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Created: 2004-04-11 06:56:30
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


You shuffle slowly down the dimly lit corridors of the dungeons. Your eyes flickering nervously from the back of the High Lord Inquisitor, Zelphyn D'Athaal to your fellow Neonates repeatedly, noticing your own aprehension mirrored in each of their barely visible faces.
As you make your way down the winding maze of corridors you feel your breath quicken and an unfamiliar tightness constricts your chest as the realization finally dawns upon you. Today is the day of reckoning, the day of the final test that every Neonate of the Ordo Hereticus must pass in order to earn their badge of office as an Acolyte, an Inquisitor in training. For as long as you have been locked within the forbidding stone walls of the Ordos' fortress home you have dreamt about this moment...but now that it is upon you terror digs its way into your mind, undermining the confidence you have always held in your ability to succeed when faced with this day and you know the rest of your brethren feel the same way as yourself. You try to calm your breathing by fixing your eyes upon the broad back of the High Lord, trying to match his certain step but feeling your legs felter beneath the weight of your dread at the prospect of potential failure and so you resign yourself to shuffling uncertainly down the cold corridors towards the interrogation room where the subject of the examination is awaiting your arrival.
Finally you arrive outside the large metal door of the interrogation chamber, two armsmen in their black full plate armour with halberds clasped tightly in their gauntleted hands standing gaurd on either side of the entrance, their eyes fixed unflinchingly on a point far in the distance as you and the other Neonates come to a stop at the instruction of Zelphyn. After a few moments of expectant silence Zelphyn speaks to the Neonates, his voice muffled slightly by the silver face mask that obscures his features. He speaks loudly, his voice echoing off the stone walls as he launches into the speech of devotion for the final time and you close your eyes, letting the words of the sermon comfort you and wash the uncertainty from your mind and soul.

"The time is finally upon us. The time when you, my most promising students, reach the final hurdle on the road to becoming a true member of the Ordo Hereticus. After today you will have proven yourself to stand above the herd in the eyes of our glorious God, Darden. However the end of one path is only the begining of a much harder journey!
Those of you who succeed in today's test will then have to face a lifetime of combating the daemons who plague our faith. For while most people look to the misguided followers of the lesser Gods for enemies we alone know the dark truth. We alone have been granted access to the true wishes of Darden and we alone stand as our faiths only defense against the taloned grasp of the daemons who wish to tear us all assunder from within. While we will never ignore the call to arms against the lesser faiths you must all remember that the true enemy is a far more insidious threat.
The true enemy masquerades as the faithful and attempts to coerce others down the dark path to damnation. The true enemy is the coward, the daemon and the heretic. They would allow our faith to crumble into the dust and be no more should it suit their own vile whims and we are the only ones who are privvy to the truth and as such ours is a lonely path of suspicion and betrayal."

He pauses in the speech to allow his cold blue eyes to move over the faces of each of you, his gaze seemingly lingering locked on your eyes as if he searches for some sign of weakness or hint of taint. Then his eyes are once again fixed on an invisible point in the distance and his voice is flowing into your eyes, continuing to map out the possibilities of your future and the hardships of the task you have chosen to undertake.

"Always remember that non outside of the Ordo are above the touch of taint; from the lowest peasent to the highest noble, all are vulnerable should they allow the sugared lies of the daemon to penetrate the shield of their faith and it is up to us to bring them to task should they falter in the worship of Darden's purity.
And that is why we do what we do! That is why we tread this most difficult of paths despite the perils that await us. We have chosen this path to return purity to the faith. We have chosen this path to bring the true message of Darden back into the faith and to remove the taint that the heretics have spread with their "Daemon of Tismad" claims.
Down this long road never allow one piece of knowledge to slip from your mind my faithful, never forget that while the sword and the flame may be your physical weapons it is your faith that will keep you safe in your darkest hours. It is your faith that will shield you from the touch of the daemon and the heretic, should you ever allow your faith to falter you will be no better than those we hunt and by extension you will simply become another name in the libre hereticus to be purged by the Ordo."

You can't help but feel a shudder of fear creep through your body at the menacing tone that enters the High Inquisitors voice as he utters those last words and again you feel as though his eyes have sought out your own, as if singling you out as the focus of his speech and you breathe a sigh of relief when he indicates for the gaurds to open the heavy steel door before returning his attention to you and the other Neonates to speak once more.

"Behind this door lies the worst of our foes, a mortal who has given up his soul to the whims of the daemons and their insidious taint. It is he who will give all of you the chance to serve Darden as one of his chosen Inquisitors, make sure you do not dissapoint him...or me!"

With that he leads your group through the doorway into the brightly lit interrogation room where a dishevelled man stands, his wrists and ankles secured tightly to chains that are fixed to the floor and ceiling raising the man into a most uncomfortable looking star shape.
As you get closer you notice the smell of fresh blood and catch a glimpse of the discolouration of bruising adorning the mans naked body and for the briefest moment you feel a hint of pity entering your mind until the High Inquisitor steps forward to obscure your view of the man and you manage to bury the glimmer of pity beneath a stream of the religious texts that have been drummed into your mind during your time in the fortress of the Ordo and the sounds of Zelphyn's voice as he addresses the prisoner.

"Your chance is now Joshua. You have a fork in the path of your life and down one road lies eternal damnation and servitude to the daemons you so gleefully claim as your masters, yet down the other there is saviour. I can save you from the taint that grips your soul if you will only repent your crimes in the sight of Darden and his chosen servants.
Should you refuse to repent then there is nothing left to do but discover the depth of your taint and the extremes of your guilt...the choice is yours Joshua, you may die a thousand deaths at the feet of your damnable masters or you can die once by my hands and spend eternity in the light of Darden's purity.

The words are so soothing, you can't understand for a second just how the Inquisitor manages to make the option of death seem so appealing yet still you feel his words tugging at you, tempting you to confess to something...anything, provided it will allow you to meet with Darden's favour one last time. Your thoughts are interrupted by the soft, incoherent moans issuing from the throat of the heretic standing before Zelphyn and you move around slightly so as to be able to catch a glimpse of the man just in time to see him spit a glob of bloody spittle onto the shirt of the Inquisitor. Your nose wrinkles in disgust at the actions and you wait for the inevitable strike form the Inquisitor, yet nothing happens and Zelphyn instead stands perfectly still in front of the heretic as the man begins to mutter out what you assume will be his last confession.

"Big man, talking about big decisions. Nothing could bring more pain to me than betraying my people. Nothing. Now, bring Gordon to me and we'll be on our way."

The temperature in the room droops noticeably and you see Zelphyn's posture tighten as the heretic gazes around the room, more preoccupied with discerning the location of his pet "Gordon" than in paying any heed to the Inquisitor. Your blood almost freezes in its veins when you hear Zelphyn sigh softly and wave a scrawny man over from the far end of the room where he had been waiting anxiously since your group had first entered the chamber.
The little man scurries over quickly at the command of the Inquisitor, holding up a silver tray reverently, upon which glitter two golden gauntlets that Zelphyn carefully retrieves from the tray, muttering a quiet prayer of blessing over them before carefully slipping each one over his pale, slender hands. Flexing his fingers slowly Zelphyn reaches up to grasp the heretics chin between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and it is then that you catch a glimpse of the razor sharp points of the digits of the gauntlets as they bite into the flesh of Joshua, ripping a quiet sob of pain from his throat as Zelphyn leans closer to him untill his silver face mask touches the man's bleeding nose.
After several moments of charged silence Zelphyn let's go and wipes the fingers of the gauntlet carefully upon his breeches as he turns to face you and your fellow Neonates, his eyes blazing almost inhumanly as he raises his gold-clad hands upwards and begins to speak slowly,

"Take note my chosen, this is the final part of your initiation, any who should falter during the coming moments will be deemed unworthy in the eyes of Darden and cast from this Ordo with a cloud of shame hanging over their heads.
Watch me carefully...there may be a test afterwards!"

The cold humour in those last few words is unmissable and you shivver again, watching the Inquisitor intently as he spins on his heel and stalks even closer to Joshua, raising his right index finger to the man's chest and slowly pressing the point into his skin untill blood wells up from the wound. You watch in morbid fascination as the Inquisitor begins to carefully carve the litanies of purging into the flesh of Joshua's torso, completely ignoring the screams of pain from the heretic and only pausing when the man's frenzied thrashing threatens to cause an error in the perfect form of the words. Glancing around you can make out looks of horror and fascination in equal measure on the faces of your fellow Neonates, you can even make out one of the gaurds turning his back in disgust, his shaking hands gripping his halberd tighter still to force the screams from his ears.
Then it is over, Zelphyn straightens up and waves one of your fellow Neonates over, Kayne it is, and you watch as the Neonate removes a black rat from a pouch at his waist which he then holds before Joshua's eyes in an effor to rouse him from his pain enduced sobs. When the moans of pain finally die down Zelphyn speaks again, a strange and almost conversational tone in his soft voice now.

""People? You call that filth people?
Very well, your choice has been made...however the punishment for your crimes will differ this time, unless you give me names.

You are certain you detect a hint of a smile in the Inquisitors voice but you quickly dismiss it and focus your attention on attempting to second guess the response of the heretic as he begins to speak slowly, his eyes fixed upon the small rat and his teeth gritted together tightly.

"If you hurt him I swear you will pay.
You want names? You'll get nothing from me, -torturer-!"

The last word is spat out with pure disgust and venom filling the mans tone and it is obvioust to you that he is bravely steeling himself against the coming pain yet sense a shift in the atmosphere as you catch a glimpse of Kayne grinning up at the high Inquisitor and handing over the black rat eagerly.

"Very well Joshua, if you wish to play the brave martyr then I shall give you pain the likes of which you could never imagine in the deepest depths of your depraved soul...I hope you realise that you have brought this upon on yourself, or rather upon poor old Gordon really!"

With a soft sigh the Inquisitor closes his fist tightly, the sharp points of his gauntleted fingers piercing the rat deeply and killing it so swiftly that it can't even utter a sound of pain as it is reduced to a tangled heap in the steel grip of Zelphyn who then holds his hand up in front of Joshua's stunned eyes for a moment before reaching out to rest the carcass of the rat on the prisoners shoulder, the blood from the rats wounds mingling with the bloody words carved on Joshua's torso and slowly sliding their way down his chest.
You feel bile rise up in your throat and you fight to force it down as you gaze into the tear filled eyes of the heretic and you shake your head slightly, trying to shake the odd feelings from your head as you watch Joshua slump against his bonds as though every ounce of fight has been torn from his body with the death of the rat. Over and over again you hear the same word spilling from his cracked lips and you begin to believe that the actions of the Inquisitor have fully broken the already fractured mind of the heretic who now seems only capable of uttering "No" over and over again, the melancholy tone in his voice bringing back those earilier feelings of pity untill you realise that the Inquisitor is standing before you expectantly.
Slowly you tear your gaze away from the weeping heretic and glance up at the cold eyes of Zelphyn D'Athaal as they gaze back at you expectantly for a moment before shifting downwards. Carefully you follow the new direction of those chilling eyes and see the scalpel that shines brightly in the blood slick hand of the Inquisitor. After several moments of dumb silence you suddenly realise the gravity of the situation and you have to fight to stay upright as your knees shake like jelly, the voice of the Inquisitor forces it's way into your mind and you look back up at his masked face as he speaks.

"It is time for you all to prove your worth to both Darden and the Ordo, you all know what must be done and have known since the first day you gave up your previous lives and stepped inside the fortress.
Now take it!

His last words are directed at you and with shaking hands you reach out to clasp the scalpel tightly before turning and walking clumsily over to where Joshua is slumped in his restraints. With every step you silently pray to Darden for the strength not to lose your footing or drop the blade in your hands, finally you stand before the drained Heretic and you gaze at the pitiful sight, a portion of your soul raging against the actions you know you must take, howling for you to drop the fine blade and run from the halls never to return. Yet even as it rages within you your body reacts, and everything starts to bleed away as you make the first clumsy stroke with the scalpel into Joshua's flesh. The blade parting flesh as easily as butter and as soon as you hear the defeated moan of pain spill from the heretics lips you know that you have passed.

Welcome to the Ordo Hereticus!


GM: Grand High Inquisitor
AGM: Witch Finder General
Squad Leader: Inquisitor
Full Member: Witch Hunter
Member: Acolyte
Newbie: Neonate


Risen for the second time to purge the unclean.


1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2.RP is our primary function as a guild. Standing in the game means very little in comparison and thus I expect lots from my members. The minimum posts expected from members of the Ordo Hereticus is 3 per week.
Failure to follow this rule once will result in demotion. Failure to follow it twice will result in your removal from the guild

3.The chain of command is there for a reason, follow it!

The rules above are all very simple and if you cannot follow them then you will be removed from the guild without a second thought. You get two warnings, and this here is your first! Remember that well.

Grand High Inquisitor - This is the highest rank within the Ordo Hereticus and Ty Morrial Kayne is currently the one who holds the position. The Grand High Inquisitor oversees the day to day running of the guild, he oversees everything from campaigns of war to inter faith purges and his word is law within the Ordo.

Inquisitor Lord - The Inquisitor Lords have proven themselves over many campaigns and have brought countless daemons to task in the name of Darden. And it is this loyalty that has seen them rise to become the liuetenants of the Grand High Inquisitor, passing his word down to the lesser ranks within the Ordo and even keeping the Ordo moving in his absence.

Inquisitor - Having proven their worth to the cause through dedication and hard work a select few from the ranks of the Witch Hunters will be granted promotion to the position of full Inquisitor where they will then enjoy the task of leading cells of their former brethren into war and daemon nests alike.

Witch Hunter - Having risen up through the ranks of Neonate and Acolyte the rank of Witch Hunter is considered "full" status within the Ordo only because it is the highest that all but the most gifted and dedicated members will ever see. Witch Hunters are expected to follow the orders of the Inquisitor they are assigned to but are also expected to have the ability to think for themselves should the Inquisitor ever be unable to fulfill his duties.

Acolyte - Those who have proven themselves worthy of rising above the rank of mere Neonate are then granted the robes of the Acolyte and seconded to a cell of Witch Hunters for further training. Should they prove dedicated enough then they will be graduated to the next circle of the Ordo.

Neonate - This is the entry rank of the Ordo, the Neonates have yet to prove themselves in hunts or the tests that all members of the Ordo must take to prove themselves pure of faith and free of the taint of daemons.

Promotions will be granted on a semi-regular basis with all members of Inquisitor rank and higher meeting to discuss the suitability of members for promotion.
The criteria for rank is as follows:
War attendance.
Roleplay regularity.
Kingdom quality.
All promotions will be accompanied by a roleplay celebration which all members of the guild will be expected to participate in.

To gain membership to the Ordo Hereticus you must provide the following information to Zelphyn at any of the below contact points:
Character name.
Sample of roleplay.
Preffered Kingdom type.
Reasons for wishing to become a part of the Ordo.
Any applicants who do not send this email will be rejected without a second thought.
You should also be aware that any kingdom names deemed "unfit" for the Maxim environment will also be rejected on sight.

These are the places you can get in touch with GM of the Ordo for whatever reason:
Email - cursed_grail@yahoo.co.uk
ICQ - 276466859