Fucked Up Shit I Do (poem)

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Fucked Up Shit I Do (poem)

Postby DeviusZwei » Sun May 31, 2009 8:08 pm

so I lock myself in my room,
isolate and focus on death n' doom,
smokin weed, think ill eat some shrooms,
trippin, twisted and high, gettin by,
just sit back, relax, watch time fly by,
bye, baby. what i said to my best friend,
her names Jessica, shes imaginary, the end.
naw im just fakin, its not the end yet,
not till my head spins, and i throw up pure sweat,
not before more sins, see i gotta pay a debt,
i just ordered xanax to complete my drug set,
when they get here ill have a beer or two,
pop a few, ask myself, what would Lindsay do in your shoes?
see i got writer's block so i got nothin to share with you,
except my real life, this is really the fucked up shit i do.
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Re: Fucked Up Shit I Do (poem)

Postby Porckie » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:36 pm

Ah ah....third poem with the word xanax....now get something to rhime with it... nike air max?

And the writer's block thingy is neat...makes it..metaphysical :P
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