A Chance Meeting

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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:08 pm

*Sernia grinned as she listened to his words. She liked him, well the wolf within her did. She stood there watching him, standing at Khan's side, her eyes watching his body language and his reaction to what she had said too. She moved slightly, closer to him*

I am Sernia Chance. My name has not only been in the news once. It has been in the news twice, once when I was a child, and Now.

*A small frown appeared on her paled features as she mentioned the first time that her name had been in the news. He would notice the markings coming from the inside corners of her eyes beside her nose, they would look like black tear marks that had ran down her face but they never seemed to move except for when she spoke, they didn't change colour or shade. She lowered her head a little as memories ran through her mind. The only survivor of a family of five, all other members brutally killed, she found with her head against her mother's chest by the police the next morning. She shook her head, shaking the memories away. When she lifted her head, her eyes would be the blue of her human side. She frowned and looked around to Khan and then to Colvin. She looked confused and almost lost.*

"D...Did I black out?..."

*She sounded almost scared and upset. Unsure of what had happened within the last while, she had no memory of speaking with Colvin or Khan, the last thing she remembers was telling him that she couldn't remember escaping the asylum.*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:08 pm

I do not know of this other time your name was in the news but I look at it this way sometimes things happen.

I had noticed her frowning and her features changing. I moved closer to her and then when she looked up I had noticed the change in her. I made it a point to be observant. I smiled softly at her at the least she had multiple personalities. I looked over to her and then reached out and touched her hand.

It is okay you did not black out but I think you do have a problem. I think you have multiple personalities. You were talking to me about your name being in the news more than once. You have nothing to fear from me but I do need to go. How you will know it is me well I am going to create a diversion else where that will leave any in this area running. Then I will come back for you. You need to be ready to go though as I cannot fit the van in here, and that is the only vehicle I have that will fit Khan.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:21 pm

*Sernia frowned and but her lip, she looked to his hand as it touched hers. she frowned more and whispered*

"What do you mean multiple personalities? That's another way of saying i'm crazy....I'm not crazy...And I don't remember any conversation other than the one about the asylum..."

*She hugged herself around the waist and lowered her head, listening to him about how they would know it was him.*

"We're ready to move now...we've got nothing here that is ours except for what you see on us...."

*Khan looked to Sernia with a concerned frown, She was the only one that he actually cared for*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:34 pm

I stood there and I knelt down looking at her. I was unsure about some things but I was sure something was not right there. I smiled at her slightly and listened.

The thing is I cannot guarantee I was not followed. After all you were a bit noticeable at that party I want to make sure that you are not figured out. I am not saying you are crazy. Do I think there might be an issue? Yes but things happen, and people have different things at times. I am not saying you are crazy. There was another conversation but i am not going to sit here and argue about it. I got things to take care of for you also. I know you may be ready to move now but I am not ready to move you until I know it is safe to do so.

I wanted to make sure we could move under the dark of night, as I said I knew where to take them that no one would think to look and even if they did well, the stories would keep them away. I could hear things and smell things that concerned me.

Give me a little bit and I will be back as I said I need to take care of something.

I did not say another word and I left before I went to get the van I set fire to another place leaving some things there that would make it look like someone had been there. It was close enough that people would see it but far enough away that it would draw the others away.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:53 pm

*Sernia sighed and nodded, she closed her eyes*

"Alright. we'll wait for you. I'm sure there was some other conversation but i don't remember....I feel like I blacked out...."

*She watched him as he left, she sighed again and moved to Khan who gently held her like an older brother would his younger sister as he sat there silently, she rested her head on his shoulder*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:09 pm

I came back awhile later like I had promised I would bringing them some food and drink in my van as well. I had created the distraction and had the van on the outer part as it was where I could get Khan in. I walked back in and did not think anything of anything.

Well are you ready to go everyone is heading for the mishap that I set up and well might get them stopped looking for you for a bit as well.

I smiled at her and him and was ready to lead them to the van. If they followed I would lead them to the van to take them to my place. Everyone avoided it as people put it, it was out in the middle of nowhere and creeped most people out. It was not so bad it was home you know.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:16 pm

*Sernia slowly stood with Khan's help. Khan stood a second later. She looked to Colvin and then to Khan, Khan nodded and took her hand moving towards Colvin*

"We ready."

*The way Sernia was acting now, it was as if she was unsure and a little scared considering how she was acting earlier, it would confuse most if they hadn't seen the changes in her when the vampire or the wolf lycan took control. She stayed silent. Not really making any eye contact with Colvin*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:33 pm

I am sorry that the van might not be the most comfortable. For you but it is the best that I can do and it will be best for you two to sit in the back where I got things that are in the way of anyone seeing you.

I smiled softly at her knowing that she must be confused. I shook my head with a smile and helped them to the van making sure to be aware of anyone that was around us.

I am going to turn the radio on so that we can talk once we are in the van. That way people think that it is the radio I am talking to there is some more food in the van too. It is a little bit of a ride then I will have to go and clean the van totally to make your scents not there. Where you are going you will be safe and will be able to get cleaned up and everything while I take care of the van.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:37 pm

*Sernia got in and sat beside Khan, she looked to Colvin*

"Thank you..."

*She whispered this, her blue eyes showing what he already knew. she rested her head against Khan's shoulder as he looked to Colvin*

"Wolf Girl look sleepy and sick.."

*She sighed and held onto Khan's arm, looking like she needed some comfort or contact with another at the moment with her confusion and general unsureness*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:42 pm

You are welcome, I do have to ask you not to move around much. I know it is hard but I do see some things I may have to stop for. At least I hope I can get through them.

I knew the back roads and that was what I was going to take I knew it was going to be a bit bumpy. I did not have a whole lot at the house and I would have to make sure to go get some things as well. It was not going to be good to be stuck with trying to find things they would need. Kahn was going to be a bit hard as tall as he was my stuff would be way too short on him. He had some height over me.

Once we are there we can get you some tea or something. I did notice a couple of roadblocks but I can go the back road to avoid them if I do get stopped you will have to be as quiet as possible back there.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:55 pm

*Sernia nodded as did Khan*

"Don't worry, we'll be as quiet as possible...I might try to rest my eyes while we're in here."

*Khan placed his arm around Sernia's shoulders*

"Khan make sure no make sound cause not want go back to bad place. And not want you get into trouble."

*Sernia closed her eyes and whispered*

"None of us want that."
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:10 pm

On our way I did run into a little snag and I was hoping they were going to be as quiet as possible. I smiled at the cop that stopped me. I had seen him a little too late so I knew I was not going to be able to avoid him. If I had to well I would take care of it anyway I had to. Luckily it was a female cop and well I knew to turn on the charming voice a bit. Also that she would not know anything.

So what is the problem officer?

We are looking for wanted people. Are you alone in the vehicle? What are you doing out so late Colvin?

Yes Officer, I was on my way back from the mayor's party and the van broke down. The stuff in back is getting ready to go bad but I know you have a job to do. I just hate not to get this stuff back and it spoil and it not be good for the Mayor's daughter's wedding. To have all that food go to waste.

The cop looked like she was going to go back and I started to write down her name on a scratch pad.

What are you doing that for?

Well you do not think I am going to take the blame for this stuff going bad do you?

It helps to know that the mayor is over the police department and such. So I was let go and went along my way. I would get into the garage before letting them out of the back. I led them in the house.

I can throw your things in to be washed. There is one guestroom, and one of you can have mine. I will take to the couch. The guest room bed is a bit bigger so he would probably be more comfortable there. I got a shirt you can use to put over yourself. As for you

I looked to Kahn.

Anything I have might be a bit small but at least it is something to wear until your clothes are clean
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:18 pm

*Sernia smiled and nodded slightly*

"That would be great, thanks."

*Colvin would notice that she was staying close to Khan right now. She did look a little paler than she had early, she also looked tired, almost drained. Khan looked to Colvin*

"Col got short Khan wear?"

*Khan tilted his head and then looked to Sernia silently with another concerned frown*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:27 pm

I brought her one of my longer shirts and a pair of shorts that an ex had left behind. Handing her them. I had found the only things that might fit Khan since they were a bit big on me and one of the things was sweat pants so I could hope.

I will see what I can do about getting you something different to wear also for when your clothes need washed. I will show you the rooms they are right next to each other.

I led them both to the rooms and then let them get settled. I out on some tea each room had a bathroom off the side of it so they could get washed up and all. I was not used to having others around.

I do not have much food wise but if you need anything ask.

I waited until I could hear them getting settled in and I brought some tea into her. I knew this tea was supposed to be calming so I handed it to her.

Maybe this will help some.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:30 pm

*Sernia looked to him as he came into the room with the tea. She smiled faintly and gently took it from him as he handed it to her*

"Thank you...Can you tell me what I was like when I changed to the other "personalities" please...No one has ever told me about that happening before...."

*She took a sip of the tea*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:35 pm

Well I will tell you what I can, and just because there are other personalities it does not mean that it is a bad thing either you know.

I smiled and moved to sit down in a chair and was talking to her. I told her about what I had noticed and what we had talked about just because there was nothing to hide.

No one comes here and well about the other sides well as long as nothing is dangerous we will be okay. No one comes here unless I invite them they are afraid of the stories of this place.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:38 pm

*Sernia sighed as she listened to him, she closed her eyes and whispered*

"And what if the other ones are dangerous? what then?"

*She looked to him, he would see that she was worried about that because she didn't want to hurt anyone or get hurt herself. She lowered her head and took another sip of the tea before placing it down beside her and hugging herself around the waist*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:45 pm

I moved to her and gently touched a hand.

If they are dangerous then it will be taken care of however we need to. It would not be the first time I dealt with someone or something dangerous. No worries from what i saw there is nothing to worry about. You should try and rest you have had a long day. I will leave your clothes here once they are done.

I went to go from the room but I did look at her. I did feel sorry for her as it must be scary not to know. At least I knew what my demons were well if you could call them demons where I was concerned. I had often thought about going elsewhere to lands where my kind were not the abnormality as it would be seen by most. That would be decided in the future though. For now I was taking care of my two guests.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:52 pm

*Sernia frowned and glupped, she looked to his hand as it touched hers, she gently grabbed his*

"I'm scared to sleep...I see things that are like memories but they're nightmarish and...not my own memories...."

*She let go of his hand as she lowered her head, she gently picked up the cup of tea again and took a sip*

"Thank you...for helping us..."

*She whispered as he moved to leave the room. she sighed heavily and pulled her knees into her chest, resting her chin upon them before taking another sip of the tea. She stared at the blankets in front of her on the bed where she sat*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:52 pm

When she grabbed my hand I did feel rather bad for her because it sounded almost like she was scared to sleep. So I smiled gently at her.

Sometimes things come to us because we are meant to see them. Whether we remember them or not. If you want to talk about them we can.

I had started to leave but I had stopped while talking to her. Watching her and thinking about what she was saying. My mind moved to earlier with her not knowing about the other conversation.

I wonder if the other things have anything to do with these memories maybe they are your memories but not when you are totally aware of your surroundings.

I would wait and see what she wanted to do it was not like I was going to be far at all. I had the couch that was in the living room the next room over that I was going to use to find my rest.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:16 am

*She looked to him and frowned slightly*

Something like when you're daydreaming? I would like to try and figure it out Colvin....It scares me so much I don't sleep much...

*She bit her lip and lowered her eyes. she placed her now empty cup down on the beside table. she looked back to him*

Please come back...I would like to talk..

*She sighed heavily again, hugging her knees more tightly, the way she sat, she looked like a scared little girl, it would be hard for most to believe such a person had done what she has been accused of. And what she had actually done but didn't remember.*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:11 pm

I looked at her and smiled slightly I went and took a chair bringing it next to the bed.

What I mean is maybe some of what you are seeing are things done by the other parts of you. You know how he calls you wolf girl? How I saw different side of you and even conversed with it. Maybe there is more to these things that you think are dreams. Maybe they are things that are true that are locked inside of you.

I was thinking I had seen many things over my years and these things could be truth. She could have no recollection of these other sides but in these dreams that haunt her. At least that is what I was starting to think of.

If you would like some more tea you just need to tell me. Well what do you want to talk about?

I was going to listen then I was going to contact a friend of mine, and then of course there was experts in the field that could be consulted. I kept away from a lot of the politics and the family things that were going on there. So I looked over at her with a bit on my mind about things. It would not hurt to check with someone too. I knew the place to find the experts about other world things. Everyone knew the lands, and the people for me to find out more from. It might take contacting a very old friend of mine that I had not seen in years.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:59 am

*She sat there listening to what he said, she looked to him with a slight frown and sighed*

"So...it would be like....ummm...different beings or personailites?

*She bit her lip and lowered her eyes once again, she shrugged*

About what we're talking about now....I want to find out more of what you think about it....

*She shivered a little but ignored it*
Sernia Chance

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:54 pm

One thing was clear to me something was not right with her. You could tell that something was going on just from my conversations earlier and now. The other sides or whatever you want to call them definitely had more confidence.

Yeah I mean like different personalities. It is like each one might be it's own being or something. I got an idea of how you can see it. I do video surveillance even inside the house because of problems in the past. I am sure we will be able to catch something on there.

I smiled at her and just sat there. She just reminded me of a scared little girl. I remember the time well a time that I was hunted. They thought I had killed a family the only surviving being was a girl that was about her age. The girl was in such shock she could not even speak.. This was back when most did not know about the existence of real vampires. A time when we could not let ourselves be known. So there I was sitting there looking at her.

I am no expert in these things I just know what I know. I also know what it is like to be tried to be blamed for something. You remind me of someone from my past but that does not matter now. So tell me why were you in there with Kahn?

I kept thinking about whether I should make the call or not. I knew I could make the call and in a short time would have some company that could check on her. I smiled thinking about people that would or could come to help. I knew one thing for sure if they were found out we were going to have to get one hell of a lawyer.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:56 am

*Sernia frowned and closed her eyes*

"You mean in the building? or in the asylum?"

*She opened her eyes again, she shivered again, she rubbed her arms slightly and sighed*

"And I think it would be a good idea if we could record the changes in me because i've never been told the differences and ofcourse i've never seen them...."
Sernia Chance


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