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Postby Lady Dustball » Thu Dec 09, 2004 8:12 pm

Shred sometimes the greatest of tragedies in our lives also bring out the changes that we failed to see we needed to make. It does suck though that they are trying to sweep it under the rug cause of her past. Some things just are that way that should not be that way, holidays are always hard after losing someone dear to us and a murder is even harder to deal with. The Christmas after Jeff was killed I remember being around the family and just how hard it was there was no longer that bright smiling kid around. It was a senseless crime also. I remember the toast given New Years eve that year about how the family had learned a new meaning of hard times but still what kep them strong was being a family. Extended family included. I hope they stop dragging thier asses though and get this done .... Jeff's case had gone on for a bit they knew who did it they had them but they had no body, the sick fucks that they were had done stuff that I still can not talk about and her it is many years later. I know its not easy and I am not saying it will ever be easy just know others do understand your pain.
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Postby Shred » Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:13 am

when we broke up 6 months ago, i walked around here in this 200k house feeling sorry for myself, was always depressed, me not being with her was part of it..... the other part was me just feeling sorry for myself, because i wasnt a rock star. the cheers i use to hear were gone.... i now know what real pain is dust.

i once told Cheri, there is nothing in this world like being on stage and ppl cheering for you, actualy you and saying how great you are. i told her it was the greatest feeling in the world.....

again i was sooooo wrong. the greatest feeling in the world was holding her in my arms, the smeel of her hair. the warmth and security that was , when i held her.

i would trade all those cheers , all those praises, all those ppl telling me how great i was, for just 5 min in her arms.

this latest murder of dimebag darrel in ohio is just another reminder of how little those cheers mean. how little this house , cars , money , fame all mean.

it dont mean shit. even when i was with her i moped around some. because i wasnt a star. when all along i was. because i had her.....

my best friend, lover, wife is gone. its been almost a month. the pain is worse now than it was , because the shock has wore off. i have a 12,000 dollar set of double bass Tamas sitting in the studio right next door. thinking of burning them just because of that bullshit i told her about that no other feeling in the world horse shit.

everthing looks dif to me now.

i have 3 beautiful children who are looking to me for strengh, i pray i am able to come thru with a little on christmas eve. Niechi said what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. Stronger ? or Harder, more cold distant and heartless.

Sundra has a poem/song (or did) i wrote in nov 2000, actualy it was even posted here i believe back then.

one verse said Hate is the temple and pain is the art.

now my dreams are truly Ghost that dance in the Dark.

i dont want ppl to feel sorry for me, or give me sympathy for what i pulled here a yr ago. i have paid my dews for that .

i want ppl to grasp what is really important in life.
not money, not fame or glory.


True Love is all the secruity anyone ever needs.

Dont let foolish Pride strip you of whats really important in this short life. as it did to me.
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Postby SoulDemon » Mon Dec 27, 2004 12:29 am

Moved this to the "In Memory" forum as she was a member of our community at one point and time.

Just our way of remembering.
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