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Forum Rules

Postby Voice Vilena » Mon Sep 30, 2002 5:28 pm

Following are the rules for posting in Writer's Corner abbreviated from SoulDemon's thread announcing the forum name change that took place. That thread may be viewed in full -Here-.

General Temper's Ball posting rules apply to all forums, listed below are those specific to Writer's Corner.

Please refrain from posting in this thread. Posts made in this thread by anyone other than staff will be deleted.

Any questions regarding the posting rules for Writer's Corner may be directed to myself or Caile in private message or email:

  • You may post whatever you wish as long as it fits within some form of creativity.
  • Poetry is allowed and encouraged.
  • Short stories, long stories, novels, or your general roleplay is most definately allowed.
  • Journal entries are allowed.
  • Musical content is allowed as long as it is original. We request that you keep the lyric threads in Comments.
  • Artwork is even allowed. Show off your artistic talent - thats what this forum is for. You are not required to put it here, you can keep it in Comments or whatever forum if you so desire.
  • This forum will be heavily tied into some new site features that we are working on, and some of the content will be featured from this forum only.
  • Questions about Writing or Advise - or comments on threads: Label these threads as OOC, that way we are all clear on their content.
  • If you want feedback on a piece you are writing - make an OOC thread for it so people can do so without interrupting the piece.
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Postby Voice Caile » Tue Oct 15, 2002 11:53 am

And just an add on to the rules.

Feel free to bribe yer resident Voices. We both like massages and lots of attention. Maybe the occasional soul as well ;p
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