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Looking for help with a non-profit project

Postby Pia-Orcs » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:02 pm

Hello everyone, :)

Please help support a non-profit project of the German University of Duesseldorf!

With help of the German gamer community the University of Duesseldorf has succeeded in developing a diagnostic questionnaire which does not confuse engaged MMORPG players with so-called “addicts”. This is an important opportunity to break the stereotype of the “pathological gamer”!

After this success, we are striving to expand the project by translating our questionnaire in order to be able to provide standardized diagnostics not only nationwide, but on an international level. Please help us realize our “25QUESTions Project” by filling out our short questionnaire on


and by doing this, participate in eliminating the pathologization of engaged players!

This is NOT a survey: The data will solely be used in order to evaluate the characteristics of our questionnaire, which is later going to be used in clinics. At this point, the questionnaire cannot yet determine whether somebody is addicted to MMORPGs or not.

Here you can get an overview of the (good :)) characteristics of our German questionnaire (in English):

http://www.piaorcs.uni-duesseldorf.de/2 ... esults.pdf

You can contact me through: sabine.breuing at uni-duesseldorf.de ,
for example, if you have any questions about our project, or if you are interested in supporting us by translating our questionnaire into another foreign language… :)

Thank you very much for your assistance! :)

Sabine Breuing
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