Braggart's Hall Now Open Chaos Style (RP)

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Braggart's Hall Now Open Chaos Style (RP)

Postby Voice Tyr » Tue May 20, 2008 9:31 pm

Braggart's Hall is now open for bragging and just all around poking of fun. It is set in a tavern setting and can develop as you make it. Myself and Voice Epsilon will be serving drinks and inflating or deflating egos. There might be celeb sighting such as SD or even Kaz as they can never pass up a chance to get a free drink.

Rulz: This is for all Choas games,
1)this is an RP thread (Melo to extreme)
2)Have fun gloating and poking fun but take it over the edge and your booted!!!
3)Please post your Kills/networth/rank/you defending against 5 kingdoms, and if we deem is worthy drinks will be on us.

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Re: Braggart's Hall Now Open Chaos Style (RP)

Postby Voice Epsilon » Tue May 20, 2008 9:59 pm

The bar had been waiting to be opened for a while, I am your bartender, along with Mr Tyr. If you fight a battle hard, drinks will be on us, now let it begin and have fun!

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Re: Braggart's Hall Now Open Chaos Style (RP)

Postby -Exidus Kalimoor- » Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:14 am

The spell had gone terribly wrong...

Although still alive, Exidus' magic had failed him once again. Curse the gods for his foul luck. Surely they were interfering like before, he thought.

In the days before he had created a spell that he hoped would allow him to find the exact position of the leaders of the world. With such precise knowledge he would be able to rule the land. He would send his assassins to seek them out and kill them one by one. Unfortunately the incantation did not work, and teleported him somewhere instead.

Exidus looked around himself, fearing the worst. Before him was a bar and tavern. Dressed in Old craftsmanship, with objects mostly made of wood. It was simple but comfortable and Exidus was oddly intrested in its embrace. Perhaps it was part of the magic, but Exidus no longer held anger against his enemys, here there was only tranquility. He could use the rest and since he was already in the room he felt compelled to investigate.

The place was rather empty, the many stools and chairs around void of life. The shelves were all clear and held no contents. Anouther room stood to his left, dark and mystirous. Exidus thought for a moment he could hear voices comeing from within it, wispering in anymosity. There was a door to leave and he wondered what may lie beyond it.

Two glowing creatures stood behind the bar, their forms smooth with constant energy. Exidus wondered who they were. Were they the rulers of this place, part of the spell, or just a figment of his imagination. Ether war Exidus approached them, his blue tattered cloak dragging upon the floor. He asked them who they were and what this place was and waited. They seemed confused and looked at each other before turning to speek.

Just then another telported into the room behind him and he whirled about to see who it was.

(OOC -- You may use my character's spell to arrive here if you want. The rules for the spell are as follows;

1. You are teleported instantly into this room. You don't know why and may be doing anything at the time of spell, sleeping, praying, fighting or whatever.
2. your character is magically relaxed, free of worry and enchanted with a slight euphoric high.
3. For the duration chosen by you, your character sees and hears things differently then they actually are.

No one has posted yet and this thread has been up for a while. Get in hear and RP with me dammit...)
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Re: Braggart's Hall Now Open Chaos Style (RP)

Postby Shifty » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:57 pm

Shifty had the farmers daughter bent over the wooden fence that kept the pigs from wandering off. He deflty unbuckled his belt and his pants dropped to the ground when...


Suddenly he was standing in the middle of a rustic tavern with his pants down.

"How curious," he thought while pulling his pants back on. "How very odd."

He then scanned the room for another woman as he approached the bar for a drink.
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