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Down Hitters Creed

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:17 am
by Sun Ce
Downhitters in solo??????????? come on, say it ain't so???

I'll bet it's the same excuses the downhitters use also, i think there is a downhitters manual somewhere.

1 can't tithe anymore.
2 Your not at war.(even if you are at war).
3 No message at all(usual tactic with a couple of the diks).
4 Your getting to close. Even if the NW disparity is over 500k difference.
5 needed some land to build on and your were close.

etc etc etc

same ole song and dance.

:chainsaw: :chainsaw:

Re: Down Hitters Creed

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:07 am
by Exile
This has been a pretty poor age, I've been on top since I won my first war (defensive mind you). My second war since noone had gotten past me except faithmates, I had to DS open land to hit. then I sat and built. As I finished building that land I caught a scummer so that allowed my second dec and 3rd war. then I sat and built until waiting for someone to rise up to challenge me. and the only ones consistently rising were faithmates. I tried to offer...99 999 999 gold got me 135 acres so then once I was fully built out I started targeting the top kingdoms not at war. I'd hit, tell them to find a war and I'd leave them alone and build for a few more days and repeat. In that time one kingdom did actually stand up to me, however when you have been building as long as I have, suisorc didn't even make a dent. I was hoping those kingdoms that started to make a move up the scrolls might try to challenge me, but they got cut down before they had a chance, but at long as they stayed actively fighting I was going to leave them be. But I think with a player base this small, ~35 non NPP realms in solo, the game becomes unplayable as soon as a few realms of the same faith concentrate power at the top, as has happened here. I guess next age I'll have to give duo a try because solo I think is dead.

Re: Down Hitters Creed

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:54 pm
by Sun Ce
DUO is the same, get 5 or 6 in the top and the game is over. I logged into solo everyday and updated scrolls on the way out and guess what??? next day i log in and check the scrolls and see the bottomfeeding going on. NO 1 in the top 5 likes to update scrolls due to the fact there downhitting.

I log in the next day and anyone that was 500k close to the bottom angie was hit, only 3 angies so far are partaking in this bottomfeeding.

Ranks 1,2 and 3 especially 2, i guess the drive to be king is large. to bad this game is dieng like the rest of canon. I seen a leto delete their country that was ranked 6(top rank non angie), i think a barney did also. Whats that tell ya???

I'm another 1 done with solo after this set is over, chances are i'll be deleting my country soon also. 1 less country for the downhitter's to hit.

:cheers: :cheers:

Re: Down Hitters Creed

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 12:57 am
by DeviusZwei
My spam will span the cosmos,
Summer of sam, I'm loco amigos,
Downhit your shit and laugh like a fuck,
Trash your realm, spit, no bitch u suck,
Roommate walked in on me bangin a slut,
I walked up, kissed her on the cheek, grabbed her butt.
Came back to skeet skeet skeet alll over your city,
So sad when I FA FA FA, oh such a pity,
500k networth is a small downhit,
Try 200 percent like letos in unit-
y, why cant it possibly be, possibly,
that we could war, in simply harmony,
because its fuckin war and thats how it is,
either you fuckin die or you fuckin live,
thats how it is