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Created: 2004-07-18 18:54:17
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto



It is the sound of an annihilator, come to destroy what is rightfully his. Master of the clockwork horrors, Nelim Garang is far behind the front lines, sending forth his mechanical horde of warriors. Brutally, they continue their onslaught, uncaring and unfeeling towards the slaughter that they were causing among the civilians of the village; for, though the front lines had been broken, Nelim knew that the peasants would resist to the bitter end as their homes, their buildings, their mines... all were stripped of their resources, and made to enlarge his army.
And a formidable army it was.
Augmented with magic, most of his mechanical devices had a limited intelligence that included a sense of self preservation and an absolute devotion to their creator, obeying the orders of their commander without thought or question. They had no sense of morality, nor of greed, nor of lust, nor of ambition, nor of insubordination, they knew only how to obey.
In effect, they are the perfect army. Or rather, almost perfect.
Perfect though it may appear to be, however, Nelim knew of its weaknesses. His army was no more than a blunt weapon, something to be wielded with some, though nowhere near great, ability. They were simply not capable of precision strikes, or assassinations. His drones had no ability to employ any sort of tactical ability. And, though he had recently tried to solve this problem through the creation of "commander" annihilators, the vine of his efforts had yielded little fruit and much of that had been rotten, unable to balance the need for ambition and cunning with subservience and loyalty in all but a few of his machines.
It was while he pondered a solution to his problems that he was entreatied by the Assassins of the Night Guard. What ensued demonstrated their remarkable ability to gain information through a variety of sources, their ability to dispose of unwanted elements both within and without their borders - and the acuity to know when to do it. These were people he could respect - cunning, smart, intuitive. People he could use within his own army. People whose abilities and strengths he needed - much as his forces were needed by them, he mused. People he could certainly ally with even if he could never truly trust them, and vice versa of course.
And so began their alliance. However these warriors, this order of assassins, brought with them something unusual, they brought with them a God. It was not something Nelim was familiar with: his machines had no faith, and neither did he. He was slightly perturbed by their requirement, upon joining forces with Nelim, of leaving a monument to Foret wherever they conquered, slaughtered, dominated. He did not understand why these people worshipped a deity Yet he had seen, on occasion, the power of the deities; and he quietly began praying to Foret, in a small temple not far away from his tower, that the Assassins of the Night Guard insisted upon building and, despite himself, Nelim had been unable to argue.
And so it is that the Annihilators of Nelim Garang joined forces with the Assasins of the Night Guard to create a new force in the island known only as The Night Guard to those who are not more intimately familiar with their inner workings.


GM: Kage
AGM: Sennin
Squad Leader: Jounin
Full Member: Chuunin
Member: Genin
Newbie: Annihilator


A unification of conveniece creating a future of unbridled destruction.



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,
a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2.RP is our primary function as a guild. Standing in the game means very little in comparison thus all members will be expected to post twice a week, failure to do so without explaining why to the GM will result in first a warning and then upon repeat of the offence, removal from the guild.

3.The chain of command is there for a reason, follow it!


Lord of the Night Guard - This is the GM of the Guild and as such his word is law and all final decrees will be made by him. In the event that he will be unable to perform his duties then the Commanders will rule as a council in his stead.

Commander of the Night Guard - This is the rank of AGM within the guild and is made up of the most trusted advisors of the Lord. Each of them supervises a certain area of the running of the guild to ensure that the Lords orders are carreid out smoothly.

Assassin of the Night Guard - This the rank attained once you have become a full member of the guild. Assassins vary in the responsibilities that they have dependent upon experience and time within the guild.

Annihilator of the Night Guard - This is the entry rank of the guild and as such the only responsibility Annihilators have is to follow orders and ensure they follow the posting regulations within the guild. After a random length of time the Commanders and the Lord will meet and review each new member and discuss wether they should be promoted or not.


New members to the Night Guard will be expected to contact the Lord via either email or ICQ within 24 hours of their acceptance into the guild for a brief induction to the guild. Failure to comply with this simple request will see you removed the guild.


In the event that you should need to contact the Night Guard then the Lord can be reached at the following locations:
email - dyvimmy1982@yahoo.co.uk
ICQ - 122656051
AIM - dyvimmy