Sartorious Has Passed Away (part II)

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Postby bigSparky » Sat Nov 01, 2003 8:26 pm

Times like this are hard to find a way to express what you feel. Tolvag and I lost Mom two years ago to pancreatic cancer. It is horrible to see the ones you love become shells of themselves, and know there is nothing you can do to ease their pain. The whole time she was on chemo, she just got worse and worse. She loved to cook for us tho, and she was verry good at it. She was also a very good gardener and enjoyed it very much as well. They had just moved into a new house three months before she passed. Through all her pain and suffering, she worked hard to make great meals and turn this new house into a home. sounds as tho Sart displayed this same type of courage and resolve as my mother. I know it had to be hard for you and your family, and especially his family, to witness this. I know it was for us. I'm not gonna say anything like how it gets easier over time, as I now find myself crying again. Maybe it's the combination of thinking of her, thinking of losing HER father last tuesday, and thinking of the pain Sart and your family have been through. All I know is the damn waterworks have started again. All I can tell you is remember the courage he displayed throughout
aqnd try and harness it for yourself.

I tend to judge people on the way they treat me, and my observations of how they treat others. While my experiences with Sart were few, they were
always pleasant and respectful. He seemed free with using the scribe and I don't recall a single time that he was rude or mean or vile. I have read many of his posts over the years, and can't recall any of those in which he was less than nice either. He gave me some good advice back in my first age of Monarchy. Tho I do not remember what it was, it was so long ago now, but the manner in which it was given earned my respect. I know it ain't much, but take it to heart that he was well liked and respected throughout this community. He was indeed "one of the good guys". He will be missed.
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Postby Fo » Sat Nov 01, 2003 8:38 pm

Following are some posts made by Sartorious in a role-play thread June 1st 2003.

Stumbling into the center of the room, Sartorious looked around at all of his friends. Not a word would come to his lips, everytime he attempted to speak...gibberish rendered itself unto the world. Nothing he spoke would make any sense to those around him.

He tried again to speak his will. He tried to tell the warrior's of INCA how much they have come to mean to him. He looked at Virch, and Doc and Tal...then at Asoc and at Elfie...Tiamat and Phadraig came to center in his vision.

Creaser almost cause his eyes to over-fill with tears. Loki caused his heart to ache. Little did this band of warriors know....Know what a true void within his heart they had filled.
Decae, SoulDemon, Rathowen....Maniacal, Venus, Hatred and multiple others. All concentrate, haze and center in his focus. Like his life flashing before his eyes, he see's each one...whether and a friend, an allie or a true enemy though each an important part of his collective life. All...each and every one has had an effect on him. Each made him stronger....made him weaker because of his love/hatred for them.Many others came to mind as this moment flashed through his mind.

Once again he looks around at his surrounding friends and attempts to voice his words. Once again he is over come by tears and frustrations....


Looking at the whirl of color flashing before his eyes...he tried his damnedest to keep them under control. To feel see the vivid colors, the loving...the hatred...the harsh emotions that wreck his mind and crush his heart. He slipped his hand into his pocket feeling for the pictures that have come to mean so much to him.

He found that he held much more then the actual pictures the resided in his pockets. He found the he held memories that some people would doubt...some would would say so what. He held onto memories that would have made any life worth living...

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Postby Avanthor » Sat Nov 01, 2003 8:45 pm

Sad day indeed,Sart and I conversed numerous times while I was part of TNE he was one of the first peeps to hit me up on ICQ when I joined them.Our conversations usually consisted of talking about our little ones,and things that could be expected with our newborn in weeks to come.Even though I didnt get to know him as well as I would have liked the conversations shall be missed.Prayers go out to family and friends in these hard times.
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Postby Archangel » Sat Nov 01, 2003 9:27 pm

I knew him only in passing, but that does not mean he shall not be missed.

*salutes the fallen warrior*

May your rest be peaceful.
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Postby ZigZag » Sat Nov 01, 2003 9:32 pm

Sorry to hear of your loss Taylor.
May you and your family find peace in your time of sorrow. ;(

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Postby Snottling » Sat Nov 01, 2003 9:51 pm

Reading of this has brough more than a tear to my eye! as indeed it has to thoes that knew him...
From the point I joined this community online I have known of him..
I only knew him through his posts but I do remember him as one of the first peoples posts I read...
I feel for his loved ones', to have lost a dear one is never easy. And I hope that he will live on in their hearts and their actions, as he will live on within this community.
This sort of thing is never easy to say! let alone to try to graple with a post on a board on the net...
Nuff said (nothing can convey the loss of a loved one, that one can find words for. Nothing is not enough and yet ther are no words for what needs to be said.)
thinking of you in your time of grief.
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Postby Darkhorse » Sat Nov 01, 2003 10:10 pm

*Sighs* Another good man taken far too young. My prayers are with you and your family Taylor, and hopefully you can believe he has travelled on to a better place free from the pain he had to endure here, but he will be sorely missed, as he has touched the lives of so many.
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Postby bd_redman58 » Sat Nov 01, 2003 10:25 pm

In a game of war and death, its humbling to know that we all really CAN see the line between real life and this game.

Sart, I only knew you on the board man, not really, but kind of, but for all its worth and a little more, godspeed to you.

To yoru family, stay strong, Sart obviously planted that seed in you, now let it grown and blossom.
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Postby Seska Dragonslayer » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:02 pm oh man...

Dunno how close you could consider me to you...I know I had a lot of dealings with you over the years, am pretty sure I ended up under the wings of a guild you were in at one time or another...

But I did know you for what you were....still are, in a sense. A good, honest, and kind person, who never took things too seriously. I guess I know why now.

To your family....the best wishes I can possibly give for such a tragic loss...

Sart - ya'll be missed greatly. Another hole in this game, another light gone...
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Postby ElathanM » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:10 pm

I first met Sartorious when I started playing Monarchy back in 1998 in the guild Deaths Dark Shadows, as a new member he'd helped me alot in the game, over the years I got to know him fairly well since we had a few things in common like martial arts.

When he found out about his cancer he sent me a message on icq and told me, told me how serious it was. At that time his wife was pregnet with there second child and told me the doctor's didn't think he'd be alive when she was born, he also told me how he felt that he wouldn't get to see her grow up and become a young woman and be able to take her to her prom and a heap of other things.

I told him the doctors were wrong and he was stronger then what they thought that he'd see his baby born. He did get to see his baby daughter born and for that I am very happy, at the same time I'm sad as hell cause she and her brother have lost a great father and his wife a great husband.

I also knew how sick he was from his treatments, how he felt after them for days, not being able to hold food, and all I wanted to do was help him in some way and having the sinking feeling that I knew there was nothing I could do apart from give him more support.

The last time I seriously got to talk with Sart was probabily alittle over a month a go, he told me the good cells were slowly getting higher and I remember telling him he was going to get better and he'd be able to do all those thing's he'd said he'd wanted to see his daughter do. It saddens me deeply he won't.

I just wish I still had all my icq logs from when we chatted, unfortunately my computer has crashed that many times over the years that I don't even have the logs from the last 6 months.

Sartorious, where ever you may be, I hope you are now without pain and in a better place then what this world can sometimes be.

I will miss you greatly.

Taylor and to Sarty's family, I am very sorry for your loss.
Sartorious, may the angels embrace you in their wings.
As you look down upon us, you shall see us smiling up at you.
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Postby Ike » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:14 pm




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Postby Spike » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:29 pm


I... Wow.

I never knew him personally, but I knew his name, and could point him out by icon.

He will be missed, as evidenced by the thread and a half we've already gone through.

I think in this case, it's a fitting memorial.

Good luck and godspeed Sartorious. Don't have too much fun in heaven.
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Postby Absinthe » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:29 pm

i searched my mind for some story about Sart, something...

But we always just talked briefly, game stuff. Last time was in turmoil, couple of era's ago.

I don't have any words, only sorrow. Sorrow, I didn't have the chance to know him better.

Bury him with a sword.
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Postby Asoc » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:32 pm

You are one of my brothers in this game.
I love you bro.
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Postby regicider » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:30 am

I'm shocked.. i was talking to him just in last age in solo

My deepest condolances... :cry:

God bless Sart and family.
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Postby The Lost One » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:32 am

It is times like this that bring to the forefront that while this is only a game, the community goes far beyond that...we are a close knit family here and regardless of petty squabbles over trivial bull, there is a large contingent of loving, caring, kind, generous folks here.

Sartorious, you'll be missed and I'll tell my grandma to look you up. You'll love her and I know she'll love you.

Taylor, thank you so much for seeing fit to let all of us know. I realize the pain we are feeling is eclipsed by the pain of losing a brother. I would just like you to know, as I am sure you can see by the outpouring here, that your brother was well loved and respected here. He was able, through something as trivial as an online role playing game, to touch the lives of many, many people and through his actions both in game, on these boards and over ICQ. I for one am a better person for having known your brother.

Please accept my deepest sympathy for you, your family, and his wife and lovely children.
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Postby Korath » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:51 am

I just finished reading some of the conversations me and Sart had over the last three years, Sartorious was always a great player and leader we usually played different faiths but we still managed to fight together from time to time and spoke kind words even when we fought against each other.
Sartorious will be missed, and will be in my prayers along with his family.
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Postby SyPTo » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:57 am

although i did not know the man nor the player behind the name , i give my sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
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Postby The Mighty Stamar » Sun Nov 02, 2003 1:37 am

This is such a bummer.

I knew Sartorious from the last guild standing games.

What an incredible amount of fun he made for so many people during the time he played this game.

Which was a very long time, Im pretty sure longer than I have.

I had no idea he was ill. It is hard to absorb.
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Postby Crynus » Sun Nov 02, 2003 2:31 am

I remember the name, and I usually dont remember names in here unless they are a person and player of some merit and honor. I am happy to say he was both, and as most have said before, he will be sorely missed.

If I had one wish to be granted, it would be that his children one day learn of their father and the great things he was, and the great love he held for them, so that they can be comforted that his spirit will always be watching over them.
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Postby DanielOLP » Sun Nov 02, 2003 4:00 am

Taylor my prayers are with you and Sarts family. And Sart. One day all us INCA's will unite again in your honor bro..May you rest in peace..

Your Friend


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Postby mel » Sun Nov 02, 2003 4:01 am

*Speechless* :(

Rest in Peace Sart....We're all going to miss you.
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Postby Karhedron » Sun Nov 02, 2003 4:22 am

His passing will leave both worlds somewhat lacking.

Heh... I remember warring both against and alongside Sart on numerous occasions, and he always surprised me with his utter pleasantness and good humour. A Lord both of Canon and the real world, he had the gift to make those who barely knew him smile... and so his friends must have been truly blessed.
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Postby Lancelot » Sun Nov 02, 2003 4:39 am

May God walk with you my friend...You shall be sorely missed.
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Postby Kwaiq » Sun Nov 02, 2003 7:05 am

He was one of the good ones, always fun to talk in peace Sarty
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