Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Falcon Deamons » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:23 pm

You are right love it was not a good ending to a perfect night. You know you are going to be hearing it from your Ma about all of this. Baby I can understand why you did what you did, but the truth of the matter was it was for Harper to tell him. They already have issues to get through and now you may have caused mistrust of her too. I know it is hard because I know I want to smash his face in when I heard he was hanging around Harper again. The truth be told they are adults and they are going to make their choices whether we like them or not.

I sighed and I was sitting there holding on to her with a smile and leaning to kiss her. I was not mad at her and nor could I be. She thought she was protecting her sister. I know that if someone hurt my brother I would be the same way, and Harper well she was family.

I do not think that is the way that Harper wanted Trifton to find out about all that had happened. I know you want to protect her, and no one can fault you for that. It is like when I found out all that Jeremiah had been put through, well I got real protective of him once I knew he was my brother. I know it is hard to see her going down that road but it is her road to travel. As much as we love someone we cannot choose their road for them.

I smiled at her and I nuzzled her and I kissed her. I knew she was worried about her sister.

No one can blame you for being worried about your sister, but he is going to have a hell of a lot coming his way if he starts that bullshit again.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Ellysia » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:18 pm

Matty love, when we're through with our son... you might need to go see what trouble your youngest daughter has started...
Ellysia had leaned over speaking low in her healers ear, she moved a little closer to that same ear smiling through the light kiss she gave his skin. As reserved as she could be and normally was, when they were in their own home, Ellysia was not shy about showing nor sharing affection with the healer. Time and experiences taught her to never take one second for granted, and she thanked the higher powers every night before her head hit the pillow for the man that was brought into her life long ago, for the love he gave her and for the life they created together.
We left Juliana out there with Harper, and it wouldn't surprise me for even a moment if Juliana said something that she shouldn't have...
She grinned with a sparkle in her eyes, a sparkle that even in the worst of times was there whenever she looked at or thought of the healer. Her gaze lingered for a few seconds longer than turned to the dark haired dark eyed man sitting across from them. He was a living breathing reminder of Jessica and Elly thought that was a good thing. She never wanted any of Jessicas children to forget her.
And speaking of trouble... are you ready for the trouble, or I should say the incessant, obnoxious gossip and bullshit that is going to come from this... exactly what is this Jackson? You know I don't mince words, and part of reason that I am so blunt is because you are my son, I love you and I have since the day you and I met I have always been honest with you. We might not always see eye to eye but we have always had a healthy respect for each other and that is why I will... why I am sticking my nose in. What are you doing with that girl Jackson? Please tell me that the daughter of Dominic Ravenwing is not your booty call.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Harper Shadow » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:19 pm

What would it have changed Trifton?
Having it out in the open, even though that wasn't the way she would have gone about telling him, did make it easier to breathe. There was a lot that happened that Trifton didn't know about. Most of it happened after she had had enough and took the steps to rebuild her life. Her family knew how hard it had been for her, and like her baby sister said, they were the ones who had to watch everything explode around her. They were the ones who were there, holding her up when she didn't even want to stand. But she did stand again and she understood why Juliana was so angry, and scared for her, and that was why she couldn't be angry or even the slightest bit upset with her.
Harper moved away from Trifton and went across the room to the fireplace. She stood there looking into the fire, watching the flames, but despite the warmth that fire gave, she felt cold, and she wrapped her arms around herself.
You were going to do what you wanted to regardless Trifton. You didn't care enough about yourself, me or even Cameron for a long time... that baby wouldn't have made a difference. It wouldn't have changed anything. Seeing Juliana told you, you need to know... I wasn't sure I was even going to keep that baby. Truth is I was horrified when I found out I was pregnant and didn't know if I had it in me to bring another one of your children into the world Trifton. Cam knew. He and I talked about it a lot, he's the one who asked me to wait a little while before I decided anything as far as that baby went because he knew my views on abortion... but it was something I was considering. And then that night happened, and nature took its course. Part of me was relived Trifton. And I was ashamed of myself for being relived, but at the same time I did grieve for the life lost.
Harper really didn't know what else to say to him. She wasn't going to try and make him feel better... the days of doing that were long gone and any days of her doing that in the future were so far off she couldn't see them. What everyone didn't seem to understand was that Harper was taking every day second by second. There were still serious trust issues on her part towards Trifton, and she wasn't going to let him back in so easy, even though it looked that way. He had to earn his place in her life and if being a part of her life was something he really wanted then he would work for it, and if not... well like she told her family before.... he couldn't hurt her anymore than he already had.
It's late Trift. You should probably go to bed. You can use my old room if you want, I'm going to sleep in Braxtons old room. Don't forget to take your meds before you turn in.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Trifton Wakefield » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:21 pm

You are right, as much as I hate to say it. I know you are right that it would not have changed anything. What I was, what I was I let myself become over time. I let everything that truly mattered to me become destroyed. Loving you, loving our son, did not keep me from doing stupid things. I got into things and before I knew it I was so far into them I did not see what I was really doing. I was not comprehending a damn thing, as I never was sober up until I went into rehab. Now to find out I had lost even more than I had even known. I know that sorry does not make things better, and I know I have a lot to prove to people. I am going to show everyone that I am different, and I am going to stay different. You should not have had to go through any of what I put you through. Harper, I know it is hard for anyone to believe that I can and have changed. Hell as far as anything goes I am not upset that they do not trust me, that you do not trust me. I have a lot to prove and I am going to prove it to you. I would rather be dead then going back to being the way I was. I realized too late just what I was doing. When I finally woke up and came back to reality it was too late.

My hand was shaking a bit and it held tight to my coin. That coin that kept reminding me every moment of what I had lost. On one side the son that I could never look upon again, and on the other side the woman that I had lost.

I just cannot imagine what any of that was like for you Harper, I wish I had been a stronger man then, but I know I cannot change the past. I have to live to make the future the best that it can be, and to be the best man that I can be. I know some think you are crazy for letting me be anywhere near you, I am just glad to be given a chance. I am going to prove to you Harper that as much of a fool as I was in the past that I now know what I need to do. It is not for you I need to do it, it is for me. Someone that wants to change for someone else may or may not make it. Someone who changes for someone else has a chance to slide back into their old ways or to get in a mood about it. Do I want to prove to you that you can trust me again, yeah I do. But I know any of that is going to take time. And as I have told people before, I have no problem being tested at any given time for drugs and or alcohol because you will not find it in my system at all.

I smiled thinking about how she told me to make sure I take my meds. I did have to be careful about that. So there I was standing there and I touched her hand.

It is late, and yeah should probably turn in. If at any point you want me to go this weekend so you can have time with them without me around I will understand Harper. I know how important your family is to you.

I would head to turn in but I was not going to get much rest I knew that. Proof of that would be about an hour later when I found myself walking outside and sitting down looking up at the moon. How many times had we walked under that moonlight, how many moonlights did I take off under? Now there I was looking up at it. I heard footsteps but I did not look back to see who was coming.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Jackson Shadow » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:44 pm

You think when you are grown you get away from the parental units questions and all well not if you are a child in the family of Ellysia and Mathias Shadow. Oh I knew we were in for it when she said that we were going to be talking in the study. I guess I should have known about it when I was planning on bringing her. Not that there was anyone else I would bring. I got a bit of a grin listening to Mom go on and on. My hand slipped into hers, I should have warned her about my family.

Jules may have gone off on Trifton Ma but I could see it was even on your mind. None of us can just forget what he put Harper through and I know that no one expects us to. I did promise to behave myself for more than one reason. I am not going to cause a stir when others are here too. Now you want the honest truth well here it is.

I took a breath and I looked at Noleani. I smiled slightly and well yeah I knew I was going to be in for it. When I looked at Noleani though i also smiled, something not a lot of people got to see in the past while.

At first yeah it was more so about as you put it a booty call. I was up front about it, and there was also someone else. Which Noleani also knows about. She also knows that I am done with that for a number of reasons. Who the other was does not even matter, as I will not have them drug through anything. Another reason why there will not be another is well I have found that when I was not even looking I found something and someone special. We have talked a little about things being more exclusive, and all but the answers will come in time. It might be the answers I want, and it might not be. Time will only tell. What I will tell you is I like being around her, she makes me smile. I do think that we have been leaving people in the dark enough about us. I am happy with her, and well hope to make her happy as well.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Priscilla » Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:51 pm

It had been a long few months for her going from place to place. Finally finding work and making money to go back to Pallia. She would watch for him as she was looking into the Fools Rush Inn. She knew the people to ask, and found out that he had been hanging around Harper a lot lately. That they were to go to Harper's parents house is what one of his friends told her. So she decided to try and pay him a visit. It was by sheer luck she had found him outside. He was the challenge for her, though she had bedded him he was the one man that would turn her down. So she walked up with a few beers in hand seeing him sitting outside.

I have been looking all over for you I brought your favorite.

My favorite is in the house and she is what matters to me. I gave all that other shit up.

He had turned to walk away and back into the house and had looked over at her.

You can take your things and just go to hell. You are not welcome here, and you surely are not wanted here. How dare you come to Harper's parents house

He did not know anyone was listening and really would not have mattered anyways. He would have said the same thing as he had already said. Walking away from her he still heard her though.

She cannot give you what you need I have all that you need here. I got your alcohol and everything else here we could go over to my hotel room and see just how good you are without the drugs.

No and I already told you to go away. what the hell are you some type of whore?

He walked right back into the house as her hand reached for him and got thin air.

Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Harper Shadow » Sat Oct 01, 2011 12:09 am

She had her trueborn mothers eyes... but her temper and the violent thoughts that raced through her head... were all her Mama Ellysia. Those dark eyes narrowed in the shadows where Harper had been hiding, to watch, to listen, because she knew when he had a lot weighing on his mind... Trifton did tend to talk to himself. Sure enough he was sitting right outside her parents home, looking to the sky, probably remembering the nights they would spend doing that very same thing. He didn't know she was there, he didn't know that she not only saw the interaction between him and the woman that Harper had caught him with but she heard everything.
Dark eyes narrowed down even further when the woman opened her mouth and the words came out offering Trifton beer of all things, and as much as she wanted to jump to defend him, she stayed put waiting to see what he would do. A slight smile, no it was more like a smirk turned one corner of her mouth when Trifton turned the woman down without a second of hesitation. She still stayed where she was and kept on watching, waiting for the right moment.
And she did not need to wait long at all. As soon as Trifton turned his back on the woman and started to walk away... she reached out for him and that's when Harper came from the darkness taking hold of the womans wrist with an iron grip.
Wanna try that again?
It wasn't really a question, and the venom in Harpers tone said as much, telling the woman with its meaning behind her words that if she wanted to walk away in one piece not to try it.
She twisted the wrist in her grasp hard and at an awkward angle bringing the woman to the ground.
You were told to leave and while Trifton doesn't have it in him not to physically kick your ass clean off my property now that he's sober... believe me little girl I'm completely capable and more than ready to punt you back to wherever the hell it is you came from. Now I'm going to let you up and we're going to see just how smart you are...
Harper let her go and turned her back on the woman hoping with all that she was that the woman would be stupid enough to either mouth off or come at her... it was one of the oldest tricks of the Elites trade. When you really wanted to beat the hell out of someone but didn't really have just cause to... to baited them into coming at you first... and even though Harper had plenty of just cause to stomp the woman into the ground it still wasn't enough for her to make the first strike... so she started walking away and found herself being stared at by Trifton.
We'll talk when we get inside...
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Priscilla » Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:40 am

I came to see Trifton not you, now that I am back in town and have a new job I am here to stay. I know what he likes, from beer to drugs. I also know I can satisfy him while you cannot. He must of known you were there, you know he is the type that likes two women at once right? He called me where he was.

She was lying out her ass and that is when Trifton's eyes narrowed very calmly he handed Harper his phone.

You can check it no calls tonight other than the one to check in with my sponsor.

He is lying you know that you cannot trust him he played us both before.

I did not play you, what I did was stupid not even sure what we had that night but the only woman that has held my heart for years is Harper. I did stupid shit I did get myself involved with wrong people but I never loved you. You were a one night fuck that did not even matter to me, see there is a difference to. When I love on Harper it is me, and it is love. You it was just beer and drugs and something I do not even remember doing.

You told me that you love me and only me

Love has nothing to do with fucking and drugs. Get the hell away from me, and get the hell away from Harper's home. They do not need your bullshit, and I sure as hell do not need you.

But baby I got what we had that night too.

I am not taking any of that shit and I am certainly not doing anything to screw up my chance with Harper.

She reached around Harper to grab his arm and with the other she tried to hand him a beer. He knocked it away and pulled away his hand went to Harper's and his eyes met hers.

Honey if you do decide to stomp her ass please remember I do not like the smell of blood in bed.

He knew that she would get that he was trying to piss Priscilla off more. Priscilla did make a stupid move of bumping Harper to try to get to Trifton. What happened next, well you will find out soon enough. Though at the end of it all too Trifton called the police to let them know that he suspected that she had drugs on her, intent to use them on someone.

Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Mathias_Shadow » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:51 pm

I think that you get to talk to our youngest. After all it is your word that she broke, and you know you are better at putting her in place then I am. If things did start up I think we are going to have quite a bit on our hands. Maybe it was not best to invite Trifton just yet.

I had leaned over and kissed her by the ear when whispering what I did. I looked over at them and smiled, it was clear that our son was happy. I shook my head and laughed slightly.

One of our children say something they should not? Really not one of our girls.

I looked over at my son and smiled at them. I knew it was not easy for him.

Jackson what I think your Mother is trying to say is we just want to make sure you know what you are getting into. I know you like your privacy but you are about to become the talk of things even if trying to keep it quiet. Have you talked to Dominic and Shelby yet?

I was looking at them I was worried for them and the back lash that might become.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Cole Shadow » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:29 pm

I went there like Nathean and I had agreed and I nodded to them. I went to see what was going on with them. I walked over to her and I sat down Nathean was on the other side of there which he was a bit back to where I expected him to be. Nathean was protective of his daughter and I understood that. When she did wake up I got her the water.

I missed you too Hanna, you been gone awhile. Just remember what I said.

I had hugged her and kissed by her ear while whispering.

I am not the only one that missed you, but I am glad ot see you awake. Now you better let everyone see that you are awake now. You better hurry up and get out of here too. I hate hospitals you know.

I was standing there stepping back a little because I was sure there were going to be others that wanted to get over to her.

Maybe I should go so you can spend some time with your parents
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Leyla Lockheart » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:55 pm

Leyla had been perfectly happy being wrapped in the arms of the detective who had been so kind to walk her to her car, thoughts of a bathtub full of hot water made even hotter by the man who was going to be in that bathtub with her made her more than ready to get home. But all of that was going to have to wait.
When the first ring of the cellphone rang sounding through the parking lot, she got that feeling that was telling her they weren't going to be doing anything like what she had running through her mind.
She listened to Taltos talking and let go with a sigh when she was handed the phone.
Somebody better be dead or damn near close to it...
Hearing the voice on the other end caused Leyla to react in a way that was not typical for her. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at Taltos while listening to all that was being said through the phone.
Taltos nodded his head, almost like he was already telling her whatever it was that Colvin needed, she had to make sure he got it.
How to explain Colvin Darkwater... she smiled thinking about him... that was easy enough.
Taltos had Orry, and would always have Orry as his partner and best friend...
Leyla had Colvin.
Leyla breathed his name, hearing his voice warmed her heart and reminded her just how much she missed her own partner in crime, Colvin had been a part of a great many cover ups and clean ups when Leyla did her "other" work, providing her the time she needed to establish alibis that didn't come from family or the Elite, making it possible for her to be seen when she needed to be just in case she was ever questioned by the police... which didn't happen often at all anyway, and when it did happen usually it was someone she knew... and she knew damn near everyone in Pallias PD. Oh it didn't make anyone a dirty cop Taltos would not tolerate that, but knowing who she knew and her name being what it was... did make a difference.
Taltos and I are coming to you Vin. No arguments. After we've talked face to face and I see this mystery person of yours then Taltos and I will decide if we're bringing in someone with us who will be able to tell us more than anyone else would ever be able to.
Leyla mouthed Guinevere Kensingtons name to Taltos. If anyone would be able to get a clear picture on what happened at the asylum it would definitely be her.
Remember Vin, you called us for help... so you need to let us do what we do okay? We'll see you in say... oh about an hour...
She ended the call just like that and without saying a word Taltos opened her car door for her.....

True to her word an hour later Leyla and Taltos Deamons were knocking on Colvin Darkwaters' front door......
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Kiara Jade » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:15 pm

Kiara Jades laugh filled the night and rolled over Shadowlands like thunder. It wasn't funny that her and Losas night had gotten interrupted, and the reason why wasn't funny either... at least it wasn't at first, until Kiara thought about it and the laughter started.
When the call came in Jade figured it was just one of their children, or maybe Shade letting them know they were coming home from vacation after hearing that Kerrin was Shade... that was something she was looking forward to for many reasons, and in some way she hoped that with Kerrin being who he was.... that might help heal the rift between Aidan and his own Shade, that Shade being able to see Kerrin, the man he was named after in the flesh... might help Shade understand just how scarred his father was by the events of his childhood. And then there was Evander.... the oldest of all the SORAS... Kate had already been showing when Nala announced her own pregnancy.
But it wasn't Shade and it wasn't any of their children.
It was their niece.
Oriana Mara called her Uncle from Pallia PD ranting about what lunatics her cousins were and how she always knew Harper was a bad influence on Jessie...
When Kiara Jade heard how the woman Priscilla had gone to Mathias and Ellysias home and had approached Trifton... she got a little angry....
When she heard how that same idiot woman had thought to lay hands on Harper...
She was amazed that the woman was still alive...
When she heard that Harper didn't even get the chance to react because Jessie...
Quiet, almost too good to be true... near perfect Jessie had come tearing out of the shadows like a girl gone wild and was on the woman so fast, screaming at her that no one put their hands on her sister, it was Harper who had to pry Jessie off the woman and that same woman ended up missing two teeth and had a broken nose because she called Jessie a bleached blonde whore which made Harper punch her dead in her face...
Orry was on duty that night and had been forced to arrest her cousins right along with the woman... and she had to call in another car because she had to keep Jessie and Harper separted from the Priscilla woman. Not to mention anytime there was an arrest made that had to do with family, Orry was always there if she was on duty, or if Taltos was on duty he was there... but they always called in someone else so no one could cry foul later claiming either of them were abusing their power or their family names.
Kiara Jade laughed so hard she was crying tears of blood, and the disapproving look that her King was giving her... made her laugh that much harder.
So Orry was on duty when all this went down and now shes calling in Uncle Losa because her cousins are going to drive her insane? Lord have mercy Losa... what are we going to do with these girls of ours?
She wiped her eyes and cheeks and then linked her arm through his.
Come on your Majesty, lets go see what we can do to help.
... Awaken you with a little evil inside ...
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Trifton Wakefield » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:14 pm

So yeah Jessie wailed on Priscilla, and then Harper punched her dead in the face. Well I went to tell Mathias and Elly know what happened, I headed to the cop shop. See there was something else too that Priscilla did not think about. When she grabbed my arm a mark was left. I went up she was already in hot water and of course I was there to get Harper out. I was standing quietly to a point when I went to the desk Sargent.

I want to press charges against Priscilla that was brought in awhile ago, and I also want a no contact order. I will go to the courts later and get it taken care of. I also want want to find about getting Harper and Jessie out. This all started because that women started with me and Harper had told her to get off the property. She had no business being there.

I also knew that they would find drugs on her, and I was surprised when I was told she said she got them from me. I shook my head slightly.

Take my finger prints if you would like, hell take tests of blood and hair what the hell ever. I did not touch any of that shit, she came there trying to give me beer and whatever else.

I was a bit irritated but that was okay I was waiting on Harper being able to be brought out. I wanted to make sure she was okay. Maybe I was worried a bit about what I would see in her eyes. Of course I called a lawyer in for her. Orry called Losa too which I did not know until he came in with Kiara Jade. I was sitting there with a frown on my face. I was looking out into space when I saw Kiara, of course Mathias and Elly was there too. I looked to Elly.

I am sorry seems the good time was ruined.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Tegan Lockheart » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:21 pm

Tegan got the call to come to the Hall and that she was to stop in Oriana and Aranors tower to bring Orianas black satchel, the call had come from Iliana and Tegan knew better than to question the woman. It didnt make sense to Tegan that she needed to bring Oriana whatever it was she needed because Oriana was at the Hall already... and she was probably in Hanna Connors room.
Tegan had been in to see Hanna at least once a day, making sure to avoid Cole at all costs, partly because she did not want a confrontation with him and partly because she did not want to see his hurt. Cole would never understand no matter how it was explained to him, that much she knew for sure, so it was better to avoid him no matter what. She was a little nervous knowing that she was going to the Hall at night, that was usually when Cole was in visiting Hanna but if her D'Ni said she needed to be there now, then she needed to be there now.
When she hung up the phone in the living room she found herself looking into the bluest eyes... the bluest sleepiest eyes and she grinned a little jerking her head towards the book that was on the table next to the couch she was sitting on.
I guess I got a little caught up in my reading. I know I told you I just had those last few pages to get through and then I'd be in bed...
She grinned a little going into his arms resting her head on his chest, his chin resting on the top of her head.
I thought I grabbed the phone before it could wake you. Iliana called. She wants me at the Hall... I don't know why other than I'm supposed to get something from the Tower for Oriana. I haven't been to the Hall this late at night for weeks now...
Quinn would understand what she was getting at, his arms tightened around her and she pulled away a little to look up at him.
I'll be okay, you know nothing will happen while I'm there. Bennett won't stand for it, neither will Aidan... believe it or not we do have some people who understand and don't look at us like we are complete monsters. They might not agree with how we live... but they understand and they are still fair and just.
Tegan leaned up kissing his cheek, she stopped thinking of him as her brother, though it wasn't a secret anymore they didn't announce it wherever they went either... not that they needed to... it was plastered everywhere about the Children of the God of Light and their entire story was made public, still they simply lived their lives and dealt with whatever was thrown at them in that life the best they could.
Go on back to sleep love, I don't know how long I'll be and it makes no sense for you to lose sleep Equinox.
She kissed him softly and left for the Hall....

Walking down the seemingly abandoned hallway in the hospital wing of the Hall a knot formed in Tegans stomach. She hoped that Cole would have already been in to see Hanna, the last thing she wanted was for a scene of any sort to be caused. She didn't deserve it and neither did Cole. None of them deserved to be used like pawns but they had been and the fall from it had been harsh, but they all survived and that is what mattered the most. She just wished that Cole didn't get so hurt emotionally the way he had and she really wished like hell that Hanna wasn't the one who had to pay for that hurt. These were the thoughts running through her head when she collided with someone and right off she knew who that someone was.
It took every bit of willpower she had not to throw up on the floor right at his feet.
Cole Shadow had grabbed her to keep her from falling but as soon as he saw who had nearly run him down he jerked his hand from her arm and she could see the disgust flaring in his eyes.
She couldn't blame him entirely for that look, and she did understand which is why Tegan was going to say as little as possible.
Iliana called me and said I needed to come to the Hall... something about Orianas black satchel and Hanna... is she awake then?
Tegan sighed heavily but that did not keep her from holding her head high and meeting his hard cold stare.
I won't make excuses Cole. I'm sorry you were used the way you were, and that you were hurt the way you were. Long ago I tried telling you that we needed to stay friends and nothing more... I should have told you why but the truth is I was scared to lose my best friend. It's not an excuse... look where lies and games have gotten all of us. If I could have stopped it all I would have... but there were just some things completely out of my control and I did the best I could. I'm sure you don't want to hear it, I don't blame you. I'm going to get this to Oriana, and then I'll be out of the Hall. I really am sorry Cole. I don't expect you to believe me... but I am.
With that being said Tegan started to walk passed him fully intending on doing what she was asked to and then getting home to Quinn.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Cole Shadow » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:12 pm

I had left Hanna's room with a promise to her that I would see her soon. She needed time with her parents, I was sure of that. I smiled over at her and walked out of the room. What I did not know was just who I was going to run into.

Oh so it is all my fault if I remember correctly it takes two for a relationship. You could have been honest with me but no you lied to me over and over again. So was any of it true Tegan? Was there a damn thing that was true? Your best friend? Oh do not even give me that. You do not lie to your best friend. You do not know what it is to be someone's best friend. Best friends look it up some time, it is not your meaning of best friends. You make me sick to look at. Even the gods knew what you were doing with him was an abomination. Though look at the others that had to suffer for you and your sick life. You knew and you did not tell me a damn thing. No we were never best friends, everything with us was a lie.

I glared at her my eyes were narrowed at her, I did not care about a thing at that point.

You are nothing to me but a lying whore. So was it just me and Quinn you were fucking or were you like the whores that will fuck anything with a dick? Hell at least I found out what a lying whore you were before I married you. I do not care what you are doing here, you do not even deserve to breath the same air as Hanna. For as good and all that she is you are the opposite conniving stupid bitch.

I shook my head and looked at her and went to keep walking.

You do not want to make excuses but that is all I hear. I hope you like fucking your brother. You both are sick abominations and your children will be nothing better than bastard children.

I glared at her.

Where lies and games have got us? I have not lied in anything. I have not played games. You are the one that was lying and playing games not me. I cannot believe that I actually thought you were going to be the one I would marry.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Tegan Lockheart » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:58 pm

No, it's not your fault. It's no one on the whole of Carrids fault...
There was a sadness in her tone, not because of the hateful words that came out of Coles mouth, no she was sad because the Immortals and their damn games... using Cole has a pawn... it changed him. How could it not have? He was hardened and cold, and she deserved some of that from him, but she didn't deserve all of it. Still she wasn't going to stand there and argue with him, he was going to think whatever he wanted and nothing she said was going to make him see that he had been her best friend, that she did want to tell him everything but how could she not knowing what any of the ramifications might be? How could he not know? Having seen with his own eyes just how petty the gods were? Did he not know about Tegan and Quinn before they knew who they really were? Didn't he know that she and Quinn were played like puppets on strings by the very same Gods that Cole claimed saw them as abominations? If they were abominations it was because the Gods made them such. No standing there and arguing with him wasn't going to do anything except make the whole ordeal worse and that was the last thing she wanted.
It might have been the last thing she wanted, but worse was exactly what she was going to get. She felt him near before she saw him, before his arm went around her waist and she heard Equinox tell Cole that if he wanted to take his anger out on anyone he was going to take it out on him and not on her. Tegan was ready to stop them both. No one was going to fight in the Hall of Shadows, she would not stand for it. The Royal family residing within the Halls walls would not be disrespected like that, but before Tegan could do anything Iliana appeared, just appeared and right away Tegan was bowing her head to her.
Enough of this. Cole, Hanna is asking for you again. Yes Tegan she is awake, and she wants to see you too, but that isn't going to happen now. Thank you for bringing Lady Orianas satchel Tegan, I'm sorry I had to call you here at such an hour... but you know everything I do, is for a reason... remember that....
Tegan was given a slight smile by the woman and she held her breath until both Iliana and Cole were walking back to Hannas room. As soon as they were out of sight Tegan sank against Quinn, a tear ran down her cheek.
You are not an abomination.... what are you doing here though love? You were on your way back to bed when I left...
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Quinn Lockheart » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:52 am

When she left I got up and left myself. Why because she is the woman that I love. I went and stayed out of sight, that was until Cole Shadow started running his mouth. I came out and put my arms around her and I hissed out my words looking at her.

You need to back off Cole Shadow. I know you were hurt by what happened. But we were all pawns in a game but never ever speak to her like that again. You have no right, you want to blame someone blame me. I am the one that brought her to bed, I am the one that begged the gods to let it be her memory that was not able to remember that night that our child was conceived. Yes she believed for the longest time that child was yours. You want to blame someone blame me. You want to come after someone come after me but leave my Tegan alone. You can think whatever the hell you want about me but I will not stand for this shit. We did what we did because it was a game for the gods.

My eyes were glowing when Iliana came by and Tegan gave her what was needed. I saw that Cole was not going to make a move with Iliana there and when he went to walk away I smiled as I turned Tegan to me and leaned and kissed her.

I am a dark child not an abomination, I know this, you know this. Our baby would have been something that people here would not understand. But now with what I am all family ties are broken. I came in case you needed me, remember I do not need sleep like some do.

My hand wiped her tear and I leaned and kissed her.

I love you Tegan, and I do not care what anyone thinks about it. Well since I was awake I figured where you were as long as it was not something else I needed to be where you were.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Losa » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:09 am

We got there and I was not amused at all. I was toe to toe with the Police Captain within moments.

You know I believe in justice but there are times you just need to let things be. She had drugs and alcohol trying to give it to my nephew that has been trying to recover. Sure as hell Harper is going to get involved. From the sounds of what I heard the bitch is lucky she did not get herself killed. I suggest Captain that my nieces are out of here in less than ten minutes or you are going to have a hell lot of problems on your hand. Did you forget that Harper is Elite and therefore is subject to Elite laws and that does not include the police department touching her. Listen to me and I will tell you this if one person lays a hand on either Jessie or Harper again you will be dealing with me. You want to do something about someone do something about the two bit whore that was not only trespassing but caused the trouble. Do not look at me like that. Police Captain, Chief whatever the hell you want to call yourself. I will remind you of one thing these are MY lands and you are replaceable.

I turned seeing Oriana Mara in the room and looked to her. I knew she and I would be talking later.

I will let you two handle the two bit whore but as for Jessie and Harper they are coming with me and Kiara. Do not ever mistake who's lands and laws these truly are. Just remember that Captain because if I have to remind you about some of our laws I could just as easily replace you without a thought.

I looked back to my wife and saw that Trifton was standing near her and it was clear he was not happy. I saw Jackson come tearing in and had a feeling things were about to get a lot worse. He was yelling at Trifton how he brought this on Harper and Jessie and if it was not for him none of them would be there right now. That he was to blame because he brought that whore into their lives.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Oriana Mara Connor » Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:01 am

Nice real effin' nice...
Orry was muttering to herself watching the lovely display that her Uncle was putting on in the middle of the romper room as those who worked at the department called it. When she called him it wasn't so he could come down and make a complete ass of himself throwing his power around, it was more or less so he could talk with Jessie to get her to settle the hell down because her cousin was more riled than Orry had ever seen her. Why call Losa and not Elly and Mathias? It was simple enough. One they were already there, and two, Losa was supposed to be the calmer more level headed one out of them all.
Damn did he prove her wrong.
And the look he gave her for doing her job?
Hell no.
She stepped in between her Uncle and "the police chief, captain... whatever the hell he was" and through gritted teeth she spoke.
Walk with me your Majesty...
It didn't help any that her Aunt Kiara was trying not to laugh. Orry could see that damn laugh in her bright green eyes.
She didn't speak again until they were in an empty interrogation room and she made sure that she got her message across.
You come into my police station acting like that?! I WORK HERE and that "Chief, Captain... whatever the hell he is" as you put it... if you were so in tune with your lands and your people you'd know that's Creedy, he's been working a case undercover so he doesn't look like him but his scent should have given you a god damn clue! For gods sake! I asked you come here not to act like a complete ass, but to maybe make the situation a little easier for Jessie, for Harper and even for Trifton... to let people see that they had the support of their King... not for their King to go throwing his weight around! These may be your lands but the laws... It's my job to enforce them and the girls had to be brought down so we could get the situation sorted! Instead of helping you just made everything worse!I don't know what the hell has gotten into you Uncle... but obviously everything you should have learned from your Queen has been lost because the way you handled this.... so wrong! I'm sorry I even picked up that phone and dialed your number. I had no idea you were going to act like such a damn tyrant! As of right now there is no reason for you to be here, so you can leave on your own...
Orry looked at him, her disappointment clear in her eyes.
Or I can and will have you escorted out... not even you are above Pallias laws... laws that you and your Queen set down for the whole of the Kingdom to follow... like it or not all three of them broke some law or another, even if Harper and Jessie were defending each other, it still happened... and I will not have my reputation or my job performance tarnished because you think you are above the laws and can bully everyone around you into giving you what you want.
Furious Orry left the room, jerking the door open so hard it almost came off it's hinges and an officers name was nearly bellowed from her lips.
Mac!! Please see to it that their majesties make it to their car safely, they have said all that they need to and are free to go... now.
Without another word, without looking back Orry walked down the hall for some face time with this Priscilla.
She was already furious and couldn't get much worse, she just had to remind herself that breaking necks was against the law too. Going inside she didn't even blink when she went right to the table where the woman was sitting. Orrys nose wrinkled in disgust... the woman reeked of treachery.
You wanna tell me what happened or are we all going to be sitting around here waiting until hell freezes over for a lawyer willing to take your case? You do know that public defenders can refuse certain cases right? Just wondering because you could be here for a very very long time if one that is willing to deal with you can't be found. Just thought you should know that. Unless you feel like giving your statement now. That's up to you though.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Jeremiah Deamons » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:08 am

I will take care of his majesty Orry, no need to get his demon going anymore. I have the lawyer for Harper and Jessie on the way. Of course I am part of the counsel as well.

Losa's side that we all would see from time to time came out. If you have read the histories you know from time to time he has these moments. Going toe to toe with anyone was not going to help matters. I also knew what was not helping things is the way Trifton was sitting there. See few knew how protective Losa had become of things, and why. Since Trifton has been back Trifton when not being able to be found was actually with Losa. Kiara would know, I knew because I went to talk to Trifton when I found out Harper was getting mixed up with him again and I could not find him.

Uncle calm down your nieces are fine no one is going to harm them here, plus think of who you are talking about. I know it is your protective side coming out, and that you are worried not only for them but for Trifton. Look over there Uncle he is fine. Mathias and Elly are here as well now. Relax uncle your nieces are not in with anyone else.

I smiled at my Uncle and looked at him. I saw the look everyone was giving him. I knew not to just go off on him that was not going to help matters. I smiled and walked with him outside.

Losa, we all know how protective you are of family after what your own family has been through. I know that you have a lot going on but going on like this is not going to help. Plus how is it going to look when my Mother gets here and you have made an ass of yourself? Remember this is also a royal matter for Firyon as I am one of their princes, there is no need to get all worked up. Trifton was never in any danger either, he turned down what she was offering. There is a certain niece of yours that Trifton is going to make sure he does not mess up things. Tell me what is going on though Uncle. It is not like you to be acting so out of sorts.

I was looking at him, I knew Kiara must of seen it too with him but maybe I could get through to him. If not well we would deal with that later plus I knew who would be there soon. The changes those of us that paid attention has been since the night of the gods.

Losa, no one blames you about Kerrin, and about the things that happened. Your queen has long forgiven you, Kerrin is making his way in things. The question is have you forgiven yourself? Now we know more than ever what was involved. Listen to me and really listen. You need to come to terms with things. That is why I have called someone to come talk to you too, someone that understands a little more than most.

Why did I call my parents because they both had their own things to deal with after it was found out who I truly am. I am a Deamons, for years this was not known. I do not blame either of them for the past. What I told my Mother was simple besides telling her about my wife being arrested. Soon I was sitting in the room with the lawyer called Jessie and Harper.

You two should know what a stir you all caused. There is a certain demon king you both will have to see when you get out of here. He is on a tear. Trifton is out there waiting too he is not talking much to anyone.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Kerrin » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:55 pm

Well I do help that you have some time for your brother and son in law and are not too busy with your duties as Captain.

We had gone in, my wife brought me to the home of her parents. I smiled at Krystyna. I knew that the brothers would follow they were not letting me far out of their sight either. I know it is because of the past and I did not know just how much it was going to be on one brother. Already they were driving me nuts.

I needed a bit of a break, I know they are meaning well but Aidan and Benny are following every move I make. In training he is getting up on people that I am sparring with. It is a bit suffocating.

I know what some had told me and of course I pulled the histories of what happened with me. Losa was still distant and though he tried it was clear he was not comfortable with me.

Are Aidan and Benny always this protective? Plus with the parental units well I cannot but help but wonder if I am more trouble for them than anything. I can tell Losa is well something is different about him, and I cannot help but think it is my fault even though none of us knew.

I was looking at my sister and I had known Lexi through the writings and all but I was curious about her too. From the histories you could tell Kryssy and Aidan were closer to Kiara, and Benny and Lexi were closer to Losa. I had to wonder if I had grown up in the family that I belonged to which I would have been more drawn to. I sighed and I looked with a bit of a grin.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Krystyna Shadow » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:18 pm

You get to be one or the other Kerrin not both... pick your title because if you think I'm going to waste breath and time when I speak of you to people saying "oh you know my brother whose my son in law too" you are out of your damn mind! It's too many words...
Krystyna heard the chuckle that came from Adam who was sitting next to her at the kitchen table in their house in Pallia. She knew she had to return to Firyon and return soon but she was putting it off for as long as she could because she just could not bring herself to tear herself away from Aidan and Bennett... or Kerrin for that matter. She wasn't as bad as Aidan and Benny, following the boy around constantly... but she still kept her eyes on all three of them... especially Aidan.
No one could ever really fully understand what Aidans childhood had been like, what it was like for him growing up with that essence of evil in him... that darkness and no one knew how the horrors he had witnessed affected him.
That was probably why from the moment she was old enough to do it she became Aidans biggest protector. A lot of what she did on Aidans behalf and for him was done in secret but she had a feeling that Aidan knew.
She loved Bennett he was her brother and of course she was as protective of him as she was Aidan, it was just a different kind of protective, just like her relationship with Bennett was different than her relationship with Aidan.
Anyway you looked at it though, Kryssy loved both her brothers, and there were just some things that could never, and would never be broken. They were Shadows and Connors vampires or not, they were still brother and sister and nothing could ever change that.
And what of Kerrin?
Kerrin to had lived one life for so long while being a mourned for centuries in another life as Shade, yet both lives entwined so deeply that Kerrin had married Krystynas daughter... his own neice... before the secret of his parentage was made known.
Oh it was a mess strictly from a public relations perspective, the media was already having a field day with the story, but Katelyn and Balin were handling it all wonderfully and Astrid had already spoken out giving her support to Firyons' Captains' daughter.
Looking up from the cup of tea she had been nursing Kryssy smiled at Kerrin noticing even more now than she had before just how much Kerrin looked like a Connor.
You have no idea what you are to our parents Shade Shadow... oh I know you prefer Kerrin because it is all that you know, and I will respect that from now on, I just had to say your true name just once... and to remind you even if only a little what you are made of. Sit...
She nodded towards a chair and without her saying a word Adam was up fixing tea for Krystynas brother, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze as he walked by her.
You need to talk to them Kerrin, to our mother and father before you start having thoughts that you shouldn't be having. Let them tell you what they think and feel before you start building your own notions that may very well be entirely wrong.
You really have no idea what it was like for them.... what they went through during the Time of the Fallen.... neither do I for that matter, and for damn sure Bennett doesn't....
but there is one of us who was there... who saw it all.
One who saw our father try and kill our mother. One who bore witness to our mother casting our father out and was there when he returned and saw how his mother slipped into a darkness of her own changing her into something cold and hard and even cruel, though she was never cruel to Aidan he still saw those changes in her.
One who was used as a pawn since he was a toddler and who from a young age saw things no child should ever see.
Oh yes Kerrin, Aidan and Bennett are always this protective... we all are to a point... but Aidan... is much worse.

She sat back in the chair thinking of Aidan and her heart hurt for her oldest brother. She also hoped for him that knowing the truth about Kerrin, he would heal even more... it was a hope she shared for her parents as well.
I'll talk to Aidan about your training... maybe if you're lucky I'll even come out to the yard before I leave for Firyon and you and I can have a go... Aidan wouldn't dare interfere with me. I imagine all of this is a little suffocating and completely overwhelming too... just give yourself and everyone else time kid, you being who you are is no minor revelation that everyone is just going to get over quick you know what I mean?
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Kerrin » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:46 am

Well I think with the field day the media is having on it everyone knows I am both. They would have to be living under a rock not to know.

I knew which side of my family I looked like but I had the same grin that my father would get. I heard her call me Shade Shadow and it felt strange yes I know that was my given name from Kiara when I was born. It was weird hearing it knowing that is what I would have been called. I smiled lightly as I sat down and was looking at her.

I know not to assume anything as far as things go. It is all that I know is Kerrin, and I know that some may not understand it. To me Shade is Aidan's son.

I sat down and was looking at her listening to her and when the tea was placed in front of me I started to drink it. I was not one not to listen but I also had questions at times but I had no problems asking those either.

I am just worried because I can see how trouble he is. This all seems surreal. You know every adopted kid has thoughts when he finds out about being adopted. My thoughts were just what I was told was that I was not wanted. I had come to accept that. The parents that raised me were great, and I had a good home. Had a good family too something happened though, my adopted siblings well we had gone through a lot and I was the one that the parents saw me as having a better head on my shoulders. I was put in charge of things in case something happened to them. I did not do anything bad with what was left after the funerals I just did not do as the siblings wanted. They are young and wanted the money. I put it into certain accounts that only so much can be touched in a year's time. Everyone got what they were meant to. The house, well they were fighting over the house and wanting to sell it. So I told them for now the house was going to sit, as I was paying the bills on it anyways. I know that I need to talk to them but it is different. You know I have always known them as their roles. As the Master and MIstress of the Elite. Yes I know Aidan has been Master for awhile now but still. I mean how do you go from seeing them as one thing to another? I am not used to them being anything other than their titles too. I have read about the past, and I know if I was in Aidan's shoes I would be protective too. I know that he has never had it easy at all. I can understand being protective, especially with what he has been through, and seeing what he did. I am sure if this is surreal feeling to me, who knows what everyone else is feeling from it all. Especially when everyone else has had so long to deal with all that happened in the past. Seems we were all pawns in games of different people. I just do not understand that though. Why would anyone want to cause that much havoc? Who would want to hurt them that bad?

Maybe I was asking and talking a lot but I wanted to know. Hell I needed to know because it was my past, and the past sometimes tells us more than anything. I wanted to know why people were so into ruining things for Kiara and Losa when they seemed to not do anything other than live their lives. Sure they took care of problems that arose but it is not like they were just out there killing to kill. So there I was looking at her while I was looking from my cup of tea with a smile. I was looking at her and cracked a bit of a smile too.

Some have questioned what I knew and when considering I am the only one from my adopted family that joined the Elite, but I did not know anything until we all found out. I joined the Elite at a young age because well I was into reading anything I could get my hands on when little. I had gone and told them I wanted this life, and I knew it was what I wanted. I did not know at the time who I was but I was drawn to this place. I just felt this is where I needed to be more than anywhere else. I know it is going to take time for everyone I just do not want to be a problem either with anything.

I was sitting there moving the tea around, and looking up from the cup. There was a lot on my mind, and what was the difference with Krystyna then the others? The fact she may have been watching things but she was not smothering me at all.

Yes it is a bit suffocating, and I know it is going to take time for everyone including me to get used to. Maybe we will be able to have that go here, if not guess it will have to be in firyon since Lily and I already put in time for going there because I know you have your duties to go there. Yeah it is a bit overwhelming least I can avoid the damn press too, they are getting to the point that one of them is going to get punched in the face if they keep talking about Lily. I know people do not understand our lives but really they just need to back the hell off, and just stay out of our lives. I swear our lives really are not all that interesting like they seem to think they are. I know that they have to sell newspapers and get ratings and all. You know there have been so many messages about interviews and shit. Oh I had to also contact a lawyer, one of the adopted siblings is causing problems too.

There was one of them that was not so bad but she was a bit timid at times. She would not say much to the others but she would still call me from time to time.

One of them plans on doing a book from what I have heard, a bunch of lies and stuff. I am pulling them into court though. I got enough money to tie it up for a long time.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Krystyna Shadow » Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:57 am

Tea went everywhere when Krystyna started laughing, she really wasn't expecting her brother... how easily acknowledging Kerrin as her brother came to her, she saw that as a good sign... to start talking about one of his adopted siblings trying to write a tell-all about him. No actually what she wasn't expecting was to hear him talk about wasting money in courts. She was still chuckling when she got up to clean up the mess she made and from the corner of her eye she caught the grin on Adams face.
Seems as much as someone knows about the ways of the Order... he has no idea what it means to be a Shadow...
Wiping up the tea with a wet paper towel in one hand and drying the table with a dry paper towel in the other then throwing both away she sat back down and this time she was the one grinning.
You know the stories, you've read the histories... and yes you have been involved with Lily.... so you know a lot... but what you don't know... what you learn Kerrin.... is what it truly means to be a part of our family... to be a Shadow.
She leaned over giving his cheek a light playful smack, just like she would have done to Aidan or Bennett.
Welcome to our crazy, tragic, sometimes magic, awful, beautiful world little brother. It's time you start seeing us all for who and what we really are, and it's time you start taking your place in this life. We all have a lot of catching up to do, and because you are my little brother... I will not suffocate you like Aidan does... but I am not going to let anyone screw with you either... adopted sibling or not. Your sister is going to handle this book nonsense... you have more important things to spend your time and money on... namely Lily. You need to learn Kerrin... we are not above the law... not usually anyway... and we do our best to walk within the lines of the law... but we do have our hands in everything... anyway... don't worry about the book bullshit. As far as your questions concerning why anyone would want to hurt our parents... our family...
She sighed and sank back into her chair. Even after all this time the Elite... her mother... her father... were seen as threats to some... and Kryssy knew the answers as to why. Answers that she was going to share with her brother.
Kiara Jade Connor Shadow and Losa Shadow.... before they even knew of each others existence... held great power. Our mother having been born into the world of the Elite and raised as an assassin was forced to take up the duties as Mistress at a very young age... you've read the Time of the Rose.... you know her history as surely as you know our fathers history.... both of them were lethal in their own ways a part... but then when they met and married.... they became an even bigger force to reckon with. My point is... people fear others with power and those that don't fear it want that power for themselves. Either way... they have been and will probably always be a threat to someone somewhere... it doesn't matter that they only act when need be, or that they are fair and just.... they are what most people can only dream of being... and for some... they need to be destroyed. Our family is no ordinary family Kerrin, Pallia is not an ordinary realm... our people... are no ordinary people... we have always been different... and sometimes different is feared or looked down upon like a blight in the world whether there is reason for it to be or not.
She gave what he said about Lily and the media all of two seconds thought and she chuckled again. Her hand reached out taking Adams, and she looked at the father of her children for a few seconds.
Don't worry about Lily and the media.... she is more than capable of holding her own... isn't she Adam?
She looked back at her brother with her hand still in her husbands.
And if for some reason it gets to be too much for her... you have to understand something Kerrin... Lily has attack dogs of her own.... it's what brothers and sisters do.... at least in this family. You and Lily for the time being just need to let others take care of any situations that come up that aren't of a personal nature between the two of you, know what I mean? Connor and Bennett are not going to sit back and let anyone do anything to hurt their sister... Adam and I are not going to sit back and let anyone do anything to hurt our daughter... Aidan, Bennett and I are not going to sit back and let anyone do anything to hurt our brother and our parents are not going to sit back and let anyone do anything to hurt their son.
You sure do have a hell of a lot to get used to Kerrin. Everything changed for you the second the truth about you came out.
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Re: Shadows of Time:Shadows of the Past and Present

Postby Kerrin » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:06 pm

I know that there is more than one way to handle things. I also don't really look at myself as being anything more than just being me. I guess there are some things that I have to get used to. There are always things to learn after all what is there left if we do not have lessons to learn? I was thinking about some things too. I know Lily is a much better way to spend my time and money. I just am used to fighting for myself when it comes to them.

I watched her as the tea had come out and then when she was cleaning it up. What was funny to think about is the fact that I was actually born before Bennett but in all purposes of things I was raised in this world and was not that old compared to them. I know from the histories too that Bennett was more of the miracle baby. I know these people from stories and from being on the lands. Then to find out this is where I was supposed to have been years ago.

It is rather hard to believe when thinking about all of this. It is going to take time for everyone to get used to. Yes I have read the histories, and been involved in things here. What if I do not fit in really with the rest of things. I mean hell I do not even know what to call anyone. I know some are going to have a problem with the way things are too. There is already talk as I was saying from some of the elite too. Questioning about whether or not I can handle myself, or that big brother will let me do anything.

I was interested in listening to things and that is what I was doing. I sat back looking at her as she spoke of things. Spoke of our parents histories, and what they went through. I had read it but I guess I did not think of how big of a threat some people saw them as.

I do not get why people cannot just let others be. If they are not causing problems they have nothing to worry about. They acting when it needs to be and all how can anyone take that wrong? I know people have tried to destroy them but they are still around and still together. I do understand our family is not an ordinary family, hell I gave up when Lily was trying to tell me who was who. You know people always do fear or look down upon different like you were saying some cannot see there is nothing to look down upon or fear. Unless of course you are one of the ones causing problems than that is a proble.

A grin played on my lips oh I knew my wife was capable of taking care of herself. I also know she had her brothers and all too.

I know that she can take care of herself. I know how protective especially Connor is of her, hell look how many times he has tried to come after me. I know that they will do what they feel is necessary to protect her. Same is to be said from me, she is my wife and I will do what i have to do. of course I know others will be doing what they have to as well. Lily and I are taking care of our personal things, and I know you all watch out for each other. I guess I have a lot to get used to. I still want to live my life, what difference can their really be from just finding out my last name should have been Shadow. I am the same as I was before, I still am going to work through the levels like I have to. I am still just me, and I still ahve to put in things like everyone else.
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