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Postby Cink » Mon May 07, 2007 10:06 pm

Ok, I'm sure most of you already know about C'ink. But just for good measure, I'll post a short bio here.

Name: C'ink
Race: Unique (Living Construct)
Profession: N/A
Age: Unknown (Seriously, I forgot. Figure two or three years older than Kiera.)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Build: Thin and Muscular

Special Powers: Aside from the incredible speed, strength, and toughness afforded by his body, C'ink has also harnessed the power of his mind over the years and learned to manifest several different powers. Among his psychic arsenal is a limited form of telepathy. He cannot read thoughts or communicate telepathically, but he can sense sentient minds within several hundred yards of him, and can also determine the approximate location and intention of each mind. Besides that, he can also manifest his psionic power into pure energy and wield it for attack and defense just like a sorceror would. Though C'ink hardly ever relies on his mental powers for defense.

History: C'ink was created by an evil wizard in an attempt to create a sentient war machine. The wizard, who's name I've forgotten, shared the ambition of the former Archbishop of the Taureen Church. However his dreams of world conquest died a lot sooner than Melkum Sett's. As the beast emerged from its cocoon, it attacked and devoured the first thing it saw, the excited wizard.

For some time C'ink stayed in the wizard's laboratory, using it as a hideout while he ravaged nearby villages. After a while he began to realize just how much stronger than an average person he was. More confident, he wandered out into the world, slaughtering and feasting on those he encountered. Occasionally, someone would escape his grasp, and eventually, rumors began. After several years he was declared an official menace by many governments and all took precautions to defend against him. Countless mercenaries and bounty hunters lost their lives trying to kill or apprehend him.

Finally, a small group of mercenaries led by Thenician Dusk was able to capture him using an elaborate trap. C'ink was kept in that solid iron cage for a few months aboard his ship while they sailed across thousands of miles of rough ocean to reach the frozen south polar cap. During this voyage, Kiera would often sneak down to where C'ink was and talk to him. He was surprised that she wouldn't run in fear of him, despite his attempts to frighten her. As the weeks passed she became friends with him, though he regarded her as more of a pet.

About halfway through the voyage, the Rehal's Sunset was attacked by pirates. The crew fought them off easily, but they took Kiera as they escaped. Thenician immediately persued them and C'ink volunteered to assist in retrieving the girl. Once that adventure was over, the two were at each other's necks again. C'ink was recaptured and they once again were traveling to the south pole.

When they arrived, C'ink's cage was moved carefully several miles in from the icy shore. Finally the heavy iron cage was placed on the ice, and Virgo used her magic to liquify the ice below the cage and form a hundred foot deep cylinder of water. They watched the cage plunge into the depths, then Virgo reversed the spell. The pool of water and everything inside it instantly froze solid again.

So that's the last anyone heard of C'ink until now. How he got here is beyond me.
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