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Guild Name:

CALLINEB (Callineb)

Created: 2004-05-31 19:53:50
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


The first origins of Callineb begin in the days when magic flowed freely and knowledge shared. When knowledge needed no locks to keep it from the unworthy. A time when teachers did not fear their students turning on them. These times have passed, but fragments remain.

When economics came to Tonan, the mages and sorcerers were some of the first to be truly valued. Where once healers worked together, now they competed in the sure knowledge that once they had a monopoly they could charge what they liked. Wizards sold their magics and refused to accept apprentices for fear of future competition. Much wisdom was lost through this.

However, these changes did not happen over night. Some of the wiser and less greedy mages foresaw such things happening and took steps to limit the damage. They banded together to form a cooperative, to compete with the greedy wizards and to save knowledge for future generations. This cooperative prospered and grew, for unlike the greedy wizards the money they earned was spent on expanding their knowledge. For their shrewdness, and wisdom, they became known as Callineb, a name which they embraced. Within a few generations, Callineb was the preferred specialists in several major areas of magic.

Things could not continue forever, and when war came to Tonan it tainted Callineb. First they sought to defend themselves, and developed weapons of magic. The greed of the outside world finally came to Callineb, and they sold their weapons to others and developed bigger better weapons to defend themselves with. Their long-standing skill in research quickly took them to the forefront of magical weaponry design. They had shielded themselves from the faiths that embroiled themselves in warfare, and had no qualms about selling to anyone who had the money. When it became known that they were trading to both the followers of Foret and Darden, their customers turned on them, destroying vast libraries of records. The Callineb were all but destroyed, centuries of learning wiped out.

One of the few that survived this reckoning was a young elf called Taff. He had been performing a high-energy spell out at sea when the attack came. When he discovered what had happened, he called vast magics to him and called a great firestorm onto the victorious armies. This was not without consequence, Taff lost all that he held dear. All he was left with was vengence, which he slowly sated. One by one the lords who had turned on Callineb died in unexplained explosions, or were found stabbed in their bed. Eventually there reached a point where there was noone left to blame. And that was the end of Callineb, for a time…

In the next two hundred years, Taff discovered religion, Isonia helped him temper his anger, and gave him a purpose to continue in the beliefs of Callineb.

One night, in his two hundred and forty third year, his old mentor came to him in a dream. It is time, time to bring back Callineb. Not just for magic, but for everything. Too much wisdom is being lost, too much knowledge forever condemned to the ground. When Taff awoke from the dream, he knew what he had to do. He sold up everything, took the profits from a rather profitable fireworks producing business and built a place for knowledge, a place where mages and scholars, artists and warriors could commune to record information for future generations.

The New Callineb!


GM: Prif Call
AGM: Call
Squad Leader: Swynwr
Full Member: Dygwr
Member: Rhyfelwr
Newbie: Myfyriwr


This is our first full age since the reformation


Guild Ranks:
Wisest – Prif Call
The ultimate authority in Callineb. The Alpha and the Omega. All research comes back to him.
If he is unobtainable for an extended period of time, one of the Call will take over his duties until he returns.

Wise – Call
Each of the Call specialise in their own area of expertise, sorcery, war, stealing, recording histories. They are responsible for all work that goes on in those areas. They report to the Prif Call. Promotion to this level is only when a position in open, you need to have proven yourself proficient in the relevant speciality.

Sorceror - Swynwr
Those members who have chosen the path of sorcery, and made themselves known to the leadership.

Thief - Dygwr
Those members who have chosen the path of stealth, and made themselves known to the leadership.

Warrior - Rhyfelwr
Those members who have chosen the path of war, and made themselves known to the leadership.

Student – Myfyriwr/Myfyrwraig
New members who have yet to announce their intended path. Advancement from this is by contacting the leadership and demonstrating a will towards a path.

Avoid ooc remarks, particularly in war threads, they don’t help anything.
Post at least once a week in a guild thread.
Post at least three times a week. This is more than the minimum two posts for the game, if you are only looking to give the minimum commitment, this guild is not for you.
It is your responsibility to inform the Call of RP of your posts. If you do not, it may be assumed that you have not posted.

Tempers Ball Rules
- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites.
This includes racial, ethical, or    sexually related sites.

All members are expected to be active.
All members are expected to follow orders from their superiors. Should
they feel the orders unfair then they should make complaints to the Prif Call.
Failure to post, or to obey orders most likely will result in booting.
Unexplained inactivity will result in booting.
Failure to enjoy yourself will result in public humiliation and beatings until you start
to enjoy yourself.

Upon being received into the guild, you will be asked for contact details, if you do
not give them within 24 hours you will be booted.

Contact Details:
Prif Call: Taff
Private Message in Tempers Ball: Taff
Email: taff2086@hotmail.com