The Passing of a Dear Friend (Rathowen/Donavon RIP)

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The Passing of a Dear Friend (Rathowen/Donavon RIP)

Postby Kaz » Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:36 pm

This thread was posted on the Monarchs Glen message boards.

Just incase anyone pops by here, we thought you'd also want to know.

Decae wrote:I am sad to share this, but as some of you were fond friends of his at one time, I thought it was appropriate. Rathowen, or Donavon Fox, passed away in his sleep last night. His mother called me this morning.

I've known Donavon going on 10+ years and it was directly because of this game. I'm a bit too stunned to write more still, but I wanted it known. I know he was in an old NWN guild and typically played a Paladin, so if you have information on those, please PM me with it. Brian, I think you and he were in the same one for some other game.

He died young, but left behind a legacy of being an impeccable gentlemen, a great friend, a very loving son, devoted brother, and an outstanding adopted Uncle for my children.

Feel free to comment in here, or pop over to the thread on MG
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Re: The Passing of a Dear Friend (Rathowen/Donavon RIP)

Postby Hern » Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:08 am

Wow...I was having a moment of nostalgia and I came on to see if people were still around...this makes me sad=(
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