Calam Game Intro and Information. (OOC)

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Calam Game Intro and Information. (OOC)

Postby SoulDemon » Fri Jun 18, 2004 10:37 pm


Background Information

The name Calam comes from the word calamitas, which according to my resident latin translator (Holden) means misfortune, disaster, loss, damage, etc. This should give you a glimpse into what this game will be about.

The roleplay backdrop for Calam is going to be similar to Maxim. It takes place on an island, which was once covered with plant life and different species of wild life. A major set of storms came, tornados and earthquakes ripped the island apart. What was once a dense forest has been reduced to a third of its size, most of the land is barren desert including all areas of the shore.

Once all types of races inhabited the island. Elementals, Elves, Goblins, Trolls, and of course Humans. After the disasters, the only race capable of inhabiting Calam are the Humans. Every other race has been exterminated. There is no way off this island, the Gods for whatever reason will not even provide magical transport. You are stuck here, until you eventually die off too.

Game Information

This is subject to change. Please note that.

The game will follow "Last Standing" rules. You will be allowed to create one kingdom in a set period of time. In otherwords you will have one week from the start of the game to create your kingdom. After that it will be disabled. You will then have a weeks worth of time to build your kingdom up. NPP will last that entire week, however many turns it takes. Once that week is up NPP will be removed, everyone will be forced to play at least a turn. War will be turned on, its every man for themselves.

You will not be able to form alliances. If you are caught working with someone your kingdom will be removed via admin intervention. This will be monitored very closely. Once your kingdom is killed dead, you will not be able to restart or rejoin the game until it resets. So make sure you kill your enemies, or pray that your enemies don't completely kill you off. The winner will be announced once one active kingdom is left. Admin will do our best to remove inactive kingdoms , we will be monitoring this as well.

For the time being I plan on making some tweaks to the game. These tweaks include adjusting the turn rate as the number of kingdoms gets smaller and smaller. To keep the game moving at a decent pace so it doesn't become drawn out, the turn rate will periodically be adjusted. In the game you may find some of the spells changed, you may find some scum options changed or missing, the same with war. The scroll listing may be altered as well Not set in stone yet, depends on how much time I have and the code I'd need to manipulate.

There will be random occurances throughout the game. While I will not require that you roleplay, there will be the option for those who wish to write stories to do so. Please read over the background given above, this is a savaged land. You may find a tornado storm, or devestating earthquakes that have a definate impact on your kingdom.

The winner of the game will recieve a special posting title as well as a mention in a thread or in a Hall of Fame of sorts. The game will not reset with regular games, it will reset when it is finished. It may finish faster, or slower. We will see.

Board Information

The message forum for Calam is going to follow the Guilds game forum rules. OOC threads should be labled as such. Everything else will be considered roleplay. Roleplay is encouraged, in fact roleplaying in official threads or storyline threads (or creating a storyline thread) may find its way into the occurances in the game. I am going to leave that option open. If you choose not to roleplay that is fine, just don't interfer with the threads that are.

You may find specific stickied and locked threads that contain information relating to the game. Towards the end of the game you may find a bot script that lists kingdom name and stats. I haven't really decided on this yet, but its something I would like to do. These threads will be admin created and locked, and will be the only threads that allow such kingdom names or numbers to be posted in it.

Alll normal Tempers Ball rules apply here.
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