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Guild Recruitment Links

Postby Voice Gareth » Tue Apr 18, 2006 6:46 pm

I am providing a stickied thread here with links to make it easier to find guild recruitment threads.
If I haven't included your thread then please send me a PM.

Angelique Guilds
Avatars of Ascension (AoA)
Dark Order of Peon Extermination (DOPE)
Goblin Salvation Army (GSA)
Lords of Decay Elite Reborn (LoDER)
Omega Dawn (Omega)
Solitary Knights (SOL)
The Enchanted Warriors (TEW)
The Natural Evolution (TNE)

Barnabas Guilds
Elephant Cavalry (elephants)
Fervent (Fervent)
League of Fear (LoF)
Merry Union of Mercenaries (MuM)
Revival of Humanity (HUMAN)
Ruby Knights (RK)
Templar Knights (TK)
The Dawn of Discord (TDoD)
Total Destruction (TD)
Ushers of Apocalypse (UoA)

Leto Guilds
Disciples of Chaos (DoC)
Dogs of War
Fires of Eternal Light (FEL)
Remnants of the Horde (RoTH)
Sanctuary (Sanctuary)
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