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Created: 2004-03-07 23:39:54
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


Why, god? Why did it have to end this way? That was the question she asked herself, sitting alone in the cold of the mountains that she made her home in. The bitter wind blew especially hard this day, creeping through the cracks in the stone wall of the squallid hut that she was forced to live in.

Since the coming the Nyamafu Vurumai. Since that horrible slaughter that so many of this land simply turned their backs to, since she had watched a thousand of her spearmen die in a battle that not a single soul could have hoped to prevent. That was why this place had earned the tainted name of the Valley of Bones. Because here, fifteen thousand corpses lay, outside in the snow and ice, frozen in their death poses from a war that the land had yet to recover from. She had plans for those frozen bodies, plans that would no doubt irritate a good portion of the isle, especially those whom worshiped Foret, her God and Savior. The only God whom mattered, for the other pagan deities had little power in this realm, something she liked to think she attributed to. The death of the enemy of God, but especially, death to the blade bitchs' minions, and their whole rotting lot. That was her real burning desire - to see first Isonia cast down into ashen ruin, and then, by the Will of God, cast Darden alongside the witch - and forget them, and take these lands for Foret. Because the scripture spoke of the day that God would return in all his glory and rule the lands by his Justice - a day she longed to see. A day she would see, thanks to the gift of God.

The Blade that had been buried under the palace of Ivalice, when the Gathering of the Reverent had stood tall before the endbringers of the Vurumai had ever set foot on these lands. She had known of it for years - and had stumbled upon the gate that led to its resting place, or at least a half of it. And with it, she gained her precious sight, and strength in times of need. It came with a price to pay, she knew, as all things did, especially those that were gifted from God. But she knew the price was right. The price, in this matter, could never be high enough

What she would do with that sacred blade, of course, was gather those once faithful to the life-loving Reverent, and teach them how precious life is, and why the pagan should not have it. She would preach the word of God to them, she would show them why the path of our God, Foret, was the correct one, and why the others were merely inferious beings who deserved only death. They would be her Knights, and she their Saint, through which the Commandments of God would be translated. The average man could not possibly hope to divine the secrets of the Lord God. She would. She was touched, had been since the begining of her frail, insignifigant life. Now she would be something.

A sword. A sword that could bind the ambitions of the faithful, feul their fires. A Sword that could very well anhillate the pagan from the land, a blade that could allow her to fulfil some unwritten destiny that God held for her. A sword that would unify, and at the same time destroy.

In a little hut. In a valley filled with the dead.

She waited, for those who desired her goal would come. A fanatic is born every minute, and she would have them all. Ivalice would live again, and these mountains would thrive above the barren wastes that they would make of the lowlands.

And that was her promise to the isle.


GM: Saint
AGM: Paladin
Squad Leader: Bishop of the Sword
Full Member: Champion
Member: Knight
Newbie: Seeker


Join us to pwn the shut out of things. People, mostly.


Precepts of the Knights

{Mission and Codes}

To begin with, the Mission of the Knights is the total obliteration of the pagan lords and their followers. As such, the Knights will remain at faithwar with both of the varied sects of Pagan at all times. Be this as it may, it will not allow for random destruction of any pagan realm - all actions will be conducted after Council review and even then only after the Saint has approved the action. However, what it does mean is that in the case of a pagan assault which forces alliance between the Knights and another pagan sects' nation, war will be fought with all parties involved. The Way of God forbids us to even condone the life of the pagan, and such we shall defend unto death, in the face of the most terrifying odds.

Further, the Knights shall act with the scale of Justice in mind, and shall not wrong others without proper cause. Despite the fact that this is war, and that the end goal is the total anhillation of the pagan threat, respect will nevertheless be shown to the accused pagans. Only forces of equal or greater size shall stand the trial of swords, thus is the sacred duty of God placed upon us. Civility may not be garraunteed, depending upon the pagan faith, but the fairness and Justice of god shall be held in sacred regard for both of the godless.

Also, any assault upon our sacred Council and its liege-lords shall be seen as an act of war, whether or not accidental. Council decisions will always rule all actions, and the Saint will always be responsible for final decisions. However, it is more likely that deadly force shall be used upon offenders of this nature, without warning to the pagan lords or ladies' commander, so be well warned.


While the above is the code that the guild as a whole must follow in relation to the other nations and its mission statement, these are the laws that govern the Knights themselves. There is but one punishment awarded for breaking the Codex, and that is dishonorable expulsion from our ranks. Once dishonorably removed, an offender may not return for one month, and thereafter shall little more than an acolyte until a new era arises.

I. Respect thy elders, obey their commands, without question, with out protest, without debate. The words of the Council are final, and may not be changed save by the Council itself, and the only word that may override a Council decision is that of the Saint him or herself. To defy the word of His Most Holy Council is heresy, to defy the word of a Saint is not only heresy, blasphemy, but also a condemnable act.

II. Treat those whom are touched by God with respect, for they hold the power of Gods' Wrath in their hands. They are what makes it possible for this land to exist, they are worthy of respect much more than even the Saint or his/her Council will ever be.

III. Remember your oath, to defend the people of your homelands and that of the Knights as well. Neglecting your lands, or failing to report into the Council why you go absent, is intollerable, shows unfitness to rule, and will result in the usurpation of your power to rule at all. Activity is required - attend to the duties of your post and your lands daily, and never forget that without your land and people, you are merely another deposed monarch with no home.

IV. Only actions reviewed and validated by the Council may be taken. No army shall ride without the permission and supervision of the Council or the Saint, else the Laws themselves become utterly worthwhile. Taking action on ones own is strictly forbidden, and in the case of offending even a pagan lord, will result in the relinquishment of your lands and person into the keeping of the Lord wronged.

V. Communication is vital - the lifeblood of the Knights, so that they may function as an alliance rather than a band of knaives that gather to protect themselves pathetically against the might that the pagan bear. We are the Chosen of God, we must rally to the Standard given us by the Lord, and do so with the least amount of confusion, and the key lay in communication. No ICQ? NO admittance.

VI. The effort of this alliance to overcome the Pagan will be harsh enough as is, however, lack of participation will make it that much harder. When the call to arms comes, you will be there, or will send a courier to explain why you cannot be there. Regardless of reasons or attendance to such organised war meetings, if war is to be declared, it shall, even if all are absent. Again - your oath to protect the land you own, and the Knights that are your allies, binds you to participation in such conferences, and you will attend, or your days as a Knight will be numbered.

VII. The Library of these lands is a truely sacred place, that where we store the tales of our exploits so that time may not forget them. Along with the requirement that these be contributed to at a minimum of once a week, as well as one extra post in an alliance thread of your choice, you must adhere to the rules of this Library of Maxim. They are as follows:

  • Do not make an ass of yourself.
  • Do not post realm names or numbers.
  • Do not make redundant posts (SPAM).
  • Do not post bug reports.
  • Do not post links to hate or anti-evernight sites.
  • Piracy, Plagerism, and Pornagraphy are not allowed.

    Failure to follow these codes of the land is the same as failure to follow the Codex of the Knightsd, and will be punished accordingly.

    VIII. The usage of anything other than your known name on the boards as a ruler name shall result in dismissal. Do not hide behind fake names, for the Knights, children of a powerful God, need not hide from the pagan. Likewise, your realmname is where you stay, and anything askew or absurd shall be rejected as well.

    IX. The condition of your allegiance to the Knights should never change - and in the event that it does, you shall not be permitted back into the alliance lest you are able to argue why you should be admitted back in. People of no loyalty, whom skip from one banner to the next, will never be allowed to call the Knights their home.

    X. The keeping of the histories is a sacred task. All Knights are required to write at least three times a week, of which one must be in a guild associated thread. Maxim rules define a post as at least a 4 sentance paragraph, while the Knights, being above the rest of these lands and their lords, require a minimum of 30 sentances for a post to be counted towards the total. Counts shall be monitored on Saturdays, and if found wanted (IE, 1-2 posts), will be reprimanded, or if none (0) then will be dismissed dishonorably. There is absolutely no exception to this rule.

    XI. This is intended to be a fun, group oriented enviroment for players. Have fun, be a team member, or else....

    The Spread of Power

    The heirarchy of the Knights is a fine tuned instrument, each level of which administers a certain level of power and responsability. Rank is the sacred trust of this body of warriors and magi, and shall never be given freely without some sign of skill or capability.

    The Saint
    The Saint is the head of the alliance, and contends with all affairs concerning the Knights not only politically, militarily, but also internally. The Saint is the Chosen of God, invested with the keeping of the Blade as well as the Doctrine, and the people whom follow. Only a Saint may decide when the pagan have had enough, thus giving them peace, and a Saint is one of only two whom may declare war upon the pagan. The Saint is responsible for the behavior of each and every Knight, shall answer for every crime commited by the Knights, and shall administer punishment to the same. The Saint has the power to elevate Knights to higher authority, and to lower them.

    In the event that the Saint is absent, the Paladin, or next in command, shall assume control of the Knights, until such time as the Saint returns. If the Saint does not return, then the rank shall be left unoccupied until the fortuitous day that he or she returns, or until another has earned the right of Sainthood.

    There shall only ever be ONE Paladin at any one time. This is the assistant to the Saint, helping in decisions, and a member of the three man Council. The Paladin may declare war, but not peace, and may make suggestions on behalf of the lesser ranks of the Knights. Aside from the inability to declare peace, or promote/demote members, the responsibilities of the Paladin are nearly that of the Saint. For OOC purposes, the Paladin is the AGM of War.

    Bishop of the Sword
    There shall never be more than two Bishops of the Sword. These positions are the lesser members of the Council, being the heads of the Magery and Thievery. Their duty is to discharge the assignments to those individuals whom need guidance, along with assisting in important Council decisions. They have much authority, but less than the Paladin.

    There will only ever be one Champion of the Knights - the best of the best, short of the Council. The Champion is invited to Councils to give his say, but has no vote on any matter. The champion is the best of the non-officer staff, and will be treated the respect due his or her rank.

    This is the standard rank. The meat and bones, as it were, of the Knights. A Knight is granted the right to bear his own shields and employ his own military, as opposed to being merely a warrior in the crowd.

    The Seeker is a nothing, a nobody. They have either earned the rank by dishonorable actions, or have yet to prove themselves to the Saint and the Council. A Seeker has no rights, no privileges, and may only fight alongside other Knights, but cannot bear his own shields nor own land. There is no standard waiting period as a Seeker - a Seeker shall remain until they demonstrate an understanding of the Codex, and prove they are willing to not only live by those codes, but also by the sword, without questioning the authority that is.

    No one man or woman will be allowed to ask for an office, the office will only be offered if there is a need for it, or merit has been shown. If merit is shown, and brought to the attention of the Saint or Council, then merit shall be awarded, not fame, not who has the most land or distinguished history. Rank is earned, not given.

    Members requesting promotion will become Seekers until they show that they understand the error of their ways.

    Application to the Knights

    No applicant will be accepted unless the application procedure is followed, regardless of who the applicant is.

    Application is done in two stages. First, you may apply to the Knights using the tool, or you may wait until your approval is made.

    All applicants will be required to email the ref=mailto:seskathesorceress@msn.com>Saints Email with the following information in roleplay format:
  • Previous Experience in Maxim or Guilds.
  • Reason for wanting to become a Knight.
  • Where you may be reached.
  • What times you normally play.
  • What kind of realm you play.
  • Why you think you would be a valuable addition to the team.

    Realms that will not be accepted:
  • Goblin Realms.
  • Vampire Realms.
  • Realms with ridiculous names.(This realm name is what you will be refered to in Roleplay - YES, your realmname may very well be used for RP purposes)
  • Realms with alts used as leadernames. (use your main posting character) Be advised that the Knights of the Sacred Sword have a self imposed membercap of 10 members. If there are currently 10 or more members, your application will automatically be rejected. If you desire more consideration in such an event, contact the Saint.Once the email has been recieved and reviewed, you will recieve a message on wether or not you are accepted, and why not if you are rejected.

    Do not bother applying if you cannot be active, or follow rules.