Malady and her bride (Distemper)

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Malady and her bride (Distemper)

Postby Agnus » Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:08 am

In a dark and dry land where spit is worth its weight, an odd silence crept across the arid land. The wind seemed to halt it's regular steady ebb and flow for a few brief moments. A great cloud muddled the sun ever so slightly. A flicker of movement perhap, a grating similar but not exact to stone on stone raced across the horizon and then as abruptly as the it arrived the land returned to it's desolate form.

Like some disease clinging fervently to a miserable existence all of eternity seemed unable to shake, kill, or jar and study, a greyed shape arose from the dirt where it had laid for many moons. The pattern was fixed and protest alone would not stop the return.
Legs wobbling from lack of use it stood, determined yet distracted.
A well-read mangled first edition of Brave New World peeked from the makeshift self-inflicted marsupial pouch carved into his belly.
He belched forth a grunt and began to move.
"Endurance is more important than truth"
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