Firearms for the women.

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Postby Demi Hemerood » Mon Aug 07, 2006 11:38 pm

First - you can't privately buy or sell firearms in Cali. You can't even trade a .22 squirrel rifle to your cousin Jebb for a pint of whiskey.

Nor should you. Make it a couple liters of good booze, and maybe it'll be a more even trade. :)
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Postby Thantos » Mon Aug 07, 2006 11:48 pm

by Glock 22c, I meant the Glock 22 compensated model.

here's my biggest problem with trying them out. there are vurtually NO gun ranges in my area that allow you to rent guns without someone else going with you that already owns a similar gun (and brings it) Shit if i knew someone with a glock i wouldn't be renting. pricks.
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Postby Atla » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:11 am

Go to an out of state Gun Show.

Nevada would be nice, as only about half of the states these days allow record-free private sales. And Nevada happens to be one.

And trust me, these states piss off the do-gooders. They don't like the idea of anyone buying a gun out of a newspaper ad, or a flea market, or going to a gun show to buy a rifle from a complete stranger with absolutely zero permission or record.

I'll try to make this short.

If you've never been to a gun show, or even if you have - theres certain things you must do to prevent any sort of trouble.

First. Watch the seller. Don't buy from anyone looking underage(ask for ID if it's questionable), watch out for anyone with jail type tattoos, don't buy from anyone who seems nervous, and definatly don't buy from anyone who asks a lot of personal questions.

You ain't there to talk anyways. Don't talk about the government, politics, 'gun control', etc. If anyone asks - you're buying it for protection.(Which you are so you ain't got to lie there.) BATF and federal agents are known to go to gun shows and 'sweet talk' people into saying the wrong thing and then arresting them on bogus charges.

Second. Always pay cash. No reason to leave a paper trail to you, especially if the seller were to ever commit a crime. Besides, most people like cash anyways and prefer it over checks or cards. And you would be amazed at how flashing a little green can get sellers to lower their prices.

Third. If you pick up a firearm of any kind - wipe your prints off it. If anyone asks, tell them it's to get rid of rust-causing oils(which is true). If that gun were to be bought by someone else that day, and used in a crime - your prints are on it.

Fourth. Examine the gun carefully. They will be locked up, usually a chain is run through the trigger guards and the seller will have to unlock it for you to examine. Check to make sure it's empty(ask the seller if you ain't sure how to check it, cause some guns are wierd as fuck anyways) and don't be afraid to dry fire it while pointing it in a safe direction(up at an angle away from anything and anyone). Check as many moving parts as you can. Take a small flashlight and peek down the barrel.

Fifth Get a bill of sale and have him sign it. It can be as a simple as a;
"This Glock 35 with the serial number 938383049 has been paid in full by Atla.
Signed, Jim Bob the Third."

Sixth Don't resell a gun you just bought at the same gun show. You think you won't, but if you buy a Glock for 300 bucks... turn around and a man in a suit with a smile offers you 500 for it.

Don't fucking sell.

You can get busted for 'operating a firearms buisness without a Federal Firearms License'. And you're looking at being broke from lawsuits and ass fucked for a very long time in prison. All because you made a profit, no matter how legal a profit it was.


Yeah, this may be paranoid. But if it keeps your ass out of jail, or having a piece of shit weapon and minus a few hundred bucks - it's worth it.

Now. To cover your ass even more.

Park a few blocks away from the gun show and walk to it. The Feds like to watch out for out of state plates. When you walk back to your car, make sure no one is following you.

Lock it up as soon as you get in your vehicle. It will take some probably cause to get the lock opened.

And write down the make, model, serial number, caliber, date, and price. In case it's ever lost, stolen, or unlawfully confiscated. Store this info somewhere safe. As in, not at your house or work. Throw in the bill of sale also.


Here's why you shouldn't do what I just told you to.

Under federal law, you have to be a resident of that State to transfer any firearm. Even one bought or sold privately(such as a gunshow). As you are not a resident of Nevada - you will be put away and assfucked if you are caught.

Thats why you park away from the building. And avoid any personal questions by sketchy people about where you live, etc. Also, by locking up your new firearm - it makes it more difficult for the goons to take it from you. Probable cause and all that, which ain't worth much.

It's a victimless crime, one that deserves to be broken.

And again, do not let anyone try to talk to you about machine gun parts, sawed off barrels or stocks, explosives, stolen goods, or pre/post-ban hybrids(guns made of both banned and unbanned parts). If anyone asks, say you don't know anything about that. Which most people don't anyways.

And it would probably be best, if you never told anyone you bought it out of state.

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Re: Firearms for the women.

Postby Boston T Party » Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:19 pm

I read Atla's brilliant observations here, so well crafted.
And I agree with pretty much everything he's written!


Because in my book Boston's Gun Bible I pretty much wrote
everything he's "written" here.

For example, his tactical tips to women were quoted (without credit) from
pages 6/15-17. His gun show tips? See page 28/2 of my book. His list
of Ruger firearmes used by mass murderers. Also in my book. Etc.

So, being new on your forum, what is your policy against members who
steal the copyrighted work of others?

Meanwhile, I request Admin to supply me with all registration info and IP addresses
of this, uh, gentleman.

Good shooting,

Boston T. Party (aka Kenneth W. Royce) (Boston's books)

Boston's Gun Bible available from: ... UN%20BIBLE
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Re: Firearms for the women.

Postby SoulDemon » Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:42 pm

So the book must be selling so well that you have nothing better to do but sit and google the internet for random quotes supposedly from it (no specific proof, other then a link to a book) from over 4 years ago eh?


I wonder if Stephen King does the same thing.
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Re: Firearms for the women.

Postby Boston T Party » Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:45 pm

So the book must be selling so well that you have nothing better to do but sit and google the internet for random quotes supposedly from it (no specific proof, other then a link to a book) from over 4 years ago eh?


I wonder if Stephen King does the same thing.

Actually, I was searching a subject unrelated to me or any of my books,
and an oddly familiar text string came up. So, I had a look.

Regarding the online activities of Stephen King, you'll have to ask him.

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