shapes. With a casting of a great spell which shook the very depths of Hell he gave the shapes life and created the mortals. The first mortals looked up and when they saw his form, fell down in fear of him crying out devotion. His words rang across the world into the ears of all mortals. "I am Celan, the Lord, thy God." And it was so. He gave unto Tonan an Emperor the people came to love, and his name was Delan..

The other demons looked and saw what Celan had done and they were jealous. As is the way of demons. Three stepped forth, two insinuating themselves upon the mortals, calling themselves Foret and Isonia. The third came forth not deceiving, but in the form of the horrid truth so cleverly blatant that it was unmatched in perfection and he was called Darden. The mortals believed these three to be the Prophets of Celan and the three were pleased. Celan saw this and he raged, infuriated with the three. Delan sought to cast the three out and in the fray Delan was destroyed. The mortals fell to discord and all was madness upon the world. The three wrested for control and each stepped forward and spoke.

Foret came as a great Griffon of White which spread feathers to protect his believers. He spoke to them the lies of Righteousness and Pride. Telling his believers what it was that would please Celan and make Him to smile upon them.

Isonia came forth as a great Dragon of Purple which was powerful and proud. She spoke to her believers the lies of Balance, War, and Beauty. Telling her believers what it was that would please Celan and make Him to smile upon them.

Darden came forth in his true form, beautiful and chaotic. His symbol being a great Golden Phoenix. He told his believers the truth of Despair and Cunning. Telling the believers what it was they were surrounded by and how to make themselves happy.

Foret and Isonia connived to tell the mortals the others were to blame for the death of Delan. Foret and Isonia set their believers against each other and against the believers of Darden as well. Darden turned to his believers and he spoke forth.."Make Despair, let no thing about you stay unmoving. Let there be no Righteousness, no Pride. Let there be no Beauty, or Balance. See the Cunning there is in Despair, the Despair in Cunning. Make Despair your lives. Go forth and spread the truth, go forth with Cunning and change the face of your world as the never resting force of Despair, the unending tide of change." and it was so.

The world created of Celan erupted into a vast and unending war. Foret and Isonia greedily fell upon each other, seeking to destroy. To reign supreme. Darden, however, merely laughed chaotically as his believers came forth as a wave of the seas to roll over all, to change it, to make all things to shift. As was the way of Despair. Tonan, the realm of this atrocity, would no longer yield up the crops of bounty to ease the masses...but would be the stage for an epic war of monstrous proportions. This was the way of things to be...

But here the story does not end, as most on Tonan were led to believe. For Celan had one more trick up its sleeve, and the isle of Maxim, an isolated magical realm where the gods influence was more intense upon the people sprang into being.

So here, in this place, did Celan allow the followers of the three gods to dwell, intent on watching, waiting for his time. Celan grew wise amid the centuries of watching the three gods battle each other,and in this wisdom he saw that he would never have the power to wrest control of Tonan and Maxim from the three gods, but instead he would devote his existence to making sure not one should ever triumph over the three. Indeed they would always be equal, thus driving the three gods insane with rage at their inability to triumph over each other. To ensure this, Celan sent the True Ones into the lands, beings that held incredible power, but were always placed in different faiths, so that they spent centuries battling each other, to no avail.

In this Celan took great pleasure and his pleasure grew for every scream he heard echo from the lips of Isonia, every curse and rant that flew from the mouth of Darden, every frown and sigh that slipped past the reason of Foret, indeed Celan had found his vengeance, and for centuries it had quenched his thirst for revenge. Then, after centuries had come and gone, did this game cease to amuse him, and in his cold black heart did grow again the wish to control that which he had created. So Celan did conspire to destroy the gods once again, but this time he would do so by destroying all their followers, every being that raised praise to their name, and in doing so, he would destroy their power and once again reign supreme. So he summoned forth his demon brood, and selected the more vile of the cur, he sent them into the world of Maxim, to wreak havoc and death upon all who flew the banner of the gods.


GM: Unholy Demoness
AGM: Vicious Searing
Squad Leader: Terror Torrents
Full Member: Defiling Whisper
Member: Horde Riders
Newbie: Carrion


One of the oldest guilds in Maxim, The Reality once again stands against all heathens...


Guild Charter:

Disclaimer: Demonic Reality is a guild which holds two things dear, role-play and maturity. If you are not capable of both of these, read no further, this is not a guild suited to your needs. However, if you enjoy playing Maxim, and you handle yourself with dignity, then read on!

Rules for the Guild:
The following is a list of rules that members of all ranks are expected to follow. No one is exempt from them, including high ranking members. Failure to follow all rules will lead to a warning the first time, demotion the second time, and being booted from the guild on the third offence.

General Rules:

1. At all times, act maturely. There will be no name calling, finger pointing, flaming, or other immature behavior by any member of Demonic Reality. This rule extends to all forms of communication, from email, to aviary, to Tempers Ball, to ICQ, to anything else you can think of.

2. Respect the chain of command. Obey orders of those ranked higher than you, and do not attempt to undermine their authority. If you have been given an order by your superior, you are expected to follow it. If the order seems out of line, or misinformed you may report it to an officer of higher rank than the person who issued it, however, do not make a public issue out of it. If someone of the same rank as you appears to be acting out of line, privately approach them, or if you're more comfortable, approach their superior. Again, do not publicly try to undermine anyone's authority.

3. The word of the GM is final. You are expected to follow it to the best of your ability. However, it is perfectly acceptable to question the GM's decision privately so long as it is done in a respectful manner.

4. No unauthorized attacks. Do not attack anyone, guilded or not, unless it is posted on the banner, or you have been ordered to do so. Foolish attacks can lead to the entire guild's destruction, and will not be tolerated. Punishment for an unauthorized attack on a guilded kingdom is immediate demotion. If you do it again, you will be booted from Demonic Reality, and executed. This is a serious offence.

Role-Play Rules:

1. Post 3 times per week, at least 5 IC lines per post. Demonic Reality is a guild based on role-play, and as such we have higher standards than normal. You must post three times every week, and every post must contain at least five lines of in character text. We will be keeping track of your posting, so do not think you can circumvent this rule. If you are posting outside the Demonic Reality threads, inform the AGM of RP so that you are not penalized for lack of role-play.

2. Posts must be 'intelligent'. By intelligent it is meant that posts by members of Demonic Reality must be mature, and conform to general rule #1. Additionally, posts must be kept to the theme of the thread in which they are made, and add something to the storyline being played out.

3. All posts must conform to the rules of Tempers Ball. In case you do not know them, they are:

Do not make an ass of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post realm numbers
Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).
Do not post links regarding to pornography or illegal material
Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

Do not try to impersonate Admin or Voices
Images are NOT allowed in signature lines
OOC Threads may contain a maximum of 80 posts
Roleplay Threads may contain 60 posts
Max of 3 images may appear in the same thread
No posting Kingdom names without permission.

Rules of War:

1. Role-Play the war maturely. Just as in any other situation, a member of Demonic Reality is expected to act maturely during war time, no matter how petty the enemy is acting. Do not flame, nor respond to flames. If accusations are leveled against the guild, the GM will deal with the matter. Also, when attacking, aviary RP is encouraged. Try to convert the kingdom you as you attack him, tell them their god(dess) is nothing but another demon, toy with their minds. All of this makes for a FUN war, as opposed to a bitter, ugly war.

2. Attack until told otherwise. A war is a group effort, and so everyone is expected to attack the enemy until instructed otherwise by a superior officer. Do not start building your land while in the middle of the war unless given permission, and do not pursue a petty vendetta when there are more dangerous targets to neutralize.

3. The good of the guild comes before the good of your kingdom. There may come a time when you will be asked to sacrifice your kingdom for the good of Demonic Reality as a whole. You are expected to do this willingly, without complaint.


The following details the hierarchy of Demonic Reality. Without a firm chain of command, a guild is destined to fail, and so this hierarchy is to be respected by each and every member.
Rank is gained in Demonic Reality by participation, game-play ability, and role-play ability. A member must prove they have both before being given an advancement. When possible, promotions will be role-played out in thread.

If a member with authority goes missing for more than a week without notice, they will be replaced by the GM. If the GM goes missing, a vote by the remaining members will be held to decide who takes over leadership of the guild.

Unholy Demoness - GM
Vile Ooze - AGM
Terror Torrents
Defiling Whisper
Horde Rider

Unholy Demoness - GM
Description: This being is a greater demon lady or horrible power, able to command the minions of hell to do their bidding. Only Celan and the false prophets stand above them in power. Combined they are a force to be reckoned with, and entire empires have crumbled by their will alone.
Duties: The Guild Master of Demonic Reality. Their word is law in the guild. Responsible for promotions, diplomacy, war planning, and whatever else comes up.

Vile Ooze - AGM
Description: Not even the world is safe from the Vile Ooze. No form of torment is foreign to them, and they actively work to twist and warp all that appears to be pure and show its truth to the mortals of the world. Vile Ooze are able to bring forth the inner demon from any living thing and expose it in all of its hellish glory.
Duties: Each AGM is responsible for a certain aspect of the guild. An AGM is expected to be highly motivated and able to act in place of the GM when needed.

Terror Torrents
Description: Not satisfied with only physical torment, a Torrent thrives upon twisting and bending the minds of the innocent. Many Initiates to Demonic Reality have often been the victims of the work of a Torrent. These evil manipulators hold great sway within the demonic hierarchy.
Duties: A squad leader within Demonic Reality. In charge of a four-kingdom quad, and will be held accountable for the actions of the members therein. Responsible for submitting weekly reports on the activities of the squad in both times of war and peace.

Defiling Whisper
Description: After Horde Riders have matured past their initial reign of terror, they grow in strength and resolve. Mindless slaughter no longer holds as much appeal, and Abominations instead turn to more unique and exquisite forms of cruelty.
Duties: A trusted warrior, sometimes called upon to lead a squad.

Horde Riders
Description: The Horde Riders have been freshly converted to the truth of the world. Accepting that all you ever knew was a lie is mentally traumatizing, and so Riders, as their name suggests, are prone to wanton acts of devastation and murder.
Duties: A full member of the guild, must participate in all strikes and wars, as well as role-play regularly.

Description: Carrion may not fully believe that the gods are nothing but demons, and need to be guided to the truth. As their eyes are opened, they will realize the true chaos of the world, and gain full membership into the guild.
Duties: A Carrion is a probationary member. They must follow orders promptly, and without complaint.

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Contact information:

GM ~ Eisheth: GM email
ICQ: 298-890-460
AGM ~ : AGM email