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Solo game strategies?

Postby Cindy » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:26 pm

I haven't played solo in quite a while. I came back to the game because of the changes Kaz made particularly the land equality requirement.

I have yet to declare war on anyone so I am not sure how this effects the wars, but I have had plenty declare on me and fail miserably. Of course, I do believe in temples to protect against sorc attacks, scum to protect temples and gold, and defensive troops and forts to protect my lands.

Look at the history of my kingdom so far...I am Melodious.

9th -10th April
various failed and successful scout attempts

11th April
Gerien scouts me seen twice then a failed control strike and messages me:
From Count-Palatine Gerien of xxxxxx xxxxxx (300xx)
2008-04-11 08:46:21 Reply Delete
Well I guess it really is too early to war. Leave each other alone?

From Count-Palatine Melodicious of XXXXXX(500XX)
2008-04-13 01:29:45 Reply Delete
well, I prefer to build, but then that is me.

16-19 April
From Margrave Thanderis of XXXXX (100XX)
2008-04-16 07:20:12 Reply Delete
Thanderis of XXXXX(100XX) has declared war on you!
failed scout
control strike 1acre
Failed Full attack
6 control strikes 1 acre
then nothing....
I sorced and scummed him for a set of turns,

Then, Whateva of xxxxxxx (300xx)2008-04-19 08:50:16 hit me 3 times with sorc attacks, they were deflected, but it did cost me 6 turns to put the shields back. He sent a sorry message it was meant for another kingdom. Well, I assumed it was an honest mistake.

then Thanderis dropped all his defense and sat there waiting for me to take his land... so I did, on April 19 after 2 days of sorcing and burning him.
I thanked him, but I did not understand him.

April 20
A few hours after I took Thanderis' acres, on the 20th of April I get this
From Margrave Thorax of XXXXXX (100xx)
2008-04-20 04:10:52 Reply Delete
Thorax of xxxxxxxx(100xx) has declared war on you!

I had no turns and had just finished my war. Had he looked at the NW's of our kingdoms he would have seen where I had just hit him hours before his declaration. My war declaration was still in effect with Thanderis, he was looking for free land.
failed GR attack
3 failed Full attacks (1 was fogged)
8 control strikes, some were effective - he took for a total of 102 acres.
then he sends me a scribe:
From Grand Duke Thorax of xxxxxxx (100xx)
2008-04-20 04:31:52 Reply Delete
It seems I have eaten more than I could have chew. Willing to withdraw if your not interested to continue this war... =) ~Thorax
I told him I was still at war and had just hours before taken the land it took me 2 days to prep for.

we had a short dialog:
From Grand Duke Thorax of xxxxxxx (100xx)
2008-04-20 04:41:35 Reply Delete
Sorry about that... I was just looking at the war page and see that your opponent was way way down the scrolls and the war was 4 days already... Hope you'll agree for 3 days non-aggression pact?
(it wasn't quite 4 days at this point)
From Grand Duke Melodicious of xxxxxxx (500xx)
2008-04-20 04:39:00 Reply Delete
ok... we will meet again. Just not now, I can't fight with no turns and too much open land.
He took free land and suffered nothing.

I built my land, saved up a huge treasury and was looking for a war. I was ranked about 7 and at the time nothing even close in NW was available. I started scouting and keeping a file for the future since I could not war. I scouted everything with in 2 turns of my kingdom. A few days after that day of scouting I get this from Thorax...

From Grand Duke Thorax of xxxxxx (100xx)
2008-04-26 12:41:13 Reply Delete
Your scout attempt without any message at all is an act of war...

Now lets keep in mind, this guy is huge and way larger than me he has 23K acres I had much less. He can't declare, he is also already declared on another... so he initiates another war with me through seen scum attacks before he declares peace with his opponent. isn't there something dishonorable in that? I believe he is hoping I will declare on him, he will gain the acres, but not suffer the dishonor of initiating a down hit, and maybe the game won't allow him to hit down that far, not sure.

He spent 94 turns burning and looting me. He looted over 60 million and destroyed 3600 buildings, some seen.

Let's look at his history:
20th Apr 2008 - Thorax (100xx) attacked Melodious (500xx) - View War - 22nd Apr 2008
22nd Apr 2008 - Thorax (100xx) attacked XXXXX (500xx) - View War - 4d, 10h, 36m.
26th Apr 2008 - Thorax (100xx) begins his scum war with Melodious (500xx) 2008-04-26 12:41:13

What happened to his opponent in the war? Well he hit him, and his NW has not changed since his initial strike, and now he is dead:
I will fight this fight. Or at least I was planning to. Then!

Look at this:
unicorn(100XX) performed a controlled strike against your kingdom!
2008-04-27 04:44:45 Delete
Your men fought like demons, but the armies of everafter were too much. You lost 1 Mullo, 0 Lamia, 0 Raksasa, 16 Centrocs, 0 Wampyr, and 0 Aswang. 134 of your peasants were killed in the attack. You were forced to surrender 1 acres of land.

The full armies of unicorn(100xx) invaded your lands!
2008-04-27 04:43:00 Delete
You cannot help but laugh. unicorn's forces were easily turned aside. You lost 0 Mullo, 0 Lamia, 0 Raksasa, 1 Centrocs, 0 Wampyr, and 0 Aswang. 134 of your peasants were killed in the attack.

"47 Shakes from (100xx) were caught sneaking into our land last night. Shall we return their heads to Grand Duke unicorn?"
2008-04-27 04:37:16

I get this message in my scribe...
From Grand Duke unicorn of xxxxxx(100xx)
2008-04-27 04:48:34 Reply Delete
i'm sorry mate, a typo mistake i was attacking someone else 500xx

The problem is this guy did not declare until 20 minutes ago... he didn't hit me only once, it was three times and 2 different screens. Weird stuff happening in this game...
Is this the way this game really works now?
People constantly fail attacking and mistyping numbers and then coming up with some kacoamaimy excuse why I should not decimate them?

Seems more like the strat is, you scout and if you fail, you attack, maybe even declare, and if not successful, you beg for forgiveness, claim a mistype or admit you messed up. How often do you people, that play this game regularly, accept this stuff?
And... should people already declared on others be allowed to find a successful war before declaring peace? I just find all this dishonorable. Anyone else think like me? or have I just been away from this game too long....
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby SoulDemon » Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:52 pm

Send me the kingdom #'s involved, I'll do some investigative looking.

I've been typing since I was about oh, 4 or 5 years old. I've never mistaken a 1, 3, and 5 which each have a key in between them as much as people have in this age of Solo alone. I doubt it is a mistake.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Gerien » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:29 pm

Um, I don't know why my name is in here. I sent a scribe because I desperately didn't want you to hit me back! :shock:
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Cindy » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:21 am


I didn't hit you back. I am just rather concerned about the order of events that have occurred in this game to my kingdom. Lots of mis types and over zealous opponents that beg forgiveness. You were first, so I didn't see a problem, but as you can see, it happened over and over again for various reasons... Just looking for clarification and if this is the way this game works now, or did I just get all the bad hits and typos.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Ashin » Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:05 am

That was me that *tried* to attack you and failed MISABLELY. I accually wanted to test attacking someone since I just started 3-4 weeks ago so I could pratice for unity. That failed attempted accually helped me to understand more about the game. When you sorc'ed and scum'ed me I really didn't feel like spending the turns to rebuild and was just hoping you would of killed me so I could try out a new race. But you didn't so I had to wait 2 days to delete it and start up again to understand vamps now.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Cindy » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:11 am

Thanks Ashin for letting me know what happened, I was very confused :P

Well, Thorax now has a full blown war on his hands. I declared today. I took more then 1/2 his acres and he is near 270K in the scrolls.
I will do my best to keep him down, until he asked for peace.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby ReapeRofSoulS » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:54 pm

Another thing that has become commonplace here in Solo Cindy, is people hitting other people at war. I just got plowed by Irvine less then 24 hours after I declared on Mr. Ed. His reasoning....he was told he could hit and that sometimes people hide in war declarations. :roll:

I'm not sure where hitting somebody for land, then having them burn your temples is hiding in a war declaration but perhaps I need the "new" definition of hiding.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Cindy » Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:35 pm

That makes absolutely no sense. It is very easy to investigate a war. If both kingdoms are growing in NW consistently for more than a day or 2; or one of the kingdom's NW has been stagnant for days, I would say this criteria makes for a "faked or inactive" war. But when you see the NW fluctuate and one or the other kingdom is losing NW, I would say the war is rather active.

Sometimes it takes a set of turns to rebuild before you can hit again, that's why I say more than 1 set of turns with consistent NW increases.

Or scribe the enemy of the kingdom your thinking of hitting. Of course you would have to hope they don't tip off your future opponent.

I like the history of wars that Kaz has made it so easy for us to see. There is no excuse for hitting a kingdom at war. I was a victim of the same...Thorax hit me the first time, while I was at war and still actively attacking. Now, that war he initiated was false on his part, he asked for peace when he failed to take much land or do a lot of damage, he left that war declaration in effect for 2 days until he was ready to strike another. I felt that would be easily identified.

see the war with with my first attacker:

16th Apr 2008 - 09:22EDT : START OF WAR DETECTED
16th Apr 2008 - 12:21EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 269,064 -- Melodious (500xx) - 342,664
17th Apr 2008 - 06:02EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 231,343 -- Melodious (500xx) - 310,696
17th Apr 2008 - 14:01EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 217,512 -- Melodious (500xx) - 337,657
18th Apr 2008 - 06:18EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 195,993 -- Melodious (500xx) - 340,695
19th Apr 2008 - 00:01EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 75,270 -- Melodious (500xx) - 337,455 <--- he dropped his troops
19th Apr 2008 - 20:27EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 37,752 -- Melodious (500xx) - 447,428 <---- I took his acres
20th Apr 2008 - 04:11EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 37,752 -- Melodious (500xx) - 637,362

This is where Thorax interfered with my war... very evident this war was active. He took over 100 acres and did a number on my defensive troops and a few forts, definitely lowered my NW.

20th Apr 2008 - 04:30EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 37,752 -- Melodious (500xx) - 414,700
20th Apr 2008 - 13:30EDT - Ashin (10xxx) - 37,752 -- Melodious (500xx) - 414,699
21st Apr 2008 - 07:07EDT END OF WAR DETECTED

Thorax first war:

20th Apr 2008 - 04:11EDT : START OF WAR DETECTED
20th Apr 2008 - 04:30EDT - Thorax (100xx) - 398728 -- Melodious (500xx) - 414700 <---- notice very little movement?
20th Apr 2008 - 13:30EDT - Thorax (100xx) - 365290 -- Melodious (500xx) - 414699
21st Apr 2008 - 07:07EDT - Thorax (100xx) - 362115 -- Melodious (500xx) - 404571
22nd Apr 2008 - 01:05EDT END OF WAR DETECTED

I think I did burn him a bit when I got a few turns, so his NW did drop slightly.

I believe the NW's tell a story of war activity. I wish people would utilize this very crucial aspect of this game. It would make the game loads more fun for everyone.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Calis » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:03 pm

If they weren't angie, I'd kill them myself

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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby -Exidus Kalimoor- » Fri May 02, 2008 4:10 pm

Well this is supposed to be a strategy page so here we go.
These are some of the things I do.

I am a very honorable fighter, i almost never attack a target while they are at war. The only time I would is if I was at peace and couldn't find an out of war target for a few days. Then I would look at the networth history for the current wars of those around me and see if i could find someone hiding as Cindy had mentioned. Haven't had to do this this age though.

Anyway, I love to get the first strike, so i try to war as often as i can. As soon as i come out of a war I immediately start looking for a new victim and pick the first one I can do some good damage to. This is made easy by the new war dec rule for land, if you can declare, than you can usually find a way to hurt them good. I tend to hit people with war the most, for I like having the land, and because I hate it when I burn and sorc someone just to have them downsize before I hit.

I try to keep my troops and scum up more than anything. Because I don't want to get my land taken or my temples burned. So I play a race with high scum. I don't need to build as many temples (over 3k) really ,unless i get so huge i loose top spell, since I guard them so well with lots of high scum. Your sorcery is only as good as your scum anyway. If I burn your temps from 2500 to 1000 or so with 20 turns than it doesn't matter if you picked a sidhe or not, your sorc is dead.

Anyway, since i mostly focus on land for all of my offensive actions, and choose to jump the gun and attack fast, the worst thing that could happen to me would be to get pled. So I use scum defensively during my short down times or if i have no target and am waiting for one to appear. I'll scout the ten closest guys to me on the scrolls, both up and down, and check to see how their doing whether they're at war or not. For those i get through unseen, I will loot if they have a lot of cash to fund my next strike on whoever, and if they have around as much temples as i do or if, because of their race, they pose a possible future threat to me, then i will burn them a bit too. If i get caught when scouting i leave them alone and give them a nice positive message about something I liked about the way they built their kingdom. I don't like to interfere with anyones war but i want the advantage from looting and I want to secure my position by disrupting possible threats before they become a problem. Usually the waring kingdoms will be close enough to me that I'll fuck over both of them anyway. Unless they have no cash or only a couple thousand temps.

I like to up hit a lot. Usually with war, if i break you and take half your land or more than i can refort to high scum and little defense and be ok, not haveing to worry about the other kingdoms retal. If i don't take enough land then i will hire low scum and high defense, but i will see this comeing while i attack and will stop to burn them before reforting with little thieves. That way if they feel they want to burn my temps, since they can't break my defense then they can. They can burn my temps, I have alot of mines and can rebuild them, but I can't let them pl me. So if they bypass my small scum and burn me then I will burn them too so they will not have top spell and refort defense. I make money while i do this, both off of their land and while i am burning them so if they don't agree on peace and me keeping their land, then we will do this for a couple days until i have enough cash to fort offense and finish them off.

The only problem I run into is when facing off against dwarves or vampires. They often have so many towers that even if i downsize all my troops and fort offense to max troop count I still can't break them. So i have to start by burning and sorcing and reforting to high defense and little scum. They still shouldn't be able to break me or pl me so they will burn my temps so they can try and pl me. And the cycle of burning each other repeats until my offensive strike can finally were them down or peace. Vampires are even worse though, but only because you have to hire more scum to get through, and their sorc is good. Burning a vamp as opposed to a dwarf will also get you seen so can't burn one day and sorc the next, but i always declare on war on targets I plan to war with and burn and sorc. So it doesn't really matter to me, I don't do the stupid burn one day and attack the next, if i know who I want to hit. I wouldn't want to have you going to war with some other guy after i burn you, I want your land, so i'm gunning for you as soon as possible.

If I get hit by someone first then what I do during my retal depends on how bad I was damaged. It's unlikely that anyone around me is going to have 4-5k temps, since I would have burned the threat down, so if I'm going to be pled then they will have to burn me first. If the burn and PL are not too deep than i will try and burn them back and refort defense heavy. Then keep burning to kill top spell and go offense if I can later. If i don't think i can break them later, than I'll seek peace. If it is bad, then I will say fuck it and downsize it all, fort heavy defense and seek peace.

If they hit me with war and don't get through or just barely do, then I'll loot them and fort offense and it will basically be a first strike for me. If they hit me with war and get through good, then I'll try to burn and pl them and then go max defense. I'll sorc them just enough that they won't downsize the land and will be hurt enough that my fully forted defense can hold. Then it becomes the burning and sorcing game until I finally where through them with offense or get peace. I go for peace quick on this because i don't really care, it's better than downsizing, my land is still out there and i can get it back later whether its from the same guy or another that took it from him.

If I get someone who burns or loots me i will usually see them since i have high scum. If I do then they become my next target. If i don't see them do it, I will try and discover who it was by looking through the scrolls. Usually I can't find out who it was because i was not online, and will give up. I don't start wars just on speculation. But since I have such high scum and you got through unseen, I will assume it was someone higher than me on the scrolls and try to scout them all. The ones I get hung on are my suspects and i try to plan my next strike to be against one of them. But whoever is not at war comes first, so I'll wait for my next possible target and hit them. But I will remember, and later when I have a choice of this guy who just came out of war and a suspect of former treachery that is also at peace, I will choose to seek my revenge on the suspected.

Anyway, these are the tactics I have been using and I don't mind revealing them. Would like to hear what the others here do and how they play. Maybe by reading them I could become even more deadly.

Hopefully this thread can become what it's title suggests that it is and not just a history of Cindy's or other people's wars and scribes.

Oh, and if you dare not post your strategies here, then I will assume that you are afraid of what I might do once I know them. So don't be Intimidated, let me see what you got... ; )
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Fireslash » Fri May 02, 2008 5:56 pm

its a war game, i hit to hit :wink:

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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Seska Dragonslayer » Fri May 02, 2008 9:20 pm

lol Like I need to put my strat down for it to be known....

My strat starts with a good build, and varies from one race to another. On sorc races (scum races are usually the same) I tend to keep 12.5% temples PLUS two backlashes worth extra so I don't have to stop sorcing to build. Warrior races are built barrack heavy for a good train rate. Races with strong forts I will use those forts for, else I maintain a full defensive fort at all time, even prior to hitting - I have caught many people pre-forted for war and destroyed them for it, and do not wish to suffer the same fate.

For me, a defensive war is the same as an offensive war. How I approach wars is dependant upon race.

For heavily offensive races, I burn temples if the enemy has low scum and is a sorc race (not likely), else hoard great amounts of cash and shift my fort ever so slightly more towards scum to hold that cash. Then its full offense, CS1 until ease, and eat 'em, saving enough turns to refort strong enough to keep them out, which can be calculated by their remaining land and their assumed maximum ability to fort offense or scum. Warrior wars are fairly straightforward....beat them until they can't touch you any more, and move on. If this entails taking more than 2-4K acres, unless my realm is allready well built and massive, most of it is downsized. Mobility is maintained through ease of movement, and its far easier to move fully built.

For sorc races, I will loot my target and burn their temples, and get a good start on sorcing to start a hit with. I do not sorc defensless, because people CAN be online, and because of this I can use a full 125 turns looting, burning, and sorcing without need to refort. Often it leaves my opponent half built with weak stores of cash. Generally I will sorc first and ask questions later, unless I can take land in first strike which is never. Following the initial sorcing, targets are offered peace in exchange for 2-5K acres dependant upon realm sizes; If they choose to fight it out instead, I will wait until I can take land. Any opponent that forts beyond my ability to break is either sorced to less than 1K built left, else sorc killed.

Target selection is always from above. Sometimes I warn my opponents that I am coming, sometimes I do not. I do not preburn, I do not preloot, and I do NOT fort offense prior to actually hitting. For preference, I will hit as far upscroll as I possibly can; at times that can be 20+ ranks if one of the upper guys is being retarded and carrying low scum. MY only real goal is to stay out of the top 10 until the later part of the age by slowly accruing land, rather than becoming landfat and a sitting duck.

In a defensive war, the goal is different than an offensive one. Downhits and gangbangs are grounds for immediate killing. A good solid hit that is fair, and my goal becomes to do as much damage as possible, and if at all possible, profit from it.

And that is all I will say on this subject....gotta keep some of my secrets, can y'dig it?
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Dark Horse » Sat May 10, 2008 10:15 pm

For me I just play off the cuff sometimes win sometimes loose... been 3 ages since I lost an dI dont' intend to start making a habit of it.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Reylan Talonspyre » Mon May 12, 2008 10:01 am

I sometimes hit down ... actually, I probably mostly hit down.

Oddly enough, I get hit down upon too, so it all works out.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Kaz » Sun May 25, 2008 6:06 pm

Hitting down doesnt really mean the same anymore.

The declaration is based on total land now rather than networth. You cannot declare more than 90% smaller land mass than you, unless you downsize land. It's not like income based declarations where you could just downsize troops, declare and then refort.

eg. 300,000 net with 10,000 acres hitting down on 200,000 net with 10,250 acres is hardly a downhit is the other player is out of war.

Your openness to attack is a calculated risk the player takes when they chose to fort cheaply on the networth.
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Re: Solo game strategies?

Postby Reylan Talonspyre » Sun May 25, 2008 6:21 pm

That does make it a lot harder to just down hit like the old days. Then again, this doesn't stop my favorite tactic of hitting someone right as the game goes back up after a break. I remember last Christmas the game came back up and I took a ton of acres off someone just because they were still with zero troops when the game started back up. I have zero skill, so that is my favorite strategy.

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