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About the Solo Game

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:11 pm
by Kaz
Solo Game Information
Official Game info and rules thread, please do not post here.

Solo is a one player game. No allies allowed.

Standard Game Settings
Realms Allowed: 1
Turns Per Hour: 4
Starting Turns: 80
Starting Acres: 500
NPP Turns: 80

Alliance Information
No Allies
No Guilds
No Shadow Guilds
No Working alongside other Players
No Requesting aid from other Players

Race Information
Races Available: Four random races each age
Race Statistics: Uses same stats as Massacre

Additional Information
You should not be attacking other players when they are at war. To Aid in establishing whether a player is at war or not, you have three additional resources available in Solo.
  • War Threads. It is usual for the forum to contain an active thread for people to post their war status. This is your first port of call when trying to establish the war Status of your target.
  • The War Declarations Page can be accessed in game from the 'Alliances Screen'. This page will show you every war that is currently declared. This page does not indicate how active a war is.
  • UBSolo is an external game resource, that allows anonymous updating of Non-Scout realm information. Pasting the output you get from the game 'Scrolls' and the output you get from the 'War Declarations' into UBSolo builds up a history for each realm.

Downhits - The ability to downhit has been neutralised to make the game more challenging. You are still able to hit any realm you like, but you will no longer be able to declare on a realm that is much smaller than you. Downhits are based on the land in a kingdom, you may declare down by a maximum of 10% of your land. After this you will be unable to declare war on a smaller realm. Unless they have recently attacked you.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:17 pm
by Kaz
Additional Rules for Solo

1. Do not coordinate with other players. This is grounds for the removal of your kingdom and/or account.

2. Do not request the assistance of other players, whether through ICQ, AIM, email or other mediums. The forum moderators do play the game, though often under an alias, and are quite annoyed when they receive recruitment scribes. This will now be handled via a warning system.

1st Warning - You will get a aviary/scribe by one of the Voices letting you know that you have been caught cheating the game rules.

2nd Warning - You will get another aviary/scribe by one of the Voices in addition your kingdom may be edited down depending on the violation.

3rd Warning - You will be removed from Solo for the duration of the age. If it is near the end of an age, you will sit out the next.

Anything after that - You will be removed from Solo for good.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:29 pm
by Kaz
A Note about UBSolo

UBSolo is NOT built into the game like the Unity database.

It is an Old'Skool update it yourself database still.

When you declare war, UB will only know it once it has received a copy of the war declarations screen. The same goes for the scouts.

For UB to be as up to date as possible, as many people as possible should go to the Alliances Screen, click into the War declarations screen, copy the content and past it into the 'Add Wardecs' screen.

Then, you should go to the scrolls, copy them (not including the titles at the top) and paste them into the 'Add Scolls' screen in UBSolo.

Updating the Scrolls before the War Decs (or without the War Decs) will always lead to it being slightly out of synch, so War Decs should always be submitted first.

If you do not manually update the UBSolo, then do not assume it to be up to date, certainly do not go to war on the assumption that it is up to date.

Only the IN GAME war declarations page is ever 100% accurate.

Re: About the Solo Game

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:57 am
by Kaz
Added a section about the downhit code.

Re: About the Solo Game

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:49 pm
by Calis
Does an age in Solo last for one month or two?

[edit] This is a game info thread rather than a questions thread, so I'll lock it after replying. Depends on how we feel, there is no set in stone duration for an age. Might be 1 month, might be 2, might even be 3. If I go to reset Massacre and see a lot of the same colour, I'll probably reset Solo too. If it's looking varied, I'd probably leave it running. ~ Kaz