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Postby Kaxion » Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:32 am

The 3 on 1 ending is honourable how though?
Barnabas would slay Darden in open one on one combat nothing else would suit his nature.Engaging him 3 on 1 would be far from honourable.

I thought the story was fine up until the second ascension part and I've not played long enough nor really seen enough to see Isonia Foret or Darden as mimics or mockerys of their counterparts.
The three siblings that fought for hundreds of years aren't really likely to unite no matter what the enemy.

Barnabas I believe was mentioned as vengeful why would he reunite and work with the people who conspired in framing him for killing his father?

Leto too sly and crafty the others wouldn't trust him.

Angelique Well Law and honour seldom see eye to eye and Chaos is the exact opposite of Law again not a likely combination.

They should seperately each take down one of the opposing force using the very talents they're famed for.

Barnabas defeats Foret in honourable combat.

Leto using cunning and guile seduces Isonia.

Angelique lays judgement on Darden for the crimes he committed against her.

It just somehow seems more believable while accentuating the trait the god is most famous for.
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Postby Sunblade » Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:55 am

I think you're putting too much emphasis on honour. Barnabas was not the god of honour alone. Elitism, the status quo, balance, order, war; all of these point to Barnabas wanting to fight to restore the old order with every fibre of his being. Remember that in the original monarchy storyline he was the one declared guilty of murdering his father - while that verdict was always open to debate, nobody ever tried to pretend that honour controlled everything his faith did.

I'd think he'd act honourably towards his siblings as they tried to regain the throne, but to pretend that the god of honour and war would hamstring himself by only acting honourably in a fight is really to ignore the brutal reality of what warfare is and was. I don't think he'd turn his nose up at the idea of distracting Isonia while she was assassinated by one of his siblings. I certainly don't think he'd blink at the idea of slaughtering a rival 'pretender to the throne' if they stood alone against him.
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Postby Karhedron » Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:31 am

The whole necessary evil of 'cooperation' i think fits in nicely.

How would gods, despite ancient power, with next to zero believers defeat the dominant celestial beings without some sort of advantage?

Plus the idea of an initial, failed attempt to take heaven works well in providing a cause to sink an island.

TBH, i thought we were generally now just bantering about this last final phase of the old gods return, everything up to the point of who out of the three elder would be the one to strike the death blow to each of the younger was already pretty much agreed upon...

But if we're really gonna have to start from scratch...
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Postby Knight of Barnabas » Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:03 am

I probably wrote more than i should've, not an uncommon fault of mine.

What i meant to say, mainly, was that i don't think it's helpful from a storytelling perspective to betray, in an opening story, one of a god or line's prime tenets and traits, there are easy ways around it within karhedron's story, was no need for me to write 90% of that.

My 'story' wasn't written from beginning, rather from the point at which they go back for the second go, i think kars was great..

Not just honour, Elitism, the status quo, balance, order, war; absolutely, but the one flaw of kar's story (seems to me) that not only is barnabas the only one who goes against his very nature (in more thngs than just the absolut honour), but he does it with nare a second thought, we do not see leto challenging his usurper to a duel of honourable combat, much as we should not see barnabas deliberately backstab.

Granted the engine doesn't differentiate between the gods in anything other than number and color (or did i miss some code revisions that did?) and barnabas as all the gods must bow to the expediant from time to time if not always, but not to do so without comment, or as if it was natural and easy.

Again, so wordy, when i started writing i did not mean to propose an entire reworking, and probably should of kept it to PM.
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Postby Reggie » Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:39 am

Granted the engine doesn't differentiate between the gods in anything other than number and color (or did i miss some code revisions that did?) and barnabas as all the gods must bow to the expediant from time to time if not always, but not to do so without comment, or as if it was natural and easy.

Again, so wordy, when i started writing i did not mean to propose an entire reworking, and probably should of kept it to PM.

At one point, there were mechanical differences between Oleana and the other deities, most specifically in the types of spells that her followers could cast. Oleana had no destructive spells. Her spells were geared specifically for defense. The replacement for the lower level spell that destroyed temples and murdered peasants was to summon phantom fortresses. The replacement for the larger spell that destroyed a percentage of all structures was the ability to cast fog of war on a target kingdom rather than just your own.

These vastly differed from my original vision of what Oleana's spells should be. I wanted basically a 'perfect' fog of war spell called the 'Gypsy Cloak' for her big spell. It would basically be a renewable, unbeatable fog of war that had to be recast every day, cost 4x the normal amount of elan and could not be cast if the kingdom had performed an offensive action for 72 hours prior to the spell's casting.

I also wanted them to remove all of the scummer actions that resulted in death and for Oleana kingdoms to have a global 50% defense bonus to all defensive calculations counterbalanced by a 50% penalty in all offensive calculations.

This was around 2000 or so and I thought that the 'individualizing' of Oleana might lead to a movement for the other three deities to be similarly 'individualized.' That, however, never actually happened and the end result of the 'individualizing' of Oleana was so watered down that playing her faith really wasn't that much different from playing any of the other three.

These discussions with Dustin, in certain, ways led to the decision to make 'peace' one of Oleana's spheres of influence. I guess in a way, what I really wanted was a goddess of 'defense.' There was a roleplay basis to it. In the original Pax Divina storyline, Barnabas granted Oleana a spark of divine power that for her manifested as the 'Romany Reii' - or the Gypsy Cloak. What the power did within the context of the story was allow her to mask the faithful of Barnabas from the Letites and the Angelicans during a period of time when it appeared as though they might be driven from the world entirely.

(The story was written in the wake of the first Angeleto alliance during the age of Key.)

This 'spark of divinity,' as another aside, is the primary reason that the plan for another mortal to ascend to godhood as Oleana did would ultimately fail... at least in my narrative. Basically, when Barnabas granted her the Reii, Barnabas transformed Oleana into what was essentially a 'proto-goddess.' This would have led to nothing, except that her messianic journey to the west, along with the survival of the Romany following the Season of Storms that left her realm a flooded wasteland caused by Angelicans, and her final murder by assassins of Leto led to such love from her chosen people that the 'spark of divinity' eventually blossomed into flame and she ascended to full-blown godhood.

So being held in godlike esteem alone would not be enough. Neither would being gifted with a 'spark of divinity' alone. When the world was younger, the phenomenon was more common than it it now... in fact, Barnabas granted Suvantar with a similar 'spark' called the 'Fire that Kills.' However, the Heretic of Barnabas was never held in high enough esteem by anything remotely resembling a large enough group of people to become a god.

And given the Oleana experience, the chance of any of the three deities ever chancing doing this again would be extraordinarily remote, no matter how well any given mortal servant had performed for them. Given the fact that Oleana's 'gift' in some way led to their near defeat, I doubt they would ever grant any portion of their divine power to another mortal, no matter how great that portion or how miniscule. After all, the power to hide is not a particularly impressive power, no matter how you slice it. And according to the narrative you are constructing here, it seems that him granting her the power to hide his people engendered the very chain of events that precipitated the rise of Foret, Isonia and Darden.
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Postby Reggie » Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:55 am


With the Romany, as far as I am aware, they have no history as a Guild from a Post-Monarchy Evernight point of view, and I suspect that there is a zero percent chance that you will bring the Guild back. While I would like to see you take up a role actively helping come up with an over story, it makes no real sense to bring Romany back into the storyline at all.

You're right in assuming that I don't intend to bring RR back in any form or fashion, but without her history and her roots, the character under discussion might as well be called 'Demeter' or 'Chauntea' or 'Persepone' or any other name you might want to use for an agriculture or earth goddess.

The stories about any character are what make that character unique. And while I don't discount the stories that any other guild of players wrote while playing the Oleana faith, there is only one guild that wrote foundational stories about her while she was still alive. And ignoring those stories, it seems to me, cuts into the uniqueness of this particular deity and that particular period of time in Evernight history.

I could envision Oleana entering into this type of agreement if she honestly believed it would rid the world of the scourge of Barnabas, Leto and Angelique. After all, if you look at these three deities objectively, each of them is quite evil. Monarchy, after all, started in what? 1997? Each age is roughly 2 months. In narrative terms and we consider each 'age' to be roughly 20 years of narrative time, we have 11 years x 6 or 66 ages. That translates to 1320 years of continuous war in the names of these three deities that they have basically encouraged and fed off of like vampires.

Now, it can be argued that as a mortal, I have no real idea of the motivations of gods and goddesses, but the point is that my original conception of Oleana was that she was the one goddess who would never demand this kind of monolithic, continuous sacrifice on the part of her faithful.

For whatever reason, it seems as if she failed to reach the Olander's Seat, which was her intention when she ascended. Having failed that and having seen the sacrifice of her people come to, in the end, little or nothing, I could see this sort of thing as a last, desperate action on her part to try to preserve the world from the constant shadow in forever endured.

However, since Foret, Isonia and Darden ultimately also failed, it would seem that Oleana is sort of relegated to a historical also-ran, which would mean that this world is basically damned since it basically is in the exact same postion it was in prior to her ascension, which means that the entire story is more or less a colossal waste of a thousand years of time. Nothing was resolved. Nothing was even furthered.

That's pretty depressing when you think about it.
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Postby Karhedron » Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:03 am

Mmm... 'Cos in the real world, we've come so far as to be beyond making the same pointless wars, and the same stupid mistakes that we made centuries ago over the last 1000 or so years...

Oh... wait... ;)

But seriously, to be fair, while the situation would appear to be similar to having come full circle, by some standards, there's also the fact that at present heaven itself is actually EMPTY... So, while there is the possibility that Oleana's hard work may result in only a 'colossal waste of a thousand years of time', there is also the possibility that the chain of events that she essentially set in motion -could- result in, if only one embodied god ascends, the eventual resolution of the wars with the rise of one supreme diety. Or if reascension is impossible/improbable in the current era as you are suggesting, then this could result in the end of wars based upon dieties in their entirety, with the mortal gods-incarnate eventually succumbing to their mortal vulnerability, suffering death either natural or sinister.

'Course in all likelihood this would only lead to further wars of their own 'earthly' causes, just as in our own 'godless' real world.
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Postby Reggie » Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:47 am

So I am giving this a shot, but what I am ending up with seems probably much too long for what you are looking for. Nevertheless, I'll go ahead and post what I have and finish it up later on today.


In the beginning, there was Olander and Olander dwelled in the Heavens.

He created the suns and the moons. He created the rocks and the firmament. He created the waters. And into the waters, he placed the fishes and onto the firmament, he placed the beasts.

He created the days and the nights. And he gazed down upon his works and smiled. And yet, he knew that it was not enough. For he was Olander and he had to be loved and none of his creations was yet able to do so.

And so Olander created the People. And the People loved him and so Olander was content. And for a thousand, thousand seasons, the People loved each other and loved Olander and the world of Tonan was at peace.

And yet, within Olander grew discontent for there was none in all the heavens or all the firmament or all the waters that was as he was. And Olander grew weary, for the love of the People was a burden that had to be borne alone. And so from the very stuff of his own being, Olander created his children.

Barnabas, the first born, the keeper of Traditions and Rulership.

To Barnabas’ right, Angelique, the maker of Laws for a world that had none.

To Barnabas’ left, Leto, the bringer of Freedom for those without voice.

Olander, the father of Earth saw an end to his days approaching. These three, formed of his own essence and loved by him as a father, he said would take his place and instead of there being a single seat in Heaven, there would be three. For Olander was wise and he knew these things:

Rulership without restraint would lead only to stagnation.

Law without restraint would lead only to tyranny.

Chaos without restraint would lead only to anarchy.

And Olander knew that each of these things without restraint would lead to what his world had never seen: War.

And so Olander taught his children and tried to make them wise, but for the first time in Heaven, there was discord. Angelique could not abide Leto, nor could he abide her. Barnabas could abide neither, for he understood that each was right at times but at other times neither was. Yet each believed he or she was always right. Olander told Barnabas that each was necessary, for the essence of rulership was to know when it was that one was right over the other and in order for him to rule well, he must hear the others and know the time.

Yet in dividing his essence into three, Olander had created less than what was inside of only one. And so it came to pass that there came a day when Olander was found upon the throne of Heaven no longer alive. Murder had found its way into paradise. And with it, murder found its way to the world.

Angelique accused Barnabas, for he held the weapon when she came upon the scene. Leto, sensing opportunity, echoed her accusation. Barnabas attempted to proclaim his innocence, but the combined power of the other two was too great. Disfigured and blinded, he was cast from Heaven to the Earth below. Freed from their brother’s balance, the remaining two fell upon each other like wolves. And all the heavens and all the waters and the entire firmament shuddered with the force of their conflict. And in the end, each found that he or she was not strong enough to defeat the other alone.

And so the Seat of Heaven stood vacant.

And so to Tonan came the wars.

Empires crumbled. Those once devoted only to Olander had to choose allegiance to one child or another. The children believed that if his or her chosen people ruled on earth, it would free the path to the seat of heaven. And for generations, there was strife. And none of the children held the wisdom of Olander. They were younger deities and, all-unknowing, made of the world a playground for the errors of younger gods.

Among their chosen people, there were those especially fervent in their prayers, especially zealous in their campaigns, especially devoted in their worship… and to these, the younger deities granted small, almost unnoticeable bits of themselves. And so to Tonan came the Saints.

The Saints spread the gospel of the gods. New nations grew and the storm of war spread across the face of Tonan. And yet none of these new empires ever held enough power for one of the three to seize the Seat of Heaven. Generations passed. There came a time when none of the People yet living could remember ought but that the world had always been at war. While there were three, none could gain the final advantage.

And then it came to pass that among the People, a Saint of Angelique and a Saint of Leto remembered how it was that Barnabas was first cast from heaven.

And so a pact was formed. The faithful of Barnabas were swept from the land in greater numbers than ever before. Combined, the fanaticism of Angelique’s templars and the passion of Leto’s dervishes nearly drove the Red Lord’s followers to extinction to the point where Barnabas was driven to attempt something never tried before.

Unto one of his followers, he granted not a sliver of his divine essence, but one of his true divine powers.

The smallest perhaps.

The most inconsequential perhaps.

And yet it was a spark of true divinity.

And from that spark of divinity came the rise of Oleana, known to her people as the Gypsy Queen. It is unknown what power it was that the Red Lord granted her, but what is known is that she led the people of Barnabas back to greatness and that among them, she was loved more than any save perhaps Barnabas himself.

And yet she could not bring the peace that her people so craved. And she could not rally them enough to defeat both Leto and Angelique’s faithful. And thus, she could not seat Barnabas upon Olander’s throne.

United again by need, Lady Law and the Chaosbringer granted their followers powers to strike down the Gypsy Queen. The priests of Angelique summoned a thousand storms to rain down upon lands loyal to the Gypsy, but she stood against them. The desert warlords of Leto sent a hundred thousand riders to destroy them, but were beaten back. In the end, it was the action of a single, unnamed man, armed not with a blade or a spell, but with poison and stealth who brought the Gypsy Queen low.

And yet this was not the end.

In the aftermath of Oleana’s death, something occurred that had never happened before. Her death was not death. Her end was not the end. And the love of her people sustained and uplifted her and transformed her into something completely new. The spark of divinity granted unto her by Barnabas ignited into a great flame. The goddesswave swept over the world. The Gypsy Cult was born.

Barnabas was elated for in life she was his. Now, the Seat would be his, for unlike before where there was balance between himself, his brother and his sister, he would have an ally in the eternal war. He appeared before Oleana and swore to her that if she would help him strike down Leto and Angelique, he would rule well and hold her always at his side. He demanded that she help him for she owed her existence to him.

But Oleana looked to the world below them and she saw the suffering of her people.

She saw the suffering of all.

And she knew that Barnabas was as much to blame for this as his brother or his sister.

And so she denied the Red Lord his demand.

And so the wars began anew, changed only in that there were now four great religions rather than three. And in heaven, Oleana despaired for the world, because now there were those who were killing and dying in her name along with the others. And so she searched. She searched into the deep realms of the past for a way to finally end the eternal war. She discovered the long abandoned form of the father god and she wept, for the name of Olander had been long forgotten from the world.

And at that moment, Oleana understood the greatest of truths.

Divinity could not be destroyed.

Divinity could only be changed to a new form.

And so, the divinity of Olander must remain… somewhere. Even if it was not held in the still form before her, she knew that Olander’s divinity must remain.

And so she sought anew. Perhaps if she could not bring peace to the world, then a reborn Olander could. Perhaps she could bring Olander back. Yet this was not to be. After years of seeking, Oleana found the lost divinity of Olander locked away in Tonan’s two moons and its sun. She did not understand how this could have come to pass, but she knew she could not bring him back. Oleana nearly despaired, for beneath her on the world, she sensed that her faithful were becoming as the faithful of the others. They sought only to place her on the Seat of Heaven.

They did not understand the peace she sought to bring.

And so Oleana wept… her final gift and her final curse to the world.

In her weeping, she brought the rains that blocked the sun.

For nearly a year, the rains swept across all of Tonan, washing away entire cities.

If she cried long enough, all would be washed away and the world could begin anew. In desperation, Barnabas, Leto, and Angelique sought her, but the first power that Barnabas had ever granted her was revealed. If Oleana wished to remain concealed, she could never be found. She was nowhere. She was everywhere. They sought, but all they found was the earth itself.

Finally, her weeping drew the priest Karoph, Voice of the Grey Moon Numi, from his hidden location. He quested to find Oleana to try to stop her tears from washing away the entire world. Finally, he found her beneath the great mountain on the island of Mo’ Pri. Faced with a goddess, he only asked her why she cried.

And Oleana told him.

Karoph told her that alone among the gods, she had the wisdom of Olander. The Father God’s children did not. The Father God too would weep if he saw the great tragedy of the world he once created. And yet, if Oleana was strong, as well as wise, she could end the suffering of the world.

Oleana asked him how this could be, for her faithful were becoming as the faithful of the other gods. There was no peace on Tonan. There could be no peace on Tonan so long as she and the children of Olander were there to bring war.

Karoph again told her that she was wise.

And then Oleana understood.

Divinity could not be destroyed. But it could be changed. It could be constrained.

It could be enjoined.

The Moons and the Sun, Karoph told her, held the divinity of Olander, but not the consciousness. If she did what Barnabas once did for her in a different way, each could be awakened as a new deity. Numi, the Grey, Soma, the Purple, and Intop, the Sun, once awakened, would bring the peace that she, Oleana, alone could not. With her divinity and the lost divinity of Olander combined, the flawed children of Olander could be held asleep forever. This was better, he insisted, than simply washing all away and hoping that the next world would be better than this one. In this way, perhaps her chosen people could prosper one day.

And so it was that Oleana allowed her consciousness to pass and her divinity to spread to the moons and the sun. And the grey moon Numi awakened as the god Foret. And the purple moon Soma awakened as the goddess Isonia. And the sun awakened as the demon god Darden.

Feeling the second goddesswave that came with the dissipation of Oleana, Barnabas, Angelique and Leto descended upon the island of Mo’ Pri in a desperate attempt to stop the threat that they sensed, but did not yet fully comprehend. In that moment, with the children of Olander gathered and temporarily vulnerable, the younger gods struck as one, obliterating the island and banishing the three to a place beyond creation and outside even the sight of Heaven.

And so it came to pass that Foret, Isonia and Darden, newly born and united by the shared desire for peace granted to them by Oleana’s consciousness, ascended to Heaven and laid to rest the father god. The Seat of Heaven they left as a reminder of the wars that had given birth to their own creation and agreed in unison that none of the three would sit upon it. Instead, they would create three thrones, all placed equally around the old seat that each would inhabit and that there would be eternal harmony between them.

On Tonan, they agreed, there would be no Saints. There would be Voices to speak to the people of their will, but there would never be one who was granted even the smallest bit of divinity again, for the Saints, they all agreed, were among those responsible for the generations of war.

And so, the new gods, looking back to the world, saw that in the absence of gods, the People had placed their faith in Prophets. Mina, Diman and Solas had promised the People many things and claimed visions of their own divinity. Thousands had flocked to their banners and the wars were beginning anew. The new gods knew their promise to Oleana and the responsibility they owed to the people required them to end this threat before it could fully manifest itself.

In short order, Mina, Diman, and Solas were no more.

And so it was that the triad brought peace to Tonan where there had been none for nearly twenty generations. The people flourished. Foret, Isonia and Darden were wise. And for nearly a thousand years, they sat upon their thrones and the pact of Oleana was upheld. However, there came a time when the older gods were forgotten by all save the new gods themselves. Oleana became but a distant voice from the past. The desire for peace that she infused each of them with became but a small echo in the backs of their minds.

And each, in turn, gazed in the direction of the vacant seat and each could barely remember why he or she occupied a lower throne instead of sitting upon the central Seat.

Each also found that the placid contentment of the People has resulted in a diminishing need for the gods. None of the held the absolute love of the People that Olander once held. None of them has generated in his or her chosen People the fanatical need for him or her to emerge victorious. Though their Voices were heeded in the world, they were heeded because of tradition. They were heeded because of habit. They were not heeded because of the absolute devotion that feeds divine power.

And so… the first sin.

The pact of Oleana was broken. War erupted once more in the heavens as each of the three new gods vied to occupy the central seat that they once agreed would never be occupied. And once the war erupted in the heavens, the wars again erupted on the earth below.

Almost without knowing why, but never having forgotten the method or manner in which the wars were waged, the great empires of Tonan again fell into battle. Though the lines of division were different than before and nations once allied were now enemies and nations once opposed allies without seeming reason other than their allegiance to the new gods, the eternal war remained much the same as it ever was.

And without the power of the Saints to guide their chosen people and without the tutelage of Olander to guide them, these wars would be far more brutal and far more destructive than any ever waged before. And like the elder gods before them, Foret, Isonia and Darden soon discovered that none could gain the ultimate advantage over the two others.

And with their attention fully focused on the wars below, none of the three noticed a stirring from the place beyond creation.

Barnabas was the first to fully awaken. As he arose, he stood and flexed his once-powerful muscles and was disturbed that his blade, once nearly an extension of his arm, seemed so heavy to him. Nevertheless, the immediate desire for vengeance against those who had managed to so humiliate him burned within him. He sneered as he scanned the heavens and found the one among them he styled herself a warrior: Isonia.

Angelique awakened upon Barnabas’ departure. Angry at the deceptive and lawless manner in which she and her siblings had been defeated, though she was slightly shaken that she could not quite formulate the perfect argument against this affront to order as she once was able to, she still did not hesitate. Among those who had supplanted her and her brothers was one who claimed to bring order as she once had: Foret.

Leto’s crafty eyes followed his sister’s stormy departure. It was not known how long Leto was actually awake, but the one thing that was certain was his deep annoyance at being outwitted by the chambermaid goddess Oleana and her three pretender godlings. Among them, there was one who claimed to be clever and cunning. Leto grinned as his eyes lit upon this supposed genius: Darden.

Angelique, as always, felt absolute certainty in the correctness of her position. She and her siblings were the rightful heirs of Olander. The Seat of Heaven was only meant for one of them. To her horror, however, in the face of Foret’s perfect justifications for the triads right to be here and the simple logic of the siblings’ many failures, she felt her ability to vocalize her position falter. Eventually, she simply fell into silence while Foret gazed upon her with a somehow amused arched eyebrow. In self-disgust and renewed humiliation, she turned around and walked away from him while he turned his gaze back to his followers on Tonan and their ongoing battles.

There were no words between Barnabas and Isonia. Their blades made their arguments for them. In short order, however, equal the first few passes of the battle were, the Red Lord began to feel an alien burning in his shoulders that soon traveled down his arms. In a final, brutal flurry, Isonia hammered his blade repeatedly with her axe, numbing his hands until the sword simply slipped free of them. Barnabas stared in shock at his blade on the ground and then did the only thing he could. He yielded to Isonia, who granted him his life and returned her attention to the wars on Tonan below believing him to be no further threat.

There was no immediate animosity between Leto and Darden, only a burgeoning curiosity between the two regarding which of them was the cleverer. Leto challenged the younger god to a game of chance, believing that there was no way that chance would betray him. Darden was immediately disinterested in such a thing, however, because he did not believe that Leto had anything to wager. Leto, however, had been awake long enough to deeply consider what had happened to him and his sibling. He told Darden that he did have something to offer… the truth about Darden’s own existence.

That peaked the demon’s interest. And what, he demanded, would Leto have him wager in return?

Leto smiled his most charming smile. An alliance, he offered. And alliance between himself and the Demon to depose Foret and Isonia and then to dispose of Barnabas and Angelique. And at the end of it, he and Darden would rule the heavens and earth as equals.

Darden knew immediately that the end result of such an agreement was Leto’s intention to betray him. After all, that is what he would do if he was in the weaker god’s position. However, Leto’s wager intrigued him, because Leto obviously had information which Darden lacked. So he agreed. One roll of the dice.

Leto rolled. And as he rolled, he felt the demon’s eyes bore into him. His gaze slipped toward the bowl that Darden held and he felt a wave of despair pass through him, for he knew even as he let the dice fall from his hand that fickle luck had betrayed him. He knew that he could never defeat Darden. He knew there was no hope… only desperation.

And when the roll came up in Darden’s favor, the demon smiled.

So tell me this truth of which you speak, the demon ordered.

And Leto spoke to him of length about the chambermaid who became a goddess. And who surrendered her divinity to bring peace and to bring forth three new deities to Tonan. And unlike his siblings, when the elder god slinked away in defeat, Darden did not return his attention to the wars below, but instead considered deeply what he had been told.

Leto found Angelique sitting morosely upon a hilltop on the island of Maxim. Her gaze darkened at his approach. Centuries of sleep had done nothing to alleviate her dislike of Leto and everything he was and she was in a foul mood at any rate. She continued to replay the debate with Foret in her mind and still could not believe how easily she had been bested.

Leto laughed.

Angelique’s face darkened further and she would have attacked Leto then had he not then told her what he suspected.

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Postby Karhedron » Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:07 pm

Well... considering there's still the essential return to heaven to include... It IS becoming pretty lengthy yeah.

Though awesome... Pretty lengthy.

And so in many ways, the form we'd beaten out earlier is a pretty effective synopses of your lengthier version there, minus some of the depth and detail. The general events and actions are the same... perhaps with a little rewording... *shrugs*

And as such we return once again to the second attempt at reascension and the exact details of how the elder pantheon defeat their younger counterparts while displaying but not betraying their essential traits.
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Postby Kaz » Fri Feb 15, 2008 3:52 pm

I like it.

Unfortunatley it is much too long for an opening storyline. But it shows real promise regarding the storyline depth that this game ought to have.

I think we need to go about this in a slightly different way.

Firstly, we need to get our basis story points in order. Then, once we've got a rock solid story foundation we will have a selection of story pieces that are told from different perspectives.

Much like found on the pre-Maxim page.

That gives everyone the chance to tell the facts of the story from their own angle.

One thing I do want to see though, is the conclusion to that story Reggie ;)
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Postby Grunt » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:54 pm

a gruntspeak opening for breivity then the creative elaborate
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby Nymphsong » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:22 pm

I also seem to remember a time of troubles. When realms were utterly annihilated because they were built for one purpose, war, and the people in the lands slaved and slaved....

To the Guild Leaders dismay a terrible Warlord as I would call him named Gorf swept over the lands, those without hovels and markets...and especially temples...were destroyed...or so thats how my realm ended along with everyone else at the time??

Maybe this needs to be included as well?

Think of Shakespeare and Hamlet?

Could a mortal have led to a downfall?
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby Kaz » Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:34 am


I've taken our previous set of storyline points, removed the final section to be determined, and added the elements from Reggie's suggestions about Oleana and the fall of the old Gods.

The war between the Gods Barnabas and Leto and their sister the Goddess Angelique, had raged for countless centuries. Oleana, having risen to become a Goddess, has seeked for centuries to bring final and lasting peace to Tonan. Instead of peace, Oleana finds that her very followers have taken up her name in war. In despair she wept, bringing the rains and blocking out the sun.

In an attempt to stop the rains, she is approached by the Voice of Numi, ancient High Priest of a cult that had worshipped the power of Tonan's grey moon for thousands of years. He tells her of Intop, Numi and Soma and how they held the lost divinity of murdered Olander. The first God, father of Barnabas, Angelique and Leto. Murdered by one of the three commiting the 'first sin'.

Oleana, realizing that Olanders power could bring peace, sacrifices her own immortality, and gives her divinity to join that of Olander, and give birth to three new Gods. Foret is the first to form, from the power of the grey moon Numi, Isonia is next from the power of the purple moon Soma. Finally, from the power of the sun Intop, comes Darden.

Realising something was amiss, but not truly understanding exactly what it was. Angelique, Barnabas and Leto rush to the Island of Mo-Pri where they are ambushed by the waiting new Gods. Olanders first children are banished, and the Island of Mo-Pri is obliterated.

Without their Gods, the confused people of Tonan struggle to find meaning. When the prophets Diman, Mina and Solas claim to have had visions of newly emerging gods, thousands flock to their banners. Soon the peace is broken by fighting between the followers of the prophets.

Remembering their promise to Oleana, they newly emerged Gods appear to the people. The prophets are forgotten and peace is finally restored to Tonan.

A peace that, it turns out, would not last forever. Peace and contentment brings a lack of 'need' for gods, and in turn causes a waning in these new god's power, and then finally leading up to the 'second sin'. As their power starts to fade the Gods start to fight amongst themselves, the desire for peace that Oleana had given them now a faint echo in their minds.

War erupts once more in the heavens, and on the earth below. None of them noticed a stirring from place beyond creation. Though powerless at first, the Elder gods are reborn. As the conflict between the gods of the younger pantheon grows, the pact is broken further and further and the power of the elder pantheon grows.

Barnabas, the eldest, was the first to fully awaken, and as he rose, he flexed his once-powerful muscles and summoned his sword to him, surprised at its weight. He scanned the heavens until he found his opponent, the most powerful warrior among the new gods: Isonia.

As Barnabas left to fight Isonia, Angelique awoke, her mind clouded from aeons of slumber. Finding her counterpart, Foret, waiting in his court, Angelique left to challenge the first born to a war of words.

Finally, Leto rose from his sleep. Finding a worthy opponent in the clever Darden, Leto began to pursue the youngest god across the heavens.

Angelique met with Foret first, and skillfully tried to regain her former position through reason and logic. However, at every turn, her arguments were countered by the first born's words of justification. Furious, the goddess turned on her heel and left, shouting caustic words that caused the heavens to shake and covered the sky with dark, roiling clouds.

Barnabas and Isonia fought next, each trying to best the other in combat. The earth shook and lightning rent the heavens as their blades clashed, but eventually it became clear that Barnabas' long sleep had taken its toll, and he was forced to yield to Isonia. The victorious goddess allowed her foe to retreat, confident in her superiority.

Below, the people of Maxim, realising the magnitude of the conflict going on about them, made plans to leave the island in whatever way possible, whether by magic or by boat, the people began emmigrating in droves, their conflicts temporarially forgotten.

Darden fled from the lord of Chaos, reasoning that the best way to defeat his foe was to cause him to make a foolish mistake. Leto pursued Darden across the heavens, but alone he was always one step behind the younger, faster god. His angry roars shook the very foundations of the island of Maxim, and, while the inhabitants fled, the island sank into the sea as Leto, frustrated, gave up his search for Darden and went to seek out his siblings with a plan.

The elder Gods realized that alone, they could never defeat their younger counterparts. They had lost much of their power, and few believed in them anymore. However, together they stood a chance.

………………. TO BE DETERMINED ……………………

[referring to darden]he smashed his bowl.

Even as Darden fell, Heaven flooded with despair, washing over the elder gods, driving them backwards... downwards... to Tonan.

No longer urged to war by the Younger Gods, a relative peace returns once more to Tonan. Rumours start to spread about the return of Ancient Gods who came to destroy their younger cousins. Soon these rumours tell of the Elder Gods being reborn in mortal form. Armies without causes start to flock to the banners of the Mortal Gods.

The throne of Heaven is empty, and the first to reach it will rule all. Now each mortal-incarnation must struggle to ascend to immortality once more, with the first to do so likley to gain supreme power over heaven and earth.
Programming is 10% science, 25% ingenuity and 65% getting the ingenuity to work with the science.
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Re: General Discussion : The Game World

Postby SoulDemon » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:32 am

You want to tie all the gods together, easy enough.

Oleana was eventually murdered. She was never accepted as a Goddess and its up in the air as to who actually did the deed.

The original Barnabas, Leto, Angelique were cast from the heavens by their faithful. People lost faith, stopped believing in them. They lost control of their power, and were overthrown by Darden, Isonia and Foret. New ideas, new beliefs - new religious war. The old gods could of been killed, or simply went into hiding for however many decades, years, whatever.

All of a sudden their names are starting to be whispered again. Legends, Prophets, whatever you want to call them come back and say they are mortal now and looking to reclaim their rightful place. They start a religious war in the world of Maxim, destroy that world. Move to Convenant, destroy that world as well. with it, Foret, Darden and Isonia parish.

Now we have Unity, and we still have the same religious war.

A reason for them to still fight? Easy enough. We still don't know who killed Oleander, and the three of them are gready. They didn't get along before, they still don't get along rightfully believing they are the "one" who is set to inherit the right to rule the realms. Thousands of years of conflict have driven such a wedge that they can never coexist.

- Again, this is assuming we want a quick and easy way to tie them all together.

The other possiblity, they were all seperate games in seperate worlds and have no significance or relation to each other.
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby SoulDemon » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:03 am

Ok, here's the problems.

1.) Reggie did create Oleana so his vision of her is probably the most accurate of all. However as he pointed out what his intent was, and what Dustin had to do in order to make the game playable where totally different. Because of this, to be perfectly honest Oleana's demise could be any number of things.

Realistically there is never going to be a fourth god in Canon. Overall, it didn't work.

2.) You guys are now rewriting / expanding on the original storyline that Dustin and Dan created with Monarchy. I'm not a fan of that at all. The story was intentionally made vague, so people could actually ROLEPLAY and add their own take on it. No specific God was created "evil", or "good", it was all in the eyes of the person who decided to write a story. Olander was never a playable God, was never an expanded upon God, and I'm not a fan of writing his "intent" and storyline now (as Reggie has done).

3.) Oleana was only rumored to be the reincarnation of Olander. It was never confirmed, and based on what Reggie has posted her power did NOT come from Olander. (But a spark from Barnabas) It makes no sense that she would "give her divinity to join that of Olander". He was murdered, he didn't go on a vacation in some super holy land. He's done, kaput, not around, nothing left, no essence, dead dead dead. Making it sound like he's still floating around out there makes no sense.

4.) The Saints were never apart of Monarchy lore. They were simply moderator names. There were three prophets of the Monarchy Days. Dan was Barnabas. Dustin was Angelique, Pious was Leto. When Pious left, I roplayed a very small amount as Leto's Prophet. (As Del Teanos). When Dan left, the idea was Sakkara was going to take over, but I don't think we ever went anywhere with it. I don't see the point in trying to introduce them, or even mentioning Siants as prophets. It confuses the hell out of me, and I'm sure anyone else who was around. Just the same as I don't want to see "Voices" as part of the Foret, Isonia, Darden days, or the return of the Old Gods.

5.) Any association between Oleana and The Moon Gods, I'd venture to say Reggie would have to stamp with an approval.

6.) Having Barnabas fight Isonia, Leto fight whoever....that makes no sense either. You are creating a whole can of worms by saying one God killed another, or by associating any sort of act like that with them. That creates a good vs evil senerio, which is something as I pointed out that was intentionally never created when Monarchy was first created because you can't assign those values to Gods.


The more I give it thought, here are my sticking points and questions.

1.) How do we deal with Oleana and her disappearance? Would it make more sense that rather then 'give herself up' she was just flat out killed? Or when the Romany were destroyed she simply ceased to exist as she had no followers? I know there were other guilds, but without those who allowed her to rise to power and Godhood it may of just simply not been enough to allow her to continue to exist.

2.) The Mina whatever and whatever thing... were they ever apart of Canon? I vaguely remember that being GodSign, which was what we started to create before we eventually decided to port over Monarchy and rename the Gods. If Canon ever did run with those names, I'd honestly say just scrap all of that all together ans associate it with GodSign which is a game that Dustin and I never got off the ground. Concept was going to be completely different then Monarchy.

3.) Foret, Isonia, and Darden... I don't like them fighting directly with the old gods, or the new old gods. I'd rather see them simply banished, killed, or destroyed by the new old gods in some way that doesn't give Barnabas, Leto and Angelique distinct character traits that clash with what was originally written about them.

4.) This is more of a point. I'm completely against rewritting anything that has to do with Olander, or anything to do with the old Gods. This includes Oleana. That history is already written, and it was written by people who outside of Reggie, are no longer around.
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby SoulDemon » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:06 am

Honestly one thing to consider.

Just keeping everything seperate. Treat them all as different games - as in all honesty they were and are.
We can archive the past, and we can expand on the current storyline.
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby Karhedron » Sun Mar 02, 2008 5:54 am

Well... to be fair you can keep it as simple as:

"It is a time of great upheaval. The priests of Isonia, Darden and Foret claim their gods no longer appear to heed their calls... They cannot explain why... It is as if the plains of Heaven are barren, and the three thrones empty and broken.

And now, mortals stride the land claiming to be embodiments of the ancient immortal pantheon - the Children of Olandar, slain creater of all - Barnbas, Angelique, Leto.

Armies without cause start to flock to the banners of these so-called 'Mortal Gods' and war rages anew across the mortal realms as old fires of enmity are reignited in their name.

The high throne of Heaven is empty, and the first to reach it will rule all. Now each mortal-incarnation must struggle to ascend to immortality once more, with the first to do so gaining supreme power over heaven and earth."

Very abbreviated and vague, but gets the jist across.
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby Karhedron » Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:35 am

Recovered from the Diary of Helman Trevara, last High Bishop of Foret for the City of Valandar.

"It is a time of great upheaval. My Lord Foret no longer heeds my prayers. In my dreams I see the plains of heaven as war torn and barren... The Three Thrones sit empty and broken around the one High Seat.

In desperation I sought the council of my heathen counterparts of Isonia and Darden... And they too report such visions. What sorcery is this? Surely Gods cannot die?

The people slip from their faith... My own church lies empty. The lords no longer listen to their priests - these are dark times indeed.

And now, I hear rumours of mortals striding the land claiming to be embodiments of that ancient immortal pantheon, whom's presence we thought we were long cleansed of - the Children of Olandar, slain creater of all - Barnabas, Angelique, Leto.

Armies without cause start to flock to the banners of these so-called 'Mortal Gods' and war rages anew across the mortal realms as old fires of enmity are reignited in their name. Our once faithful followers now call my brethren and myself heretics!

If these rumous are true, then I fear our Gods are gone for good... Perhaps these ancient powers are the reason... Perhaps even now they seek to regain their long-lost dominance over this world? Seeking faith enough to regain their godly existence?

I do not know... Without my God, I am as if blinded... Though one thing I do know is that even as I write this, the mob comes for me and my brethren. I can hear them pounding on the oaken doors and their jeers roar through the broken stain-glass windows.

It seems the high throne of Heaven is empty, and the first of these Gods-incarnate to reach it will rule all. Now each mortal-embodiment must struggle to ascend to immortality once more, with the first to do so gaining supreme power over heaven and earth."
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby Kaz » Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:29 am

Demmy, it would see like you are basing your problems on Reggie's long post, rather than the summary that includes some of the elements he suggested.

There is no mention of Olander's intent in the storyline outline, nor is there any suggestion that Oleana was his reincarnation. All that has been added to the storyline element is a reason for why Decae wrote that the magic really comes from the sun and moons, and as none of us here roleplayed the end of the original gods, we can hardly change history by actually deciding what happened.

There is also no mention of the Saints in the summary either, and Yes, the prophets were the 'gods' for the fist age of Canon (in the HoF as 'Pre-Beta') after we came over from Monarchy. Game wasn't Godsign, cos I didnt get invited to play anything to do with godsign.

Finally, regarding the issue with Barnabas killing so and so, we havent decided on how the Gods die yet, all that was decided is that they were unable to kill them on their own. I have also been adamant around the issue of keeping the Gods actions reflecting their traits.

Yes, we could archive the past and forget about all the different incarnations this storyline has gone though. But for some of us our storylines have weaved throughout all the worlds, and it would be nice to have some consistancy in the storyline to link it together.

If we are going to completely scrap the entirity of 6 months worth of work with us pulling ideas together, then we may as well forget about this whole forum and finding some way for returning players roleplay to fit in to the story again, no matter which era they played in.

Because that was the entire point. The storyline we have now would quite suffice for the game if we forget about the overall roleplay history.
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Re: The Fall of Angelique, Barnabas and Leto

Postby SoulDemon » Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:30 am

I took parts of both of your posts - Reg's long winded version, and what you quoted in your last post here and pointed out the reasons they will never work, or why I object to them.

I understand some people have been roleplaying across the many incarnations of this game. I understand the desire to return to a roleplay driven game, I would like to see that as well. But not at the expense of what has previously been written.

I think the big stickler for me is how Oleana is written out of it. Self-sacrifice, a murder that parallels the murder of Olander? (talk about ironic!)

Here is some of a conversation I just had with Kaz - and an alternate way to present the stories of both sets of Gods.

Here's another idea.
Maxim was its own little world.
Perhaps the Barny, Leto and Angelique were not allowed to manifest there?
so three gods created by the moons were worshiped.
and the destruction of Maxim and Covenent is because they finally broke through and destroyed these pretend-gods.
Or the inhabitients worsihped the three moons and based on that faith, three gods were created.
something like that.
basically you could say the ages of maxim/covenant ran parallel with the existance of Barny, Leto and Angy.
not were in addition too.
and the rewritten storyline.
of the three of them being mortals.
is how they broke in. They gave up their godhood in order to exist in those worlds.

kazsta: so we are going to have roleplay on two worlds?

Brian: and as the Prophets spoke their name, and as people became faithful to them, they grew in power until they were able to destroy the world, the fake gods.
Why not? Nothing was ever written that the storyline of Canon came before or after that of Monarchy.
Think of it like a movie thats events take place at the same time, but in different countries.
and at the end, the storylines are fused together to produce one long movie.
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Re: General Discussion : The Game World

Postby ~Vox~ » Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:44 pm

I like the idea of the old gods falling from grace due to lack of belief, in a way it fits with what little rp i did in the past. True or not my rp deals with souls of the unfaithful killed in the name of your god go to that god and that is how they grow in power (in a nutshell, it's more complicated than that). It ties in with Maxim rp i did about being possessed by a demon and thinking i could do the same thing.

But i'm gonna attempt to do a rp in unity based roughly on my time in the game and posting about the Gods, prophets and all worries me cause i never really worked out all that except early on with Leto. Damn the Gods!!!!

I love RP but damn it stumps me sometimes. Whoever it was that wrote the storyline for Monarchy made me Leto.
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Re: General Discussion : The Game World

Postby GoldWyvern » Sun Mar 09, 2008 2:17 am

I have an idea, and sorry for coming late. I just got back into the game.

I liked the idea WAY up there about there being a alt-name for Angelique, Leto, and Barnie. (I can never spell his name, even after all this time)

If we go that way, I have another thought on that idea. What if, every age, someone was choosen to play that role. RP is all well and good, but everyone has their own style and own way, and there is no real unifying connection in my book to bring it all together.

Those temporary 'leaders' could be that. They wouldn't have any real power, but, it would be excellent if a PLAYER, not an admin would fufill it.

To make it even more interesting, it could be like the old 'Saint' system without any extra board priviledges. Several people apply, admin chooses who, and if the representive Leto or Angelique, etc. gets too out of control with pronouncements, etc, then they could be quietly replaced, no one the wiser.

Such people could be vital in the game as well. Leto Doth Declare.. that under my leadership, all guilds will strike at dawn! Or something. Or simply make elaborate speeches.. heck, just put a face on the three characters we have known for so long.

My two cents, but that's what *I* would like to see. It would have to be tweaked, and discussed, of course.
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Re: General Discussion : The Game World

Postby Karhedron » Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:12 am

That would be cool... though i would guess unlikely due to the relinquishment of power required unto the uneducated player base. ;)

Also be cool for the player base to decide who will represent their deity on an agely basis themselves... A hidden ballot via PMs to an admin by all members in a faith. The winner is never announced, just informed themselves and given the password to a diety posting account for an age, with the same confidentiality restrictions as the voices.

Thus a faith would be represented by the person they silently chose, and should they make a mistake and choose a ill-suited person, the admins can always step in and remove the person without anyone being any the wiser, and the faith punished for its ill-decision by losing their diety's voice for the remainder of the age.

Heh - no other online game gives you the chance to be the GOD of one of the faiths.
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Re: General Discussion : The Game World

Postby GoldWyvern » Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:41 am

Yeah, and it would be kind of cool to have a sort of Q&A session with a deity for which you don't know the identity of.

GoldWyvern, "Fair Angelique, I have served you well for these many years! Are you pleased?"

Angelique, "You are a faithful servant but I must admit, you are no more then a puppy.. often charging without thinking, often sniffing where your nose does not belong. I am pleased with you as I would be a puppy, in that I do believe you are a loyal and I tolerate you."

GoldWyvern, "Um.. well.. I see."

Angelique, "And I must say, you're wearing a rather dashing outfit today."

GoldWyvern, "Really? You like it?"

Angelique, "No, not really. Leave me."

At this point, I would TRULY suspect that the person behind the mask was either someone who really hated me or really knew me, one of the two. :)
Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.
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