{TURMOIL} Nymphsong vs. A top Angie

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{TURMOIL} Nymphsong vs. A top Angie

Postby Nymphsong » Sat Oct 13, 2007 6:55 am

Decided my 7k to 10k and 1 14k acre parking lot dom needed to smash some of Angelique's finest. So I decided to do some scouting around. Saw the Angies and said yeah lets see If I can chip away at the big men at the top, granted I chose the smallest of the top doms (24k acres minimum.)

I hit my opponent sorcing to of his kingdoms to ashes one of which I might add did not even have a single temple.

Then I killed another 24k acre dom set heavy in scum, managed to finally break it after about 150 turns of CS 1.

The realms I hit have been floating up there for a while now and consistently growing.

The player then sends a message saying he is already at war with two people and needs peace...it has been given...but what annoys me about this there is no declaration in the TB about this/these war(s) and I am almost positive these wars he is referring to is some bottom feeding frenzy of his, I say this because if you have 0 temples on a dom an enemy will exploit that...yet the realm was alive and well when I found it...not so much afterwards LOL.

He also sent me a message saying to be more ballsy and hit the ranks 1,2,3,4...ummm yeah I am going to send my 200k net dom up against a 1.2 to 1.6 mil net dom...I pick uphits and wars I think I have a chance of winning maybe you should try the same. :roll:

Anyways here is the starting stats

Him: Angie: Average Net: Approx. 700,000k+

Nymph: Barnie: Average Net: Approx. 220,000k

Srry for not going after the king...LOL...

And srry for hitting you at war when you didnt post it.

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