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KATHORI (Kathori)

Created: 2004-09-30 10:27:11
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas



An excerpt from Historica Dominionas found in the burnt library of Callineb-that-was.]

The Tonan Empire lies in ruins. The Emperor has died without issue and civil war has griped the land. Out of the chaos of war, three Dominions take form from the bones of Empire. Three new leaders emerge, each bearing a name out of the mists of legend:

Angelique, Queen of Islan – a ruler known for her strong sense of justice and honor. She seeks to bring peace and order to the lands of Tonan once more.

Barnabas, King of Vonograd – a man of ruthless ambition and tyrannical designs. He seeks to lay his iron fist upon the people of Tonan and rule without mercy.

Leto, King of the Western Wood – an upstart brigand, tying his followers to him with empty promises and bacchanalian displays. He seeks to destroy what remains of the Tonan Empire forcing the lands into anarchy; his so called “freedom”.

There are other factions that have only grown stronger over the last decade of civil war, one of which is the Church of Isonia. Scattered across the lands, in each Dominion, the Isonian Church seeks to bring all under its religious doctrine. For all outward appearances the church has been split along the lines of the Dominions but such is truly not the case – the Isonian Church is strongly united in its mission to convert those who do not sing the praises of the goddess Isonia. Their ultimate goal is the unification of the lands, even those beyond the old Empire, under the goddess Isonia and her chosen representative the Ch’Alin. There are rumors of an Isonian League that stretches beyond the borders of the Dominions, but that has not been proven.

Another faction that must be discussed is that of the Llytharian Coven – the name taken by the loose consortium of mages that controls all of the knowledge of spell craft throughout the Dominions. They guard their secrets close, taking in only those who have shown a natural ability to weave the spells of earth, water and fire. Their individual members intentions are not known, there are equal numbers in each Dominion, and the Coven’s ultimate motive is also unclear.

The last faction to be discussed is the organization controlled by a man called Honest Jack. Honest Jack’s business is chaos, and in this time of civil war – business is good. With the fall of the Empire the control of the Twilight Knave – the former leader of the Empire’s most powerful thieves guild – collapsed and anarchy ensued. There was a civil war within a civil war as the lieutenants of the Twilight Knave struggled for control of the Empire’s thieves. When the dust settled one man stood above them all - Honest Jack. It is known that Honest Jack has sent thieves to work in every Dominion, truly supporting all but not pledging to one or the other. It is assumed he is waiting for the victor to present himself, or herself, and then he will throw the entire backing of the Thieves Guild into their corner.


The fog drifts across the streets in the city of X’lium, swirling in chaotic eddies as the Night Guard go about their patrols swinging their lanterns loosely. Their footfalls echo on the cobblestone streets as the streets scream out their silence. Above the streets on the rooftops of the city a moonlit glow reflects on the silvery-blue tiles. The fog that covers the city below, just comes to the eaves of the roofs creating a sense of separation, the roofs are islands in an ethereal sea.

These quazi-islands provide for the transport of another set of feet. These feet belong to those who wear the cloak of night close to them like a second skin, like a lover. From across the city the come, cloaked in their shadows, of singular mind and will. They come to the great church of Isonia that lies to the north in the city of X’lium. They are composed of many but united in one name.

From the west come the mages, those secretive representatives of the Llytharian Coven. From the east come the thieves, Jack’s Folk as they are now called. From the South come the Cavaliers, knights of kith and kin – beholden to Isonia and Angelique. They all gather to the Church of Isonia, the Sanctos Isonialis.

In the church they find acolytes waiting to guide them through the labyrinth that lies under the church. Each is given a torch to light their way as they are led trough the twists and turns, until they reach a grand central chamber deep beneath the city of X’lium among the bones of the city. There are as many chairs in a circle as there are people in the room. Beside each chair is a metal stand that holds their torch.

As everyone sits, one man steps forward out of the shadows.

My name is Bran. Tonight what once were many shards shall be forged anew into one shinning blade. This is the first and last time we shall ever meet in seclusion, in shadow. Tonight we become that which we were meant to become for Isonia and our Queen Angelique. Tonight you will all witness the birth of the Kathori.

My name is Bran, I am the Prince of X’lium. Tonight the city of X’lium is no longer my city. It is our city. It is our place of refuge. It is our place from which we will launch our attacks upon the hated followers of the false kings, and false gods!

We meet in shadows so that our enemies know not our faces. Tonight that ends, the time for discussion is over. We will be the shinning light of reason in a time of chaos. We will bring justice to those who have none. We will lift up those who cannot stand. We will bring light to those in darkness. We will crash across the Dominions, unleashing our righteous fury upon those who would deny the weak, the poor their rightful place in the councils of the strong and the wealthy!

In the old tongue there is spoken a word. This word means many things, it means compassion, it means mercy, and it means justice. We take that word as out own. We claim it for this new age that is upon us! Our fathers and mothers fought, they left us a world not of their making, a world torn by strife and warfare. We claim our place among the heroes of old, beside those legends that fought against insurmountable odds. We stand united.

If you would join with me, if you would claim your birthright, your place among the many – a leader among a sea of followers say the word! Speak the name we take for our own, embrace it and let the world tremble!

For the briefest of moments you could hear Bran’s ragged breathe as his chest heaved with the passion of his speech. Then torches were thrust in the air, snatched from their stands and voices were raised in triumph.



Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is our first age.


Temper’s Ball Rules

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.

2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Maxim Forum Board Rules:

1. Only Admin created threads may contain OOC information.

2. All posts in Maxim not done in OOC threads, must be in character, and in roleplay format.

3. This forum now has a three strike rule. You are given two opportunities to make mistakes both in the game and on the boards. If you violate the rules three times, you are then removed from both the Maxim forum, and the Maxim game. You will have to contact an administrator to discuss the possibility of returning.

4. There will be specific threads setup for out of character, or OOC comments. Questions and Answers. Maxim Offenders. Meeting Notes. They will all have strict rules governing what will be found inside of them. Please read before you post.

5. A common rule of thumb is one paragraph of roleplay as the minimum allowed. A paragraph is composed of at least four sentences.

6. Glowtext or Shadowtext is STILL not allowed in roleplay posts- only in signature lines.

7. You must make the majority of your posts in English. Should some of your characters speak Elvish, orc, or any other fantasy type language- you must supply a translation.

Posting Requirements for the Guild:

1. You must post twice (2) a week.

2. Every Saturday you are expected to message the Chronicler with the links to where you posted and under what name the post is under.

3. Failure to post will result in disciplinary action.

4. Failure to follow the rules of TB or The Maxim Forum will result in disciplinary action.

5. Have fun and enjoy the game, the Role Play and the people.

If there is a problem, do not harass the Administration. Follow the guidelines for contacting them about problems.


1. First Offense: Warning

2. Second Offense: Demotion or booted

3. Third Offense: Booted

Anyone may apply to the Kathori

To Apply to the Guild send the following information to terranfox@centurytel.net or to ICQ # 32797422

1. Anyone may apply the Kathori.

2. Posting Name

3. Realm Name

4. Realm Number

5. Type of Realm

6. Any guilds you may have previously belonged to.

7. ICQ#, if you do not have ICQ then get it.

Guild Policy:

1. We will not engage in any kind of conduct that will make our guild or our Dominion look bad.

2. We will attack any other dominions guilds for abuse of game mechanics, gangbanging, extreme down-hits or other degenerative behavior that degrades the game for all who play.

3. Before posting in another guilds thread, please contact the author and make sure it is ok.

4. Communicate with each other and the other players.


Field Marshall: The leader of the Kathori, the ultimate authority.

General: The leader of the Kathori when the Field Marshall is not available. The General coordinates all war efforts for the Kathori with the Field Marshall. This includes separate Colonel’s in charge of all infiltrators, sorcerers, warriors, and other duties as seen fit to be bestowed by the Field Marshall. One of the Generals will be given the title of Chronicler, as such they will be responsible for seeing that each member tells thier story to the scribes in Temper's Ball.

Colonel: A leader of a faction wthin the Kathori. They take orders from the Field Marshall and the General. The position of Colonel holds a lot of responsiblity, as such the Colonel's words carry more weight than would any of lower rank.

Captain: The Captain is a respected member of the Kathori with a say in all policies and procedures. The Captain protects the interests of the Azure Band.

Knight: The Knight is a full member of the Kathori. As such they may voice an opinion on anything but are bound to abide by the rulings of their superior officers.

Squire: The Squire is a new member who knows nothing of the ways of the Kathori. They watch, they learn.

Promotions are granted on a case-by-case basis. The General’s will make recommendations to fill any vacant positions below them and the Field Marshall will take those recommendations into consideration. Only the Field Marshall may appoint a General.

Missing GM:

If the Field Marshall is killed or kidnapped, then the General’s will decide among themselves who shall lead the Kathori.


Divide Et Impera