A random RP for those interested

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A random RP for those interested

Postby Rhaine Saje » Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:45 pm

The animals had begun to emerge from their Winter homes on the first morning of Spring. A young Elf walks to her home, hidden deep in an ancient forest, listening quietly to the Birds. Her hair, as described by the humans in the village she often visits, is like liquid moonlight, her eyes are like Emeralds, with a look of youthfulness and longing for adventure. Unlike her parents, however, she has very pale skin, and a strange connection with fire. She is shorter than most human females, but still very slim. Other than her strangely pale skin, she is as normal as any forest elf can be. This forest elf, however, does not cover herself with animal skins. She much prefers the feel of her silken robes, the robes of a mage.

Another thing that makes her unlike any other forest elf is that she does not eat meat. She finds it rather appalling to kill something that has feelings of its own for the meat. Her walk is as uneventful as any other, though she has a feeling that something is headed for her, something that should not be in the forest.

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