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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 2:47 pm
by Gogreen
...the darkPrince had a good bunch of warriors in his employ.
The runner found the captain and relayed the message..the captain sprang into action,grabbing 'the Eye' from the cupboard behind him on the wall and his helmet. He dashed out the door putting it on as he folled the runner...he placed 'the Eye' on his face,calling on it's powers...the captain scanned the shadows,his vision incredibly adept at seeing even the most crafy illusionist now..

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 9:05 pm
by Kira
Kira came to a dead halt as the implication of Meeshi's words sunk in. She was a blood thirsty little wench wasn't she? For a split second, Kira actually entertained the idea of humoring the girl, however she had already fed before she left home, and she never fed more than once nightly.

Kira turned and gave Meeshi a long appraising look before she sensed she was making the girl want to sink into the stones on the floor. The girl enjoyed seeing such things, how unusual, but then again, maybe not. After all, one didn't grow up in such a household as this without being at least a little affected by it. Well why not, she would let the girl watch when she fed tomorrow. That is as long as she still was certain that she desired to watch. Her voice was not unkind as she spoke.

I only feed once per night. Even vampires can get fat you know. I prefer to watch my figure so that any men I may find attractive will watch it as well. However, I sense that you are burning with curiousity and you have served me well thus far. Tomorrow night, if you are quite certain that you still wish to watch, I will allow you to. Will that satisfy your proverbial thirst for blood?

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 9:53 pm
by MAlahzar
Malahzar stood in the shadows looking upon the great manor Gogreen called home deep within his keep,The hard part was at hand now how the fuck was he gonna get in there!

He could feel the energy of the warding spells and defensive magics about the home there was no holding any illusion once he made his way through the door more importantly it was almost impossible to get in without sending warning to every magic imbued individual within.

He thought of possibly just rushing the door but the eight heavily armed guards made him think that idea slightly foolish.Magic would not get him through either the barriers set in place would stop him like a brick wall if he tried the tunnels of magic.

Then he looked up seeing a window alight three figures could be made out vaguely.He could tell by the stance and stature of each man in the room they were no guards.They moved with the clear confidence and presence of being of those accustomed to being listened to without question.

Now how to get to one of the windows unseen

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 7:45 pm
by Gogreen
..Gogreen waited for Sturm and Nether to respond,but they seemed more interested in taking in the paintings and tapestries that adorned the walls of his meeting room. The darkPrince poured himself a glass of fine Elven wine and sniffed it before bringing the goblet to his lips...
He stiffened as the liquid wet his mouth....
someone was outside..within the keep walls..Gogreen moved to the window and peered into the dark,his Drow senses scanning with high intensity...

Gentlemen...we have a visitor..not sure who,but I sense he means no harm.

Gogreen emptied the glass,swished it in his mouth and spat the wine out the window,turning back to the bar...

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 9:05 pm
by Meeshi
Meeshi nearly beamed at first,but held it in as best she could. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke..

Oh m'Lady,I'm most definately interested! I wish to see how the consumption of human blood affects your mood and appearance..if at all. I've seen many things here!
Master Gogreen has several mystics and sages working on things in his private part of the tower. I've heard its something to protect Master...or those like him..

She paused there,as if she maybe had said to much...

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 9:22 pm
by Kira
Kira gave a small smile to Meeshi and then she spoke.

Fear not child. Had I meant your master any harm, I have a feeling that he would have been strong enough to sense it. What you say is interesting though, and perhaps he will discuss his work with me at some point.

Now if you please....finish leading me to where the others await? After that I will have no need of you again until sunset tomorrow so if I were you, I would get some rest.

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 8:06 pm
by MAlahzar
Malahzar could feel the gaze from the window peering out into the street when suddenly a slight scent caught his nose and a splash was heard on the ground just in front of him. DAMN!!!! What a waste of fine elven wine Malahzar thought to himself as he shook his head.

He had been watching the home quietly from different points and found one
possible entrance but the comely lass he could only guess a servant in the home was still seated in the room combing her long dark tresses but he could wait no more

He waited for an opening and sprang across the street and through the window silently entering the room as the girl turned to scream Malahzar quickly covered the lasses mouth and muttered a gentle spell as she fell limp sleeping in his arms he gently put her on the bed and made his way out to the hall

Malahzar raced through the hall and up the stairs he could the sense the presence of the drow but could not hone in on the exact spot while so otherwised engaged,it was only a matter of time before the guards came and he had a feeling they would not be asking questions of the stranger in their lords home..........

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 3:30 pm
by Gogreen
...The lone prowler ran through the keep unaware of just who he dealt with..he had underestimated Gogreen,just a bit! Malahazar was maybe unaware,but Gogreen had studied both assassin and illusionist arts quite extensively. Engineers had designed,built and installed several devices throughout the keep...some automatic,others controlled by remote triggers.
Malahazar ran to the top of the stairs and down the next hall. He was about halfway down it when the two drow hidden in the walls triggered the trap.
The floor dropped away for about ten feet in front and behind the prowler while from all four sides,nets were fired from small launchers...then the alarm sounded..

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 3:40 pm
by Meeshi
Meeshi nodded and carried on...

Tis not much farther m'Lady...just down this....

Her voice was cut off as an alarm sounded....Meeshi knew the alarm. She pulled Kira close and said loudly in her ear..

Thats an intruder alert! we must stand here until it is silenced. Put your back to the wall m'Lady,for the guards will be on high alert...they'll not hesitate to run a blade through or lodge an arrow into anything moving right about now!

No sooner did Meeshi speak this, that a runner scurried by,followed soon behind by the captain. He scanned them briefly as he ran by,'the Eye' on his face,taking a good 'look'....they vanished around the corner an instant later.

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 12:22 am
by Nether
The demon raised a gloved hand as a glass flew towards him from behind the bar. Catching the glass and placing it on the counter a bottle of dark glass then did the same and found itself place on the bar beside the glass.The cork was removed and the dark liquid poured out. Lifting the glass to his lips, Nether took a deep drink then refilled his glass. After dowing it he glanced over his cloaked shoulder, his blazing eyes glaring at the others in the room. He heard the words coming from Gogreen warning of another, and soon enough the scent met his nostrils and the sound of his heartbeat reached his ears.

With a smirk he returned to his glass. After several moments he perked. A strange scent met his senses. Turning he looked around the room, the source wasn't here.

His eyes blazed as he stood, turning he leaned against the bar, his eyes on the door.

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 2:09 am
by MAlahzar
The floor crumbled before Malahzar as he ran down the hall, the sudden stop almost sending him sprawling into the newly formed chasm before him.

Shit thought Malahzar, missed that one he thought to himself as the nets burst forth from the wall,but he was too close too allow himself to be captured this easily now in a word the net from the left burst into flame as he took the force of the other on the right the heavy rope entangled about him As he saw the two drow step from the shadows.

Fuck just what I need right now he thought as the the two drow closed the distance between themselves and him how unfortunate he thought as he reached within his cloak drawing the dagger he had brought for Gogreen and cut the net from about him.

He stood as the drows came within a few paces and turned they stopped eyeing the weapon and gauging the Elf dressed in white finery fit for the grandest courts in all the lands of TDOD.The one guard snickered as he closed on the left and the thrust his sword at the belly of Malahzar.The overconfidence in the move left the opening.Malahzar stepped in rolling his back down the flat of the blade and swinging viciously before realizing he still held the dagger and pulling his strike as his foot flashed out tripping the Drow as he maneuvered himself away from the chasm in the floor and standing now with the two drow between himself and the chasm.

The other Drow looked on cautiously now closing in with the movements of an expert bladedancer as his friend righted himself,Malahzar returned the dagger to his cloak and awaited his opportunity knowing he had precious few moments before these halls were filled with guards.The bladedancer lunged forward slashing down at Malahzar as he stepped to the right and grabbed the drows wrist twisting the arm deftly,he slammed back with all his weight narrowly avoiding the blade thrust of the other drow as he slammed the skull of his compatriot against the wall with a vicious elbow he could feel the limpness come briefly upon the foe as his head reeled from the force of the blow.He stepped back from the drow focusing on the other opponent as the others head reeled from the blow he had delivered.

"I really just do not have the time for this good sir I must be about my business so please remove yourself from my path"Said Malahzar jovially knowing full well no guard worth employing would even acknowledge his words in this situation.

The guard rushed forth launching a vicious assault Malahzar heard the blade cutting the air with each narrowly avoided sword stroke.

Phewwt Malahzar swore he saw a few hairs fall to the grown as he ducked the sword stroke and kicked the inside knee of the drow causing his knee too buckle as the guard dropped Malahzar kicked him swiftly across the face sending him reeling back.Malahzar saw it immediatley the bladedancer starting to rise caught his knee across his jaw with a vicious crack he slumped to the floor unconcious.The other his feet entangled in the net set too trap Malahzar ,worked at freeing his feet as Malahzar gripped the net pulling the guards feet from beneath him,He swiftly wrapped the drow within the net tying the ends securely and threw him back against his fellow guard.

Gripping the other net Malahzar tied it into a loop and cast it about a lamp post on the wall and swung himself heavily flinging himself across the pit with the momentum of the rope

As he ran down the hallway he smelled it there it was Malahzar would know that smell anywhere FINE ELVISH WINE he slowed himself as he half ran half walked through the door seeing three men he exclaimed generally through the room

"Lord Gogreen I presume,your a hard man to see aren't you?????"Malahzar walked behind the bar pouring himself a drink of the wine much too the shocked or was it amused look upon the faces of the men in the room.