return of the ancients (or would you just rather davion)

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return of the ancients (or would you just rather davion)

Postby mico_davion » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:59 pm

ok, i'm back again.
here is the the return of davion take umm... where was i. i think it was take 5. dragon blade reincarnation. lol.
the ancient sword rips free of it's prison deep that was deep within the earth for ages long past. brought forth into the present buy a new horrble threat. from a time when race and religion didn't matter brought forth into a world of chaos on the verge of total war. it calls forth it's master from a past long since gone through the sands of time. to once again be the chosen one. along with the rest of the seven swords of the ancients. but were could there weilders be. how many of there spirits have all ready been reborn and how many will need to find new masters from the blood lines that stretch through eternaty.
the names of the other six blades: alrith the sword of peace, calinthor the war sword, orin the light blade, zolither of the dark. kanorith sword of illusions, and tamorick the blade of natures power. history of the swords: kanorith once belonged to diamond wolf, and allowed him to turn into a wolf himself. tamorick once belonged to fiora fireheart, sephrinia's grandmother. alrith once belonged to angelica heartwind, that was silvans great grand mother. calinthor belonged to orion kinafir last. orin belonged to fiora's sister charisma fireheart. and zolither used to belong to one who called him self magus the dark magician.the swords now in cricle lord davion and the dragons blade waiting for the six that will claim there destiny's as members of the council of the ancients through blood and soul.
born of fire now forever lost in darkness, only the protective powers of the dragons blade keeps me in this plain.
i am mico davion the zombie warrior mage.
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