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Created: 2004-07-02 11:16:47
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


The sun streaked in through eastern windows, framed in heavy red drapes trimmed in gold, illuminating the room within. Its interior plain yet rich at the same instant. The wooden floor polished to a gleam reflected the sun's rays onto the white-washed stone walls, where there was space between the windows, that circled this tower, room book shelves stood filled to near overflowing with books bound with wood, leather, cloth and yes even metal. A great table stood at the rooms center its surface inlaid with a huge map. Arround it stood some eighteen chairs yet only two where occupied, both intent upon each other deep within a conversation.

"Now tell me what is this?" An figure asked while he indicated a small dot on the table's surface, the hand pointing to it missing two fingers and crossed with many a scars.

"That is the City Del e' Couse, seat of the Praetorius de Aquilonius. The home of Legionarius Exsangius, Legionarius Excessus and Legionarius Dissolutio." The adolescent answered with a sly smile.

"Good now what is the strategic importance of Del e' Couse? While your at it tell me what the city produces, too." the old man almost laughed, when he seen the young prince faulter for a moment.

"The city has no real strategic importance, but.." The youth pointed at the map to three different places to the west of the city's marker. "are Del e' Couse's garissons holding the three passes of the Tarvorian Mountains keeping the heathen hordes at bay. As to what the city produces besides for gold and iron I am at a loss..."

"Very good !" the vetren exclaimed "Del e' Couse also produces some of the best wine to be found within the world." He was amazed at how well the youth grasped troop formations, deployments, strategies and anything else concerning the military but he had some reservations about how well the boy grasped the econimic relations of the empire. Something a future emperour should have a vast skill in. "Now onto your history lesson recite to me the rulers starting with Tarlanious the First in order of ascending the Imperial Seat."

The boy began the long list of rulers for the past thousand generations. "Tarlanious the First was the first Emperour of The Imperium he won the title by wiping out the last reamins of elven resistance in the Woods of Marr. The Senate affirmed him a year after when he besieged the city Tarian Dor for the "Good of the Empire". Some say the senate affirmed him so he would not lead his armies into the city itself claiming the power by force." Each ruler the boy added a short deffinition as to why they were Emperour. While his tutor's mind wandered thinking of his wife and how he could not wait to be near her again. He thought of her once raven hair now streaked with grey and marveled that it only added to her beauty. His wife had put on a few pounds in their thirty years of marrige. But he would always see her as when he first laid eyes upon her and fell hopelessly in love. She had been sent on some diplomatic mission, what even he did not know, but it must be of great importance for the Emperour to send his own sister. He hoped she was well and that she would soon return to him. A discreet knock at the door anounced a visitor silencing the prince and clearing the tutor's mind.

"Enter!" the youth said loadly.

A man entered standing close to six foot tall, the helmet under his left arm would of made his seem close to seven with it plumige. The steel breastplate adorning an impressivly wide chest was polished to a mirror like finish. The red and gold uniform of the finest cut would make even some nobles weep with envy. The soldier sunk to one knee his left fist firmly planted to the floor as was his gaze.

"Pratorius de Duoetvicesimani the Senate summons you and the Impertorius Heres Ex Asse before it." the man said with a stone faced expression awaiting a reply.

"Inform the Senatus we will grace them with our prescence at our leisure, Praetorianus de Impertorius." the boy announced waving his had dismissing the soldier.

"As you say, it will be so." The Praetorianus de Impertorius replied before standing, turning on his heal, and exiting the room.

"Uncle?" the boy looked at his tutor, a tear falling from his eye.

"It is not certain Luclin but be prepared." the tutor replied. "Please Isonia not yet the boy is not ready. By whatever mercy you have I beg you not yet..." he preyed silently.

Pacing to and fro the nervousness Luclin felt oozing from his very pours.

"What is it?" a musical voice asked. Its owner garbed in a nearly transparent robe that left little to the imagination. She was quite beautiful her features alien compared to those of the young noble. Higher cheeks, peircing eyes, and ears coming to a slight point were just a few of the differences.

Luclin paused looking at the elven woman before speaking, "The Senate has summoned me." He answered as if that explain it all. The elf looked at him compasion filling her eyes and a half-hearted smile on her full lips. Luclin walked over to a great desk retrieving a document which he firmly placed his seal upon. The only other furnature adorning the room was hundreds of silk pillows and a plush fur rug. The pillows and rug seemed to form a huge nest at the room's center. Luclin manuvered around the jumble of pillows to face her his hand lying gently upon her cheek and he himself smiled.

"I have something for you, Tiasania." He handed her the document. "You have been kind enough to teach me many things over the years. Your language, astrology, and even love. It is time I repaid you in kind."

Tiasania looked at the document, the words hitting her emotionally she watched as Luclin exited the room and she whispered silently. "After half a century of enslavement I am finally free..." Sinking to her knees, her hands covered her face, and then elf wept.

Outside the room the boy breathed a sigh of relief before stridding down the corridor, two of the fifty Praetorianus de Impertorius falling in three paces him matching the adolescent stride for stride. None of the men gave even a glance at the pricless artwork decorating the walls and niches of the vast corridor but continued onward and finally out into a vast marshaling yard within the citidal. The rest of Luclin's gaurd were there sitting atop warsteads, each the color of the blackest night. A mount was awaiting the Impertorius Heres Ex Asse its coat seeming to shine gold in the noon's light. The boy took a deep breath the smell of the near by river almost masking the scent of the great city outside the citidal but not the close by stables, not even the gods' could mask the scent of over a million in habitants though. With a coolness the boy did not feel he swung deftly into his mount's saddle and moved towards the gates.

Ever so slowly the gate creaked open the city of Tarian Dor revealed beyond. The road leading from the citidal lined with palaces, trading conglomerants and embassies to the nations of the world. Down The Imperial By-way he rode his guards clearing the path and following the rear. Two ambassadors seemed to be arguing over something or another outside a embassy one wearing orange the other white. Luclin had other things upon his mind then the constant war between the faiths and dismissed them out of hand. All the people here were richly garbed being either from a noble house, a merchant rich enough to conduct business or live so close to the citidal, or visiting dignatiaries. Though there was a sprinkling of guardsmen, servants and slaves through out the throng they were naught compared to the rest.

By the great slave market Luclin road frowning as he paced. "Something must be done someday about that." He thought silently. The crowd soon began to become more populate by those of the lower classes. Shops, though prosperous, now lined the street as well as Inns until the great bullavard parted around a massive building. Some sixty feet in the air it towered over all the city save the citidal. A massive oak door opened to its interior the likeness of Isonia carved to each side of the door, the god's eyes turned down to humble any that passed through those doors. Luclin reined in his mount here taking a great breath to steady himself before he rode in to the Senate building.

Once past the arch marking the gateway of the Senate the sight would of took Luclin's breath away if he had not seen it a hundred times before. The colonade of the central building, the Senate itself, was impressive. Grapevines wound their way up these carved from the very stone so life-like they seemed to wave in the breeze. The courtyard was domed murials depicting battles the empire faught decorating the dome. The dome seemed to be held up by four stone figures carved into the wall each represnting one of the three god's carrying the weight of the heavens upon their shoulders. The last was a man that not even the scholars could say who was, though some speculated it was carved into the likeness of their Tarlanious the First yet this was argued not to be by countless others.

Dismounting from his horse Luclin walked towards the Senate chamber with a coolness he did not feel. Inside he was in turmoil, though he was not certain there was only one reason for the Senate to call an heir to its prescence. He remembered when his father was confirmed as Emperour only ten years ago when his grand father had passed in the night. He remembered walking through the very door he walked now. He paused for a moment to admire the bronze doors and the guilded carving of a mass of men shouting at each other as he had so long ago. On he walked down a plain white corridor unadorned with any trappings or spoils of war. His father once told him this was to empty one's mind for riches or power not to remind them of it. Three Praetorianus de Impertorius stood at the end their blood red uniforms seeming to somehow fit in the pure white surroundings.

Luclin almost passed them without a thought but stopped. Unbuckling the scabbord around his waist he handed the sword to one of the three guards.

"By my word, Luclin of house Merinishi, Impertorius Heres Ex Asse of The Imperium no blood shall be shed by my hand within this hall." Luclin intoned the ritual of entering the Senate chamber.

"So be it and by the Pact of Merinishi, you or any within the hall shall receive the same protection as the Emperor himself while you remain here. By Darden I swear it." the guard replied.

"By Isonia it shall be so." the other guards chimed.

And so Luclin enter the Senate chamber. The room vast beyond comparison was circular in shape. Benches lined the room working their way downwards towards a raised dais. The dais spun slowly as if by magic. A mighty thrown carved from marble rested upon the dais.

'My father's thrown.' Luclin thought to himself.

A man stood at the the foot of this thrown addressing those assembled there. It was not the season the Senate normally held council so many of the benches remained vacant. House Merinishi was in attendance as the city of Tarian Dar was its ancestorial seat. As where the houses holding providences either neighboring the mighty city or those who were visiting the city on some business or another.

"....from the city of Del e' Couse we have received many reports..." The man fell silent noticing Luclin's entrance. The adolescent proceeded down the steps to the front row to take up a seat next to his uncle on Merinishi benches. The old man nodded at him in greating before turning back to the speaker.

"I see you Luclin of Merinishi, Impertorius Heres Ex Asse." the speaker called in greeting.

"As I see you Chairman Kanork of Tarlinani," the boy answered.

Kanork smiled at the youth before turning back to the assembly. The robes of the Senate seemed to hang with great weight on his frail body. Sighing audibly he adressed the council.

"The reports from Del e' Couse are indeed disturbing but with the arrival of Merinishi's heir I have news far more disturbing. News that will shake our great Empire to its core. It is with a heavy heart..." he looked at Luclin sorrow plainly writen across his wrinkled brow the words he was about to speak stuck upon his tounge,"...Emperour Lucas has fallen to the posion of an assasin..." his last words a whisper.

Kanork may have whispered but his words set off an explosion within the council. Members screaming for an explanation, others demanding proff as if by doing so they could disavow the words. On the Merinishi benches an uncle comforted a grieving child. The Chairman yelling for silence vainly was drowned out by the roar of one house blaming another. Lucas was a good Emperour and some say the greatest in the last hundred years or so but he had his share of enemies as all rulers did. Some sitting within the council at that very moment.

Yet, the one most effected by the words of Kanork sat silently tears rolling down his cheek with his uncle's arm laying protectivly upon his shoulders. Luclin knew the reason he was summoned but knowing and the cold, harsh reality of it did not lessen the sting. He remembered the time before his father had become Emperour and the times they had on the family estates to the south. Wandering the citris and olive grooves. His father telling him some grand story or another. After his father became Emperour all that changed he no longer had time to wander the grooves with his son or telling him fancy tails of times past. No he was always busy off to some remote corner of the Empire inspecting this or that making his Imperial presence know. There would be no more stories told in his father's deep baritone voice. No more hugs in his strong arms. No more...

With those thoughts running through the boy's mind his tears dried his greif turned to rage and with the rage a need for venegence. His heart numbed.

"Chairman Kanork?" Luclin asked weakly.

Luclin's quite words drowned out by the chaos of the Senate.

"SILENCE!!" Luclin's uncle belowed in a voice used to carry orders across the field of battle. The assembly effectively fell silent as if all were slain by that single word.

Luclin turned to his uncle and gave his thanks with a weak smile before re-addressing the chairman.

"Chairman Kanork how did my father...die? I want exact details."

Kanork looked down at the boy. His eyes gave the chairman pause. A moment before they seemd younger but no longer. They had a harsh quality to them now. Those eyes said he expected to be obayed. It was then the chairman realized that even though the ceromony had not been done he gazed upon his Emperour. Swallowing he hoped that it would get rid of the knot within his throat.

"His death was not a pretty one, my leige. Him along with all those that had drank the wine that night had symptons we have never encountered before. Each victum fell into such a violent seizsure that they broke their own bones, bit their own tounges out of their mouths and bleed from their very pours. I cannot go into more then that as I was not their but I can say there is no known scorce within our borders that will produce such a violent reaction."

"And the wine? Where did it come from?" the boy interrupted.

"That I do not know, your highness." Kanork replied gravely.

The boy stood abruptly and looked at the assembily. "I deam there will be an emergancy Senate within a fortnight. All those that are not within attendence shall forfit their titles and ranks with out direct permission from the Head of House Mirinishi. I want to speak directly all those that were with my father when he passed Kanork." The boy said turning back to the chairman. "This council is adjourned." he finished making his way back up the steps and away from the thrown he did not wish to sit upon.

That evening

The room was dark not even the hearth was lit to beat back the nights chill. Upon the desk trays sat adorned with food not touched. Yet the room was alive with movement as the boy worked the forms. The pillows that once made a bed now transformed into a ankle deep pool of feathers upon the floor. Through the forms he moved the only thing that seemed to calm his raging soul. It made him forget the day and forget his grief. SOmeone entered the room and he spun the blade of his sword almost touching his uncle's neck.

"I was not to be disturbed." he growled

"That may be so but.."

"Leave me." Luclin commanded turning his back on his uncle and moving back to the center of the room.

"Boy now is not the time to be stubbron don't make me put you over my knee." The man said with a growl meaning to fufil his threat if need be. "Someone wants to see you that may do you some good and perhaps the rest of us too."

"Who?" the boy demanded and with those words a man entered the room. His flowing blue robes screaming priest to any who wished to know. A spun gold belt encirlced his waist. With the gold staff he carried Luclin knew the arch-bishop had come to council him. "I do not need a priest or his prayers."

"Maybe so, but the Empire needs you." the bishop said a solumn look upon his face. "The nation needs a strong leader not a boy snivelling and filled with grief and hate."

"You speak to me so!!" Luclin exploded "I'll decorate my gate with your head and let the crows feast upon you insolent tounge."

"You could do that if you so wished. But before I journey to the headsman I have a story to tell you." The boy unpreturbed deided to here the man's words as they would be his last. The bishop sensing he would be heard continued. "Long ago the lands of the Empire had not one faith but three.."

"I do not need a history lesson old man." The boy stated rudely turning back to his sword practice.

Though interrupted the priest continued. "Then the first blood was shed and our world changed. War not known before spread across it like a wildfire engulfing everyone and everything. Here at the very spot this city resides three clans combined under the banner of Isonia. To rule them they established the Senate. They worked together in everything and stayed out of the conflict for as long as they could. Stockpiling weapons and training for war. They researched the rocks of the earth and the trees of the forest even the animals that lived witin. They craved knowledge and sought it jealously for they knew that knowledge and knowledge alone would ensure their survival. The even traded with the heathen faiths just to stay outside of the war. Eventually the clans grew and they prospered. And others looked upon them with envy. This envy turned to greed which pushed some to rash acts. The war was brought to them. But they were prepared when most were fighting man to man these three clans acted as a unit. And crushed the invaders. But they had suffered many loses. This brought the reality of the world around them to home and they decided the only way they truely be safe was to unit all the people around them under the banner of Isonia. So they sent their men out to stomp out the other faiths while the boys stayed to train and protect what was their. Their army swept across the land like a great wind making all in their path bow before them or topple. Finally they came to the mountain passes where they learned the world was much vaster then they had thought. Beyond the mountains there were those that fought like them. And though they tried to push forwared the toll was to great. So the built great forts in the mountains to keep all those beyond at bey. And we have lived so for a thousand generations. Until a man came to power. A man who was Emperour but seen the only way he could keep his people safe would be to venture forth through them mountains and crush the heathen hordes." Luclin had long since stopped the forms but he still held his sword and stood in a fighting stance. The priest had paused a moment to smooth a wrinkle in his robe. "That mane's name was Lucas and he was killed to keep the might of the Imperium out of the world beyond the mountains." He finished his story. The boy waved his hand dismissivly and thought on the man's words. If they were true life as he knew it would change. Life as the Empire knew it would change. Some would welcome it while others resisted.

And so our story begins......


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


Our first game


Guild Rules

1. All members are REQIURED to have ICQ as communication within the guild is a MUST.

2. All members are asked to post two times a week within a guild thread. This is so that the leadership of the guild can keep track of the posts made by our membership. Failuar to post twice within the guild thread will not result in any disciplinary action but due to the fact that this is a RP guild may result in slower promotion within the ranks of the guild.

3. All members are to conduct them selves honoribly upon all the forums not just within Maxim. As there conduct is a reflection upon the guild.

4. Members will abide the chain of command. If any member has a problem they will report it to their Squad leaders who will then bring it to the AGMs or GM.

5. (refer to roleplay ammendment)

6. Kingdom leader names and the name you post under in Maxim will match.

Temper's Ball Rules

- Do not make an ass of yourself.

- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

- Do not spam or post redundant messages.

- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites

Roleplay ammendment

Our guild is based upon roleplaying and is the MOST important aspect of our guild. The members will follow certain guidelines. The Imperium is an empire but a humanoid one. So members when roleplaying will be some humunoid race. ( This does not pretain to a members kingdom only how they roleplay. The goverment of the Imperium is made up of Human and elves mostly does not mean that the other races cannot be roleplayed just not as a ruling house. ) Anything is possible in the roleplaying otherwise, for even a Legionarius to become Emperour. As history has taught us plots, inteirge, and strife have riddled the most powerful realms we see no reason why the Imperium would be any different. If a member wants to become Emperour (does not mean they will be GM) all they need do is to roleplay it but remember it will be a long hard road with many perils laid in your path.

The guild will roleplay all wars to the fullest of their abilities from the preperation to attack to the final crushing blow we deliver to the heathens through-out the land.

Ranks and Tittles

(alot of these are latin words)

There are only five ranks within The Imperium but countless tittles. The ranks, tittles, and what they mean along with each ranks responsibilities are as follows. (tittles may change due to roleplay)

Rank 1 (GM)

Emperour -Tyrant of The Imperium his/her rule is law.

Rank 2 (AGMs)

Impertorius Heres Ex Asse -Heir to the Imperial Crown

Speculatorius de Impertious -Head of the Imperial Spy network

Magis de Impertiour -Imperial Mage

Impertious Emissarius -Emissary

Pratorius de Duoetvicesimani -High commander of the army

These are the guilds leadership with many responsibilities. They can wage war at any moment if they so wish but must keep in mind the direction in which the guild is traveling. They are also responsible for the ranks of members below them and can decide amongst themselves who will control the duties of member post count, war, sorcery, and scouting. The title of Impertorius Here Ex Asse is bestowed upon an AGM by the GM incase of the GMs absence hence this AGM will have command of the guild.

Rank 3 (Squad Leaders)

Praetorius de Aquilonius -Commander of the Northern Legions

Praetorius de Favonius -Commander of the Western Legions

Praetorius de Austri -Commander of the Southern Legions

Praetorius de Exortus -Commander of the Eastern Legions

Nauarchus de Impertious -Admiral of the Imperial Fleet

Squad leaders are directly responsible for the members asigned to them. Tried and tested in battle and on the boards they are to relay any orders to those below them as they are also responsible for "passing the buck up" so to say. AGMs are promoted from these ranks.

Rank 4 (Proven Members)

Praetorianus de Impertorius - A member of the Imperial Bodygaurd

Senatus - A member of the noble council (every noble house has a seat in this council)

The core of any guild proven members are responsible for the management of their kingdoms, posting in the guild thread, and keeping in contact with their squad leaders. Communication with them is a must if this wains they will be warned, demoted and finally removed from the guild.

Rank 5 (Unproven Members)

Senatus - A member of the noble council (every noble house has a seat in this council)

Centurio-A legion Commander

Magis-a wizard

Praecuroris-a spy

These members are the future of the guild as it is of any guild. They will be rewarded with swift promotions once effort and a willingness to better the Maxim Community, Isonian Faith, and Guild are shown. Those that do not will recieve a quick guild removal.


Promotions will be dealt out to those that merrit them. Their are many factors contributing to one's promotion in The Impeirum such as kingdom activity, communication, posting habits and your conduct within the Evernight communitity.

Joining the Imperium.

Send folowing to theimperium@hotmail.com

1. Character Description

2. Why you wish to be a member of The Imperium

3. Game history

4. Contact information (remember ICQ is required)

After accomplishing the abouve four he/she will do the follows.

An applicant must begin with an introduction into one of the guild thread and roleplay their way into the guild. If they fail to do this they will be rejected.


Luclin (guildmaster)

email - theimperium@hotmail.com

ICQ - 254051424 [/html]