The Return!!(TDoD)

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The Return!!(TDoD)

Postby Dusty » Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:25 pm

After months of searching for something that once belonged to his father, Dusty had finally found the murder who had taken his father's sword. Even with Dusty putting his family"TDoD" on hold for months to go searching for the sword which he thought was destroyed in a fire. Will now pay off and make him whole again so he can return to his family in his home land TDoD.

Dusty was on his way home and was still yet a few days out he comes to a road crossing. He looks over to his servant and reach's him a scroll with information of enemy movement he came across, crossing enemy lands. Along with a note.


My old friend my searching has been successful. Now I can put my past behind me and move on with my life. I am once again flying the flag of TDoD. Just as a warning I have crossed enemy lands with my flag waving high. So I might be followed. Well I think you will be glad to see all of them coming your way as long as i am in front of them. I should arrive in my lands within a few days and prepare my things and we will meet to discuss my return. I am not sure the status of things but I hope to be caught up soon.


Dusty then separated from his servant and they went on to finish there travel.
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