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Postby KingArthur10 » Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:21 pm

lol, zathuras. Based on your online personality, I was thinking you were 14-16. lol. You're just very energetic and use things such as ZOMG! lol. It was great meeting you, though!

*more hellos and goodbyes to come later tonight*
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Postby Sarghi » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:01 pm

See, now I wish I'd gone...

Perhaps some other year, this weekend was impossible to make it for.
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Postby Stark » Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:14 pm

will i still haven't made it home yet. not tell tomarrow been a long week, but worth every moment.

can say it was one of the best times i have in a while. to everybody that was threre..........YOU ALL ROCK!!

will be looking forward to the next one :D
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Postby Calis » Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:45 pm

so lesson number one - next time, BOOK A FLIGHT EARLY AND FLY.

Yeah so on Thursday I decide to go to the bash and I decide to drive since flights were about 400-500 by then. Mapquest says 500 miles and 9 hours so I'm thinking it cant be that long, right? I mean if I avg 70mph itll only be 7 hours...

Yeah right. lol.

I left just before 8pm Friday night with Ms. Seashell Bra, got detoured into PA about 150miles or so and wound up pulling into Dustin's at 8am the next morning and 670 more miles on my car. All in pouring rain. Good grief. But we got there.

And now Im back in Boston. We wound up going to Scranton PA to spend the night at my grandparents and then drove to boston this morning. Like 300 miles each way. gah.

So. First things first. I'm so sorry for passing out early saturday night =(( lack of sleep combined with 12 hrs of driving meant after 12 hours of drinking Cally was -lights- out.

Secondly. Decae/Dustin and Angela, thank you so much for making this happen. Your home is amazing and the baby is gorgeous and your dogs are awesome and your hospitality is unmatched. Seriously. Like I was telling you Dustin, I've been part of this community since I was 13. This game has been the only constant thing in my life. Thank you. And just fyi, even the non-evernighter who never even heard of the game outside of I went to Toronto once to party with people from it had a blast. Dana felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed (apparently enough to walk around in boxers and a seashell bra) and I think thats testament to the kind of community thats been built here.

Adara - you and Lathrop (i think) were the first two people I saw when we pulled up in the morning. Its a shame we didnt get a chance to talk as much as we shoulda considering some of our conversations before but Im so glad i got to see you at least for a little bit.

You know what, I was going to list everyone and I realized well shit I wasnt there long enough to really get to know everyone. So its blurb time!

Virch - I dig your accent man. You're definately arizona cool and its a shame we didnt get to play some spades.

Doc Stones - it was great to meet you after having warred each other so often in Maxim. Will you run after the football -next- bash? hehehe.

Stark - our convo in the office was fun, definately need to see you at another bash.

Biggles - what WERE you doing with the cat in the kitchen when we walked in? You and I could be a real terror together by ourselves, I think ;>

Zath - did you wake me up saturday morning? I just realized that I think you walked in and like gave me a head massage or something lmao. Its always a blast partying with you dude. And playing magic. I liked your deck! And im sorry I didnt make out with you, I got too tired and passed out before being nearly drunk enough. le sigh. Next time.

Jilu - what can i say, you convinced me to go. Im upset that i missed your singing at the fire...you'll just have to give a private session. Uhhuh.

BRAWI...the man, the myth, the legend! thyarr was thyarr. hot, hilarious, and HUNG. well. so the rumors say. i love you man. if only pyke was here.

lare and mors, its official - a bash isnt a bash without you two ladies there. come up and visit boston sometime, we'll have a blast. tori, dana says she liked her bosom buddy and would have totally made out with you ;>

sylvas, you left too fucking early. thats all I can say. thanks for flying all the way out, it was great to see you.

taldric, those three double shots of whisky definately earned some major "youve got to be kidding me" respect. I was impressed. Definately give that call, im starting to remember when you were in my guild now lol

Demmy, Lizzy, awesome to meet you both, and like with everyone it felt like i had already known yall. definately need to get together again. Brian either youre a total sweetie and not the razor-tongued barracuda you are on IRC....or else I didnt hear you. ::snickerfits:: I hope I wasnt too bad with that.

king authur...thanks for cracking my back! it felt goooooooooood.

rath, you forgot me in your post you ass. Sniff. Wheres the love. Just cuz I played a shit game of spades the last hour we were there doesnt mean you can forget me. I hope your gonads have recovered from their interception with the football...winks

Solstice...I CANT BELIEVE YOURE YOU! I had no idea until I saw you post. Dammit. You're awesome. We should have talked more heh. <3<3<3. So many good times the last few years.

Lady Aria, its a shame we didnt get to talk more, but you're definately hella cool. And that goes for everyone who I really didnt get a chance to say much to. Nitra, Maso, Absinthe, Min, Drae, Lathrop, Sunny (Holden & co stole him!), Kaz, everyone.

Alright, I need to unpack and sleep and shit. Its been a lot of driving this weekend. And this is one hell of a disjointed post. So yeah. It was fun. =)
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Postby Rathowen » Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:07 pm

rath, you forgot me in your post you ass

D'oh, I was going off my Badge list bro

How could I forget Mr. Sexah especially when you bring such "nice" friends with you to the Bash. So don't piss her off we'd like too see her at the next one too :)
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Postby Zathrus » Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:15 pm

Calis, I think I'm going to have to come out to Boston and just harass you for a weekend. Yes, on Saturday morning I came up to poke you out of bed, and was quite surprised to see there were two people hiding under that sleeping bag. I was quite sad :(

I'd also like to know at what point did I become the 'Collector of Badges of People Who Couldn't Make It'. Ferlinc's I requested, but I also ended up with Portia's and Rhaegict's. :P

King Arthur, I tend to consider myself a very energetic and upbeat person, it often takes people by surprise. And next time, I'll give you your very own lapdance, if you so desire.
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Postby Decae » Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:48 pm


I believe that was after the fifth or sixth drink, when you asked to become the collector of badges for people who can't make it. Something about a traditional homosexual right... not sure about the last - but the rest was allllll you.
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Postby Holden » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:43 pm

Calis, it's not my fault you didn't see Sunny! I stole Jilu and Thyarr too and you managed them just fine! I didn't get to hang out with as many people to have one-on-one conversations as much as I'd hoped, but I still managed a few. To be honest, sometimes conversation was just skipped in favor of playing Bell-Bottomed Badasses on the Mean Streets of Funk.
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Postby Min » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:46 pm

Badasses! That's what we couldn't remember!

Thanks, Dustin and Angela. ( :

Was very good to meet the folks that I did. I still hurt from the (read Americans) soccer (read Brits) football.
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Postby Adaras Alt » Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:34 pm

Thank you Decae and Mrs. Decae for a great weekend. You both were great hosts and made everyone feel welcome

Absinthe- You were absolutely nothing like I pictured you. I was only utterly terrified of you for a couple hours or so *grins*. Really, you have some of the most interesting opinions I've ever heard and I was really glad to meet you. I hope to see you and Lylack at future bashes.

Calis- I shudder to think what might be on my sleeping bag.

Debe/Nitra- Oh my god you have no idea how sorry I am that the carpool didn't work out. Also, I have been since told that the drinks you were making for me in the 16 ounce cups were usually served in shot form. Thank you though, I needed that nap.

Doctor Stones- It was great to finally meet you. Of everyone, you suprised me most. You need to talk more though :)

Jilu- Thank you for playing for everyone, you have a beautiful voice and the music was a great addition to the campfire.

Kaz- Fuck Rath, I thought the pictures rocked.

King Arthur- Its funny, you never know how much you value life until you are driven into a hole on a civil war battle field on a dark and rainy night. Arrrrgghh. The scenic route sucks.

Lady Aria- It was great to see you again. Be sure to keep in contact.

Lady Lare- You are probably the sweetest person I've ever met. I hope everything works out for you.

SoulDemon- I wish I knew how to get ahold of you. I'm having a problem with my posting account.

Stark- You are like wicked cool. You know that right?

Sunny- I'm sorry I scared you.

Skeets- I worry about your peanut butter fetish. I think it might have had something to do with waking up with somebody elses pants on your head.

Tal Beren- You (and your blender) are my new best friend. After talking to you for years, it was great to finally meet you.

Virch- If you step down from gm to agm of war I could make it worth your while *grins* . Anyway, I guess I don't dislike you anymore.

I know I missed people, and I'm sorry. I had an awesome time though and everyone there made it possible. Thanks guys.
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Postby nefarious » Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:46 pm

kaz told me i couldnt come to a bash and not make a realm in the next age. and im not sure what that means yet but ill figure it out eventually. i figure ill just start by saying ha look i made an account and ill say allo to all you people i met at the bash. forgive me for not remembering your names. at all. sorry. :-P so ja. here we go.

kaz. look. here i am. :-)

decae. thanks for throwing an awesome party. your house was amazing. even if i did feel like i was in a horror movie. (i of course would be the scantily clad one who gets killed off in the opening scene. yep)

taldric. team awesome. is awesome. nuff said.

thyarr. oh so thats who brawi is. ok.

jilu. oh so thats who keri is. ok.

zathrus. you are loud. im sorry i disappointed you by trying to stay warm hiding underneath a sleeping bag. and im sorry calis didnt get drunk enough to make out with you. but not that sorry. more smug really. bc he made out with me. :-)

rath. nice hair :-).

biggles. back away from the cat.

mors. nice rack.

lady lare. its a damn shame that the flower bra made your chest look like things were growing on it. i would have appreciated some tropical company.

sylvas. i cant believe you came all the way from hawaii. wow. and its warm there too. wow.

sunblade. nice hair. (note: i lack the sarcasm that i used when i said the same thing to rath.)

and i think thats it. im sorry if i didnt give you a shout out.

and dont worry. i probably will be at the next bash. :-). provided calis plays his cards right. unlike he does in spades. alrighty. peacing out.
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Postby Lady Lare » Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:28 am

OH NOES!! new person sighting.

those seashells looked HAWT. I'm sad it looked like my boobs were a flower bed too. and I'm more sad that it felt like they were trying to rip my flesh off.

hope you can make it to the next one cause that will be super.

btw. I will never look at fruit punch gatorade the same again.
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Postby Skeets » Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:58 am

Peanut Butter fetish???? Can't say that, I just happen to see a jar of Jiffy in the kitchen prior to that convo, although I may be willing to give that fetish a try....... hmmmm Adara what ya think???

I forgot to tell ya Lathrop, I did investigte a portion of the swamp. I do have a backup plan if ever needed, I have some traps set and even found a swamp "creature" that will assist us.

Virch, I bought you something yesterday, I'm sure you will like it, you'll just have to let me know your addy.

I did forget to mention, have any of you ever had a long car ride home that involved "fart noises" for like 20 minutes or more???? I did, just ask Aria or Zathrus, some things should be outlawed.

Stark did you make it home yet or did I talk you to death? Give a quick post if or when your home.

I will figure out how to post pictures and have them up sometime.

Lare from what I saw, your boobs are nice! Remember YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE!!!!
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Postby Ladyaria » Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:58 pm

Wow work last night was rough after the weekend LOL I'm still recovering. LOL
Now that I've had some sleep I'll finish my original post from yesterday..

Absinthe - Glad you came! Enjoyed the time by the fire Saturday night listening to your talks. They were great. Hopefully next time Lylack can come as well.

Adara - So nice to see you again! Glad you made it and were able to bring Arthur as well. Msg me woman!

Biggles - Last time I saw you was in Raleigh so many years ago. Wow you've changed. Very cool that you came. Shocked that not 1 person was "Biggled" at this bash :)

Calis - What can I say...Pete it was SO great to finally meet you after all this time, and was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed talking to you very much. Your a very cool guy. Glad you brought Dana with you. It was nice meeting her, and now she will get addicted to this place like the rest of us LOL Get me on your list we must talk more!

Debe/Nitra - Didn't know that you lived so close! Will have to get together some time!

Decae - As I said before thanks for having us at your home once again. Everything you have done means more then you will ever know. The community is such a testament to that. You created and nurtured all of this and without you this place wouldn't be what is is today. Hard to imagine it without you at the helm of it all. I wish you the best with all of your endeavors and hope that you will return one day to Admin again. Thanks for a memorable weekend.

Doc Stones - Awesome to see you again! Always enjoy seeing and talking to you Stones. Lots of great conversation and spades too!

Jilu - Awesome guitar playing and singing. :)

Kaz - Wow was great to meet & talk to you! SO glad that you crossed the big pond to spend time with all of us. Really enjoyed talking to you...so msg me after your trip to Japan :)

King Arthur - The Happy Drunken King! Your a riot and a sweety. Very glad you were able to make it.

Lizzy & Demmy - Always glad to see you both! Demmy you crack me up and no i'm not insane, I promise! ROFL Just love the community and put my guild on the tattoo. Wouldn't have it any other way :)

Maso - Was great to meet you finally. The spades games were fun! Glad we had a chance to talk and we must talk more. Add me to your list!

Rathowen - Hail to the Badge maker! Awesome job as usual on all the badges. Thanks so much for making them for us. Hope u have recovered from the football incident! Love playing spades against you...even when u start to fall asleep. ; ) Your a great guy and enjoy hanging out with ya. If u want a tattoo get one! I was chicken too. LOL but Trust me...If I can get one, you can DO it too!

Solstice - Hugs! Glad had a good time. You looked forward to this bash for so long, am so glad everything worked out for you to get there. Was awesome seeing and spending time with u again.

Stark - Was great to meet you finally, after all the wars we have had in Solo. LOL You're a very cool guy. Enjoyed getting to know ya. We must talk some more! Hope your trip home is a safe one.

Sunblade - My Hero! So glad you were able to make it to this bash Sunny. After all these years it was awesome to sit and talk with you again in person. Adore ya lots, your a sweety! I so enjoyed our conversations. Have a safe trip home hun!

Sylvas - My hawaiian friend! Glad you made the long trip to get there. Thanks for all of the goodies you brought to share with us.

Tal Beren - Awesome seeing you again! You always keep me in stitches laughing, and the spades playing was fun.

Taldric - Was great to see you again. Am so shocked you escaped the dreaded hangover after saturday night! All I can say is Wow!

Virch - Virchy!!! As usual, awesome seeing you hanging out and playing spades. Your an awesome guy and I always enjoy our conversations and I love our little recruiting rivalry. We go back & forth and it just wouldn't be the same without it. :p Want to go shopping at Food Liner? :P :P

Drae, Min, Lady Lare, Lathrop, Mors..was nice to meet you all. Thyarr and Holden was great to see you both again as well. Next time hopefully I will get to talk to all of you more.

Zathrus - Last but by NO means LEAST in my book!!
Pretty much said everything in my post yesterday afternoon.
Your an awesome and fun guy! I'm SO glad you made it to this bash hun. You totally rock and I adore ya very much.

A very memorable weekend. Thanks for all the fun!

Heading out now to pick up my bash pics and then go to work. Will try to get my pics up tomorrow. :)
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Postby Kaz » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:07 pm

Thought I'd pop my head in and let everyone know I made it back to the UK alright. This is the first real chance I've had to spend enough time on the boards since Decae's to catch up with this thread.

I'm in the middle of a person-by-person post but it seems to be taking forever, so thought I'd take a half-time break and post this.

Got home this morning at what for me still being on US time was about 5 or 6 am and went to sleep for a few hours. Am now up for a few hours while I pack my bags again for my trip to Japan.

Will post pictures of those aswell when I get back. Rath, feel free to buy me a better camera =P
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Postby OldJackal » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:46 pm

Sunblade should enter a Orlando Bloom Lord of The Rings look a like contest, he would kick ass.

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Postby Kaz » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:59 pm

Damn there were a lot of names to go through.

Absinthe - Didn't really speak to you much, but enjoyed the time outside by the fire on saturday night with You and Decae talking politics.

Adara - Had seen 'Adaras Alt' on the boards and had always wondered who Adara was. Now I know =P. Enjoyed sitting around the smoking table with you, and chatting round the fire on Saturday night. Your great. Dont forget to email Demmy to get your posting name back

Angela - Thankyou for having us. You're also great. Was nice to speak to somebody who I was able to say "I live in Farnborough" to, rather than "It's near London". Decae's done very well for himself it seems.

Biggles - Hehe, your cool. Enjoyed finally putting a face behind the name. You managed to be one of the main cast members in the friday photos, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Was amusing seeing you travelling away from Zathrus at a billion miles an hour when you realised whos bottom your hand was laying on. (photo 35)

Calis - Almost missed you out as you weren't on Rath's summary (where I grabbed names from). Was good to finally meet one of my old fellow GMs in Maxim from the glory days. Was a shame that you didnt get here until saturday morning though, but that was one long ass drive you set out on.

Dana/nefarious - *Smiles* woohoo I recruited someone. Was cool to see a non-evernighter at the bash. Even more cool to see that you've registered for the boards. I'm sure Calis can teach you how to kick ass in game quickly enough. Seashells suit you ;P

Debe/Nitra - Some how you've also managed to avoid the photos except for one of just you on friday night. Another citizen of the smoking table, I didnt chat with you as much as I should have, which is a shame.

Decae - Again, thanks for having us. Obviously you were one of the people on this trip I most wanted to meet. Thanks for explaining how to play spades and letting me sit in watching the original battle. Your house is awesome. I'll certainly endevour to get out again for another family gathering bash.

Doc Stones - You were cool, but quiet. Enjoyed watching you play spades and sitting around the fire with ya.

Drae - Didn't really get to spend much time with you as you seemed to disapear from the garage with Sunny, Gilu, Min, Holden, Thyarr et al for large periods. Enjoyed playing Jilu's badasses card game with you on sunday.

Holden - Also didnt get to spend much time with you. You seemed quite quiet, however when kicking ass at cards on sunday you seemed a different person. Remind me not to worry about you playing the 'roll credits' card out loud when your currently winning and about to play.

Jilu - Who were you again? *runs*. Your cool! I'm glad I got to spend time with you at Demmys. Your voice is amazing, as are your pancakes and your chicken and rice. Need to add you to my ICQ list.

King Arthur - You're seriously short! I enjoyed popping into the lounge occassionally to chat to you while you were on your laptop. I'm sure Lady Lare wont forget you.

Lady Aria - You're lovely. Im glad I got to spend a bit of time chatting with you on saturday night. I think I already have you on my ICQ list, but I'll definately hit you up when I get back from my holiday. Tatoo is cool btw.

Lady Lare - Stop forcing me to take photo's of you dammit. You're lovely and very amusing when pissed. In future I'd bare in mind that reactions of gamers are still good when drunk ;P

Lathrop - What else can I say but "blind nill" lol! Your cool, glad I got to meet you.

Lizzy - You're lovely. Thankyou for letting me stay at your place before and after the bash, and for picking me up from the airport. We hadn't spoken on ICQ for ages since the last round of survivor. We need to remedy that. Thanks again.

Maso - First thing you said to me was "Your the Kaz from the DEM thread" and then chuckled. Took me until sunday morning to get the chance to scan my way through the thread to find out what you were refering to. Never did. After going through the pictures, the shot of you by the fire is still one of the best. Hope that you still plan on making an icon out of it.

Min - Didn't get to spend much time with you at all, so can only really go by intial impression, which was friday night =P

Mors - Another person who forced me to take photographs of them. Like your partner in crime you're lovely. Looking at the photos of you and the baby, it seems that you're starting to get broody.

Skeets - Looking in your pocket for your missing lighter is always a good first plan, but then you were distracted by thoughts of Zathrus' trousers (I refuse to call them pants) at that point =P You were cool.

Solstice - Glad I got to meet you also, always good to meet people who I've guilded with in the past. You need to be careful about mirrors though, your reflection almost killed you =P

SoulDemon - Another person who I need to say thankyou to. Over the last 6 months or so we've chatted loads and I really wanted to meet you. Cheers for putting up with us before and after the bash and for driving us there and back, your cool. Will catch you on ICQ after my trip to Japan.

Stark - Didn't spend much time with you other than Friday night. But it was cool to meet the person who's friends killed me over and over again after I took you out in the christmas speed game =P

Sunblade - Good to see you again man, you were the only person who'd I'd had the chance to meet before. Was good to have a fellow sane person at the bash. Don't forget to try out your get out of jail free card when back in the UK. Rule Brittania =P

Sylvas - You were really quiet man. But I'm glad to have met you. Like me and sunny you travelled from another island to get to the bash. Was cool to meet someone from hawaii as now I have an excuse to go there :P

Rathowen - Possibly the quietest sleeper I've ever met in my life, am glad I got to sleep upstairs =P My camera isn't that bad, I just had to occassionally chose between a darkness filter and a flash, and it is only a 2 year old 2 megapixel camera.

Tal Beren - Another of the spades players. Didnt really chat with you much but you were cool.

Taldric - Man you were drunk :P Your progression from quiet and sobre on friday to slighty intoxicated on saturday was impressive =P Hadn't spoken to you since I was in your maxim guild many years ago, was cool to meet you.

Thyarr - You were another person that I didnt see much. It's a shame that you guys all went back to Holden's each evening. Glad there was somebody else around with a camera.

Virch - Man, we were up seriously late Saturday night. Sitting round the campfire with you was cool. We hadnt spoken much at all other than last age when you joined TMP so it was cool to meet the man behind TNE.

Zathrus - Another person who was really introverted and quiet, no wait..thats wrong :P Was amusing watching you trying hard to get biggled =P Ya really need to research the amount of time it takes to get to the airport for the next bash though.

Anyone Else - If I missed you blame Rath, I used his alphabetical list to try and ensure that noone got missed.
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Postby Lady Lare » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:46 pm

Absinthe - you seemed pretty nice. didn't get a chance to talk to you though. sorry for that :/

Adara - I really enjoyed talking with you even if it was only a little bit. You are a very nice woman and I hope the birthday cake for your son turned out amazing. Tell him some random woman says happy birthday!!

Angela - Thank you loads for offering up your house to us crazy people. Hope we didn't trash anything too much. You and your family are awesome!

Biggles - Wow. I'm glad you had a good time with zath, I saw you too snug together on saturday night while fast asleep. you enjoyed that keg stand right???

Calis - PETE! always a pleasure seeing you. How many times have we met now?? heh. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and could get away from reality for a bit.

Dana/nefarious - thank you for the gatorade... made the night go by sooo much smoother. Monty python is definitly fun to quote and bras made of seashells and flowers, hurt. glad you decided to join the boards. have fun.

Debe/Nitra - I adored talking to you, sweetie. your such a kind woman, especially for putting up with my newb spades playing ways. WE ALMOST GOT THEM! next time...

Decae - What a cool guy to have 30 some odd people crash at his place and get drunk in his garage. I really enjoyed all your silly jokes and battles with Zath "Yeah, I have a gay towel for you" "Is it rainbow?" If you have another one of these shindigs I'll be sure to make it.

Doc Stones - Another one I didn't get to talk to much. Sorry. Wish I had. Always nice to meet new people, but I'm sure you're a gem!

Drae - We spoke a couple times but nothing much. You seemed very quiet to me, but very nice indeed. hope you enjoyed yourself!

Holden - GOOD TO SEE YOU SIR!! how long has it been? long enough. too bad pat couldn't be here. we must badger him for that. You are definitly a fun guy to be around. Sad that I couldn't spend more time with ya.

Jilu - It was hallarious seeing you drunk and having fun. you're a great lady and fun to be around. and yes I love your icon :)

Kaz - I didn't force you into taking pictures of me... Mors yes.. me no. you were just obsessed. it's ok. they all fall sometime ;) jk. it was great meeting a fellow tea lover! LONG LIVE THE TEA!

King Arthur - Wait... there was a King Arthur there? WHERE!? hehe. had fun talking with you and having fun. Lappy and Bernadette are some kick ass laptops. don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't talk to a person on aim while sitting right next to them... even if the other person's computer is slow :(

Lady Aria - It was a pleasure meeting you, hon. Was fun watching you and Zath play spades. We didn't speak too much either but the talks we did have were nice. thanks.

Lathrop - Remind me to never let you near any of my children when I have them...heh jk. you were a funny guy. made me laugh plenty of times.

Lizzy - I'm upset that I didn't get to talk to you more. You were very nice and a wonderful person. Demmy is one lucky man to have you :). Maybe someday we could meet up again. after all you aren't -too- far from me lol.

Lil Lucy - please oh please don't let your next new word be a farting noise. you are the cutest lil girl ever!! be good to your mommy and daddy, they are great people!

Maso - There were a lot of people I didn't get to talk to!!! Sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to you, and if I did... sorry I totally forgot who you were heh. I hope I didn't leave a bad impression.

Min - you are an adorable drunk!! hehe. loved spending the time with you, you should've been there more though!!! hope the trip back was tolerable :)

Mors - hehe I don't really need to put anything here. you know how I feel about ya. and I doubt you'd be reading this anyway.

Skeets - you are a funny funny man. thanks for making me laugh and for being such a good sport about everything.

Solstice - Another one of the lovely ladies I got the pleasure of meeting and talking to! you are very sweet and I enjoyed our, small yet interesting conversations.

SoulDemon - Glad to finally meet you! Didn't even think you knew who I was to tell the truth but that's just fine. heh. you're pretty decent and you have a great wife!

Stark - All these people... I didn't get to talk to!!! NO FAIR! hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope to meet you again so that I may get the chance to get to know you better.

Sunblade - one of my favorite british men!!! you still look just like my friend matt, and yes that is a good thing. I enjoyed our lil talks and jokes. you are one cooool dude. that picture of us is cute btw :).

Sylvas - Thanks sooo much for the chocolate. I enjoyed getting to talk to you on Saturday night. you are a fun person to be around. Surf's up!

Rathowen - Weren't you still drunk from toronto? or no... wait.. you started fresh this time. hehe. you are fun to play spades with even though you beat Nitra and myself. darn you... Thanks for giving me permission to come to future bashes.

Tal Beren - If you played spades... then wow you are one of a bunch of people I can't remember. lol. if I spoke to you, I'm sure it was good cause I can't remember any bad times. if I didn't I'm sorry and wish I had.

Taldric - seeing you drunk? hallarious. be gentle on the whiskey next time, bro and try not to fall into any fires. hope to see you again soon.

Thyarr - SO !! Brawi eh? thank God I finally figured out the person behind the name heh. I can tell you had a good time. you're an adorable drunk. and I know you had fun napping upstairs ;) wait.. napping? sure :)

Virch - Watching you play spades was enlightening. you were also a blast to talk to and listen to. sorry I couldn't stay at the campfire longer. My stomach was being not agreeing.

Zathrus - OMGOMGOMGOMG ILOVEYOU!! right. so it was great seeing you again. my harry potter friend. hope the emt thing is working out great!!! oh.. and if you ever try and take my bra off again.. I'll be forced to take off yours! that's a promise!!! I miss ya already!

If I left you out, you can hate me! it's ok...
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Postby MrsDecae » Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:54 pm


I have to say THANK YOU for bringing back all my old memories from my time in England, I lived there from 97-01 and things are starting to fade....

I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to you more. Decae doesn't (and never will) understand my weird obsession with (I'm showing my age here) Manic Street Preachers, The Levellers, Trash Can Sinatras and other bands of the like. However, he is a Curry Fiend in the making (yes it smells bad -- just taste it!) so, there is hope.

Thanks again for the fond memories, and whenever you're on the A25 and passing through that little town called Oxted, think of me!
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Postby Zathrus » Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:43 pm

Come on, come on......everyone just admit it. It was funny as all hell watching me flip the fuck out trying to find my glasses so that we could go.

It all worked out in the end, thanks to everyone who helped to calm me down and get me home! Pics will be up shortly, as I actually have time to take care of them tonight. I know I have one with me having a really insane drunken grin.
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Postby Tal Beren » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:53 pm

Been back for a little over a day and have been meaning to post one of those person by person run downs. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. Perhaps later.

Anyway, it was an incredible time. It was good to see old freinds again and just as nice to meet some of the other wonderful people I have talked to for years. I am certainly glad I drove the 1,698 miles there and back. Much thanks must go to Dustin and especially Angela for the opening of their home to all of us.

*note - I mispelled friends deliberately just for you virch.*
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Postby Taldric » Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:36 am

...I am most definitely no longer pleasantly numb...ouch. Apparently, it just took my synapses a little while to recover. It seems that their memory is a lot better than mine is/was, and now they're giving me hell lol. I'm glad I could provide most of you with some amusement, and I'll most definitely try to take your advice next time, Lare :wink:
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Postby Stark » Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:18 pm

i finally got home late last night.......we gave up uor seats on the plane and took a later flight. got free plane tickets for doing it :)

got home and then had to wake up early tp go to work......ewwww work

anyways....i got home safe.
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Postby Decae » Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:47 pm

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Bash. I can't do a 'list thingy' like most of you have - just never been good at them. Poor memory and lack of social graces at its best it seems.

A couple of you almost cracked through my resolve to take leave of Evernight on your own, but in the end, it was the entire event that reminded what this [community] was supposed to be about. While the thread will be coming next week, I'll be taking a sabbatical to see where my writing will lead - not giving up and moving on from Evernight. It would seem a shame, and perhaps a personal indictment to leave something as wonderful as this.

Anyways - back to the Bash. I'm very happy to see so many make it from such a varied arrangement of locations. Sylvas, Kaz, and Sunny will have to debate the lengths they were required to travel in order to get here - but they definitely earned the prize for most dedicated to get here. Stark, I believe, had the longest in-state trip - glad you could make it from the great unwashed west.

My spades playing partners, thanks again for making it such a fun time. Win or lose, it's a brilliant bit of entertainment to be able to live through again and again.

I apologize for the rain. I did a rain dance and a sun dance, but to no avail it seems. While the wifey may rip out her hair, I plan on having another of these next year - the same weekend. So, if you plan on coming back - start planning now! We'll be here :>

For those of you that live near (a relative term really) here feel free to drop me an email or ICQ if you're interested in coming down and hanging out some weekend. Often times Donavon comes down, we get the family, and do card night/drinking night or whatever.

Thanks for making it a great weekend.
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Postby Mors » Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:44 pm

Lady Lare wrote:
Mors - hehe I don't really need to put anything here. you know how I feel about ya. and I doubt you'd be reading this anyway.

Oh, contrare!! =) For I am here, from the depths, to post my ode to the bash.

Let me just start with how absolutely wonderful my bash experience was! Being able to play and know each and every one of you is a blessing =)

Decae and Angela - you were the best host and hostess! Both of you were so kind to let us into your house (and drink your alcohol), so thank you so much! And super thanks for letting me play with your baby =D

Lare - Nothing needs to be said to you, loserface. I see you all the time, but seeing you drunk was awesome! hehe

Calis - oh, man, seeing you again was fantastic! You always give the best hugs, too. Tell your lady friend that we are totally bosom buddies from now on, and that she is awesome!

Zath - where, oh where, to begin! how about... YOUR MOM. <3 <3 <3!! You're the best, and I'm going to send you harassing mail from now on!!

Jilu - You are a fantastic singer! I loved the campfire songs, they were so good!! You are also very nice =) too bad I never got to know you on the boards before hand!

Holden - my love! Thank you for the wonderful hug! As always, it was fantastic to see you! I will totally come back to visit again (and this time drag Runey-boy).

Kaz - omg, all the pictures!! My roomate loves them, by the way, so thank you for the future blackmail that she now has on me. You were such a funny and cool guy, so I hope we can meet again! p.s. I am totally breeder-ready! Have you seen my hips?

Sunny - From the moment I saw you in the Baltimore jersey, I was in love =) thanks for cuddling with me on the couch and sending me nasty looks from across the room!

Virch - so you get onto 78 and then take exit number 17 onto 31 north... yeah, I am so from new jersey =) You were sooooooooooo funny! It was great to actually talk to you, since I think I never did on the boards!

Sylvas - omg, the man with the chocolately way to my heart! It was great to actually meet you!! (and eat your chocolate)

Rath - from now on, all bashes will be attended by me, promise. well, within a reasonable distance =P you can have that in writing. plus it was really great to see you enebriated again =D

Lathrop - what you did to that baby was sooooo mean/amazing. You are one hell of a funny guy. =) Especially the nipple rings.

Thyarr - You are such a nice and funny guy. Thanks for showing me your ankles, they were sexy. The poor cat. Hope to see you again =)

I know I forgot people but it's time for my second job, so I'll end here!!! =) Just yell at me.
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