For those of you who have heard NWN mentioned by older vets

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For those of you who have heard NWN mentioned by older vets

Postby Calbrenar » Tue May 04, 2010 12:41 am

Check out Pretty damn close recreation of the game a lot of the origional monarchy players grew up playing. Don't be fooled by the graphics PVP is turn based and a lot of fun. Feel free to look me up if you need help.

I heard they had a pre-generated character option so you don't have to max a clam (10 cleric 11 mage multiclass) to be able to check out pvp and see if you like it at all -- can just make a new char and try it out so I decided to get a few friends playing.

Anyway I ran into Katishya tonight (Calbrenar's ic mother from something like 14 years ago lol) and we were talking about past nwn players and I mentioned talking to Neuro and that last I heard at least one former NWN player was here (Kati says hi by the way Demmy) so I figured I'd throw up a hi and see if anyone wanted to check it out. Dunno if Decae still checks in at all or if any of the other guys are still around. Feel free to toss me a pm or im if you have any questions -- still Calbrenar on aim / calbrenar@yahoo on yahoo etc.
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