A storm is coming (rp please respect that)

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A storm is coming (rp please respect that)

Postby The One » Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:19 pm

A Storm was coming, the dark clouds drifted towards the lands.. and it raged as a caged beast, looking to vent its rage...

It would soon come to the lands and it seemed as though it could hardly contain the chaos within.. to render.. destroy...

A storm was coming..

The Lands would soon know, and all would despair... there would be no hiding.. no place to seek shelter.. all would feel its wrath...

It will strike Highborne to the lowest of peasants.. the blood would run high, streams would turn the red with the blood of its victims....

A Storm was coming...

Soon it would claim its first victim.. and all would soon tremle in its wake..
The screams of the dying were drowned out by the howl of the wind... none would survive..

A Storm was coming...
The One
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Postby Grunt » Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:20 pm

born of chaos
a child of war
the lord of chaos is his siren
a whisper in his ear
Grunt wanders the lands
Chaos and war being his destiny
Random acts of kindness will save the world
A Few Tend the Tree of Freedom so Many can Live in its Shade
To send men to the firing squad judicial proof is unnecessary Che Guevara
Doing the right thing is seldom popular and never easy
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