RP: OAFS touches the G (OAFS vs G)

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RP: OAFS touches the G (OAFS vs G)

Postby Porckie » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:53 pm

OOC: Soo...end of age was approaching. The Mummies doing nothing, therefore: OAFS has returned (being me atm) and has murched upon the guild G. Starting stats (totally unfair, I realise):

OAFS 2 1,000,000 TNW
G 5 1,100,000 TNW

Oo..and this be RP-warthread; if you want to bicker, get your own thread! :D

"Tonight, we march on G!"

"Are we really attacking a letter?"

"Yes, word is that master Porckie doesn't like the letter all that much, reminds him of something he was never able to reach he said."

"Ah..and what was that?"

"Some sort of spot."

As two of Porckie's soldiers were discussing the upcoming war, the dwarven master himself was fighting his own battle with his chief war-advisor: a flying mushroom, who goes by the name of Mr. Floppy.

"I say we use an eraser!"

"But sir, we'll get ourselves killed if we approach them with only a piece of white rubber!"

"Nooo...in kindergardenschool I was taught that the best way to get rid of letters was either drinking your alphabet-soup or get an eraser and start rubbing!"

"Sir, G is an actual guild. It is not an actual letter!"

"We'll just see about that! Give me my pointy pencil and I will lead the charge!"

With that, Porckie was handed a rather large pencil and, turning it around, charged eraser-first out of the room...
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