Where did everyone go?

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Where did everyone go?

Postby Kaz » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:09 pm

In late 2008 Kaz and Souldemon made the decision to close Evernight Games. Decae came back from retirement to keep the site going, but then came to the same decision in late 2009.

Instead of totally shutting things down, it was decided to keep Tempers Ball up and running as a way of helping returning visitors find the remnants of this long lived community, and to create a new site where we could start over and learn from the power of hindsight.

The game can now be found under it's original name Monarchy at http://monarchygame.com and the messageboards have moved to Monarchs Glen found at http://monarchygame.com/boards

The roleplay chain 'Shadows of Time' that has been running in Writers Corner has been moved to it's own location on the Evernight server. Old posts are still visable on Tempers Ball, but new posts can be found at http://evernight.com/shadows

The archive of Maxim threads has also been moved to it's own sub-boards and (although closed for new posts and registrations) can be found at http://evernight.com/maxim-archive

Guild Charters are still available here and the private Guild forums will remain open on Tempers Ball.

An attempt to try and sort out links to old lost roleplay and other content, as saved by the wayback machine, can be found here.

There is also a facebook group for old Canon/Monarchy players which can be found here. The group is closed an hidden, but applications to join are generally accepted quickly.

We hope that you'll come and join us on Monarchs Glen.
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