Into the Shadows and Out into A New World (Pt 2)

Into the Shadows and Out into A New World (Pt 2)

Postby Losa » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:04 am

ooc Continued from a thread started in convenant, this is mainly a closed thread. Those who are to post here already know.

He walked rarely letting his son down cause all he needed to happen was something happen to his son. Would he ever hear it from his wife if something did happen to their Lil Hawk. Thinking of the name made him think of the past and Alec and a lot of what he and Kiara had been through. Even when fighting he would rather be with her than be with anyone else. Few could understand the relationship that they shared, or even the bond that had been forged between them. It still made him laugh when he thought about when Kiara asked if he was the angel of death. That seemed lifetimes away now but still fresh in his mind. They had faced a lot of life's demons, a lot of trials but always came through it. This was just one more trial for him and his family. He had stopped to think of the rest of his family as well too besides his wife and daughters. He wondered how many of those he called family had made it. He could only hope that Kiara had the girls with her as well. He knew all was not lost because if it was he was sure he would know it inside of him. He had hope because he could feel that his wife was alive.

It happened by chance that he found out that there was a wedding taking place. The moment he heard who was to be married he knew that is where Kiara should be and probably would be. If it was Oriana's doing to get them to where the wedding should be something had gone wrong just with their whereabouts. Though he could not be upset with Oriana though he did not always agree with the mage he knew there was a lot he could learn from her, and maybe someday he would.

She had however saved his brother's life. It was one of those things that was amazing within itself since she had no reason to believe him or believe in him. But she had taken a chance that most would not have and cleared his brothers name.

He made his way to where this wedding was taking place and it would not take long for him to find her for his reaction to her was like that of a younger man getting to see the woman he loved. His chest would tighten not in pain but in the rapidness that got felt from seeing her, his eyes could not leave the beauty that was his wife when she was around she was all that he could look at. But he did not need to see her or smell her scent to know she was there his heart would just race up at a faster pace because she was near even if he could not see her at the moment. With a whisper he spoke onto the wind one word, one name that was his for his wife "Spitfire"

He knew that the fates or gods or whatever you wanted to call them could be cruel but he had believed he would find her again because though they were in two bodies they were part of the same life threaded together at their souls. He could not survive without her he would not be him without her. They had their fights even some where they almost broke apart but truly nothing could ever be so important that it would cost them what they had. He was stubborn and thickheaded at times but when it came to her he knew there was nothing she could do that he could not forgive. The only thing he would never be able to was if something was to break their vows to each other. Smiling he knew that would not happen, and he waited to see if the name spoken on the wind actually would notice his presence, and that of their son. Wolf on the other hand could not help but go over and lick his Mistress's hand. Not wanting to disturb the moment that did not belong to them he did not move to bring attention to himself.
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Postby Condrik » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:16 am

He walked being careful to stay close to his future wife and their daughter. He did not care what anyone may say in the future Ari was her daughter as much as she was his. Maybe not in blood but he knew no one alive could be so loving towards Cori as she was. He still had trouble at times looking at his daughter and not wanting to take her and just hold her to him and protect her. Ari was right though they did need to find out about their families and see if they had been brought to this world as well. If they had not it would be a sad time for him but he had the two that were closest to his heart right with him. He thought about those that came to mind and even smiled thinking of his family both blood and extended. He had even come to think of Oriana as part of his family for though they had their differences things seemed to be changng since the whole incident with Rayne's death. He could have been killed if cooler heads had not prevailed. He brought Ari closer and kissed her. It was a simple gesture but he was glad he was able to do it. He owed a lot to those that saved him from being blamed for the murder of Rayne. That was a sick and twisted kid that had caused those problems. He was just hoping with a new place that there would not be so many problems for his family.

I was thinking Ari, I know the way I asked was not the way a woman should be asked but everything I said is true. No matter what comes our way as long as I have you and Cori, I know everything else will work out. Nothing matters to me as much as the two of you.

He walked with them looking for any signs that he could follow to civilization. He would find them food and look for shelter as well. In this strange world who knows what could be found. Once they found a river he decided to follow it as not only would there be food along it but generally villages were not built far from water.
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