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Created: 2004-07-02 11:34:01
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto




From the scrolls of Head Chancellor Beatrice Leveaux:


    I was lucky to have grown up in such a wealthy family. Now on quiet nights, when I sit alone and reminisce, I can remember waking up to the scent of fresh cakes with honey and falling asleep in front of the glow of a roaring fire. We lived in a manor-house atop the largest hill in our town, with a tall iron fence and great oak trees all around it. That's back when Geno was still alive; my brother.


    When he and I were of age, mother and father sent us off to school in the distant lands of Agrippa. What an exciting time that was. I remember the trip on horse-back seemed as if it would never end. We finally reached the university on the last of our rations. Mother was never a good judge of distance.


    It was a beautiful place, full of pride and faith. I have never seen the passion for Darden so strong as it was there. Especially in their Madame President. She was an inspiring woman, graceful and mild. Except, of course, when crisis visited the halls of the university.


    I will remember that day forever, I am sure. From over the horizon, the heathens teemed like fish . There must have been thousands of them - millions, even. Every one waving the same banner. It was unnerving, to say the least. The ranks of their army seemed to swell overnight.


    We did what we could. The gates were locked tight and every able-bodied person was called to arms, my brother included. Archers lined the walls and notched their arrows while alchemists prepared potions of deadly strength. I would have joined those armed at the gates but there was something more important to be done.


    I was led into the basement, a maze of tunnels and passages. Ages of knowledge would not be lost to the fiends at our doorstep. I would guide the other students beyond the clutches of our enemy. There were precious few of us by that time but our faith in Darden was inflated by the sacrifice of our clearly outnumbered comrades.


    After days of trekking through the bowels of the university, our prayers were answered by the scent of fresh air and the sight of daylight. We had explicit instructions from the Madame President to travel to the nearest town and wait for news of their fate. The only problem was that the surrounding towns were occupied by enemy forces.


    We managed to disguise our loyalties long enough to be let into a small farming village where we sat patiently for our word. Only one warrior returned; Geno. If only he were not so battle weary, he would have recognized the expression on our faces. Stitched into his cloak was the university's insignia. He was publicly executed on the spot.


    If I were more imaginative, I would have written ballads as tribute to the bravery of the martyrs we left behind. Instead, I have done what my heart felt necessary. By the will of Darden, I have dedicated a new place of learning to their memory.


GM: Head Chancellor
AGM: Chancellor
Squad Leader: Professor
Full Member: Administrator
Member: Graduate
Newbie: Undergraduate


The ruins of ages past will not hold us back. Our legacy will live on.


Rules of Temper's Ball


1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
3. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. e-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
4. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
5. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
6. Pornography, piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
7. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.


Roleplaying Requirements


    All members will be required to post at least twice a week in one of the guild boards. Exceptions can always be made for members who will be without internet access for a significant period of time. They need only to bring it to the attention of the GM. Failure to post without notice will result in one warning only. Second offence will result in the member's removal from the guild.


Application Procedures


    Actual acceptance into the guild will require nothing more than clicking the 'join' button. However, for promotion from Rank 6 the member must fill out the application below and email it to the GM.


Kingdom Name:

Leader Name:

Main Posting Alts: (that you want credit for)


How Long Have You Played Evernight?

How Long Have You Been In Maxim?


Give The Name Of The Last Guild You Were In.

What Position Did You Hold?


Have You Always Been A Faithful Follower Of Darden?


Provide any contact information you wish. (Email, ICQ, etc.)


Ranks and Responsibilities


    Aside from the responsibilities listed here, it is highly recommended that members upkeep their kingdom as often as possible. News updates will be posted in the banner and are likely to be missed if members do not check at least every day or two.


    Rank 6 - Undergraduate: Welcome to the University! A member of this rank has no responsibility whatsoever. Consequently, they also have no privileges. Fill out the above application for promotion.


    Rank 5 - Graduate: Members of this rank are expected to participate regularly in guild threads. They should also be taking part in any war efforts going on and generally staying in touch with the rest of the guild.


    Rank 4 - Administrator: These are fully trusted members. They have proven their loyalty to the guild by staying active and fulfilling all of the above requirements.


    Rank 3 - Professor: There is little difference in the prestige of this position from that of Rank 2 or 1. They are well-respected and have proven themselves many times over in the threads. These members will often be asked to lead squads into battle.


    Rank 2 - Chancellor: This rank is reserved for the AGMs for the University. Ideally there will be three: a Chancellor of War, a Chancellor of Sorcery, and a Chancellor of Stealth (Scum). They will work together to organize all the aspects of a successful war.


    Rank 1 - Head Chancellor: Meet the GM; responsible for inter-guild relations. They will stay in contact with the other Darden guilds as well as those of other faiths. Many of the promotions will also go through this member.


    Each member will be responsible for the overall morale of the guild. Therefore, everyone is expected to contribute in a positive manner. The University welcomes players of all ranges of experience both in roleplaying and game mechanics. All members should feel comfortable with asking each other for advice and accepting constructive criticism readily.


The Disappearing GM Trick


    In the event that the Head Chancellor is inactive for the substantial period of one week, the Chancellors will decide who amongst themselves will take over the position. Should the newly chosen GM also disappear, another will take its place. If this process occurs yet again, it is likely in your best interest to find another guild, as this one has become structurally unstable.


Contact Information


GM: Head Chancellor Bea

Email: circleofsilence@hotmail.com

ICQ: 1046868


AGM: Dr. Geffry William Tucker

Email: shade_of_fade@hotmail.com