Famous (poem)

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Famous (poem)

Postby DeviusZwei » Thu May 28, 2009 12:34 pm

Im staring up at the ceiling fan, nothing could make me more bored right now...

I can't stand not being famous,
But its like writ of mandamus,
its scandalous,
How were raised to be heros,
instead just counted numbers like zeros,
hah - heros
Send you to war, make you kill
knowin its a sham, all about dollar bills
paid to kill,
We know its wrong, do nothin about it
We got iphones, we care about it like spit
Let em put me in charge of this nation,
of babies, no more feedin em sedation,
id tell the truth and make no excuse
the right empowered and the wrong accused
morning news,
filled with stories of corruption and greed,
im givin a speech, with some scotch and some weed,
give you what you need,
the truth no matter how bad it hurts,
until they kill me, put me in the dirt,
in a fitted shirt,
now they lay me down to sleep,
a nation awakens, to me they weep,
the humble sheep,
DeviusZwei, formerly known as Penis With Ears or PWE.
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Re: Famous (poem)

Postby Porckie » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:40 pm

This poem, I like :D

The line about being bored belongs to it, yes?
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