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Created: 2004-06-10 19:26:48
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Come child, I’ve a story I wish to tell you. Sit here at my feet and listen well. You should know your history, who you are, and who you will be. This tale of mine is the beginning.

During the time of the last peace this land had ever known a child was born with the gift of foresight. She would, in time grow to see the things that would be. She was raised and lived amongst very devout Dardenites. The instilled within her the belief that her ability to know, to see the future was a gift from Darden himself. No one actually knew how or why she had this skill but she lived believing that it was the truth.

One day she sat before a small pool praying for guidance, being a very pious young woman. The water glimmered with an unnatural radiance. She gazed upon the waters in this pool and saw the radiance begin to dim and turn a murky blood red. She ran to the priest. She told him about this and her intuitive feeling that this meant the land would soon be stained red with bloodshed and war would come.
“My child,” the priest said to her, ”You are an oracle. With your ability you can lead people in a pious life devoted to Darden.”
“But,” she asked him with a frown, “To what purpose?”
“Because it is his will.”

From that day on she was known as The Oracle. People flocked to her, seeking her guidance. They had heard of her powers and believed that she could protect them from the horrors of the world. She led them in a sheltered, secluded life. She avoided war and provided sanctuary to all so long as they promised to follow Darden. They lived an uneventful life in the temple. She and her followers would stand in the courtyard before that very same pool that warned of coming war and sang to Darden. The song they sang was always the same. It was what she called the song of the divine. The only accompaniment they had were the voices of the birds. They took their name from it. They would sing with all of their hearts with the shadows of trees in their summer glory dancing about them. During the day the villagers would hear their voices and smile.

All too soon her leadership of the peaceful congregation ended. After years had passed the woman known as The Oracle, Anmaskna let down her guard in her old age. She allowed a young girl into her fold. She did not know this girl; Dillsa was a follower of Foret. She had been sent to the small group to act as a spy because they were perceived as a threat to Foret. She stayed within the small group for years and in time was converted to a follower of Darden, for her faith in Foret had been weak. The group that had sent her soon believed her to be dead and forgot about her. Dillsa wanted Anmaskna’s position and began to plot against her.

Dillsa’s faith in Foret had been so weak because she was young. The strong sense of devotion one has to their faith had not been instilled in her. Her faith was not something that had been nurtured to insure her devotion to Foret. She had seen the way while following the song under false pretences. The love and belief in faith was in abundance all around her. Darden was the one and only god. The rest were heathens. Those that followed Foret were worse than heathens. To Dillsa she saw them as the lowest form of scum to be scraped from the bottom of her boot.

Unbeknownst to anyone, The Oracle’s gift began to fade. Dillsa saw this. She had also been gifted with the sight. She would take the old woman’s place. She slowly began to cause dissent with the followers of the song. She made them believe that war was the only way to live a peaceful life in the end. She told them that it was their sworn duty as followers of Darden to expunge the land of heathens. She remembered well that the people that sent her to the lands of the song had forgotten her and she would make sure that in the end they would remember her as someone that should watch out for. The old woman knew the girl was making the people unhappy with the life the lead but she did nothing to stop it.

In the beginning of her campaign to make them see that war was the only way the people resisted. They did not want a life of war. Quite a few of the followers had left. They could not handle Dillsa’s hot-blooded ways or her extreme ego. So they quite naturally rebelled. She brought the few that remained around eventually.

One night in the dead of winter Dillsa crept into the old woman’s room while she slept. She stood over her, a knife in her hand studying the lined face that was relaxed with peaceful sleep. Her eyes opened and she stared up at Dillsa a questioning look on her face.
“Dillsa is something on your mind,” she asked, unaware what Dillsa had in mind.
“Yes, I can see you’ve no longer got the sight, but I do. I am the Oracle now. You can not stop this,” she shook her head as Anmaskna’s eye widened at the sight of the knife. Dillsa quickly plunged the knife in the old woman’s breast.

As the cold moonlight lit the room and the life faded from the old woman’s eyes she reached up and rest a hand on Dillsa’s cheek. Her voice was raspy with death’s gripping hands as she said, “You now lead The Divine Song. Remember to always sing the song if not with your voice let you blade do the singing in battle for you. For so long as the song is sung Darden will lead you to victory.”

Her eyes fluttered closed and the last breath slowly eased from her lungs as Dillsa stood over her. She would make The Divine Song’s main purposes to remove the pestilence from the land and make a welcome home to all that wished to fly the banner. Every one would have a purpose, a reason for being. Heathens would not be tolerated. They would be known as Darden’s most devout. His right hand on this land.

I tell you this story so you will know. Know that soon your time will soon come to sing the song. Pick up your sword, and fly your banner for all to see.


GM: The Oracle
AGM: Diviner
Squad Leader: Soothsayer
Full Member: Telepath
Member: Clairvoyant
Newbie: Bard


This will be The Divine Song's first age upon the Isle.


Firstly Tempers Ball Rules. Follow them. If for any reason you are found to break any of them you will be warned. If such behavior is continues you will be demoted and warned again. After that you will no longer be apart of the guild.
- Do not make an ass of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details. - Do not spam or post redundant messages. - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Guild Rules:

1. We'd like you to RP, and we'd encourage you to do so at least twice a week. If you can do more, that's great. If you don't do two every week, it's OK. If you persistantly don't bother, we're probably not the right guild for you.

2. As such, we ask that you notify the AGM about your posts, just so that we know that you are posting. If you post more frequently than that great. If you don't report to the AGM in a timely fashion you'll be warned(timely being once every week to once every other week). We don't want to hunt to see where you've roleplayed if at all.

3. If for any reason you will be unable to post let the GM or an AGM know. That is the only exception for not posting at all.

4. Communication is a key part in a successful guild. ICQ is required. You can download it at www.icq.com.

5. Teamwork is also needed for a successful guild. Got a beef with someone. Take it elsewhere.

Application Procedures:

Send an E-mail or ICQ to the GM. The information is at the bottom. Include the following.

1. Your ICQ number.
2. Your e-mail address.
3. Kingdom name and Leader name.
4. Posting name.
5. Provide a sample of roleplay or any links of your current or previous roleplay.
6. Any other guilds you were previously in and rank.
7. Why you wish to join The Divine Song.

While experience is helpful it is not needed for your acceptance into the guild.

Ranks and Promotions:

1. The Oracle-The GM. The guiding force of the guild.
2. Diviner-Agms. They help the GM guide the guild.
3. Soothsayer-Asst. Agms. Chosen on their willingness to help in the day to day needs of the guild.
4. Telepath-Proven to be true and devout followers of Darden. They have no assigned tasks but can be relied on to do whatever tasks that are necessary.
5. Clairvoyant- Trusted members that have proven their devotion to The Divine Song.
6. Bard- Initiate. Bards are unproven to The Divine Song and Darden.


All promotions will be given at such time that you’ve proven your devotion to your guild and faith. This means in the game and on the boards. Promotions will be determined by the GM with recommendations from the Agms. Privileges will be given on merit of those that want to do the work that comes with them.

If for any reason the GM disappears or is unable to continue as GM the Co-Gm will step up and take their place. If there is no Co-Gm then the Agms will work as a team and decided together who will be the GM.

GM Info: GemmersE@yahoo.com--UIN-237993189