Saving you from reading (Known Bugs and Restrictions) (OOC)

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Saving you from reading (Known Bugs and Restrictions) (OOC)

Postby SoulDemon » Tue Jul 06, 2004 8:42 pm

Just because I'm a nice guy and I wouldn't want people to actually have to read what I've posted - here will be a list of known bugs with Calam, and how you go about fixing them. Please do me a favor and at least take the time to skim this thread periodically in case I add something new to it.

This will save yourself the time of trying to figure out what my email address is (hasn't changed in 4+ years), or spamming my private message box which I normally check at work, and completely forget about by the time I get home.

Oh, it will save me the time from having to delete your email as well ;>


Known Bugs

- Same faith war declarations are wiped after 4 war attacks. Sorcery and Scum seem to work fine.

The Fix: Log out of your kingdom, and back in. It will wipe the war declaration and allow you to redeclare.

Game Restrictions

- You may not hit a kingdom at war. It is on the same timer as Solo.
- You may not form a guild.
- You may not form an alliance.
- You may not breed and birth a Foresonia child, proclaim her the Princess of the Universe and sacrifice small Darden puppies all in the name of holiness.
- You may not excessivly praise me. Its a game, I do a bit of work on it when I can. Enjoy it, and kill each other.

Thank you.
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