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Forum Rules: Comments

Postby Voice Tomah » Sun Sep 29, 2002 8:22 pm

Comments Rules

First, and most obviously, follow the overall rules of Temper's Ball at all times.

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Comments is sort of a catch-all forum, so we're lenient on the content that is placed here. However, there are a few things that will not be tolerated.

1. Personal Threads - Basically, do not make a thread that only speaks to one person. If it looks like it could have went on over private messages, it will be closed. This forum encourages participation, and personal threads do not add to that. Example - a thread called "HEY BOB CALL ME" probably would be just as useful over E-mail or ICQ.

2. Issues with Staff Members - Got one? Take it to e-mail. Don't do it on the boards.

3. Vulgarity - Yeah, we're a vulgar bunch sometimes, but if it's excessive, it will be editted. Please use discretion.

4. Harassment - Don't do it. If you're found following someone around the forum, posting unrelatedly for the sole purpose of insulting or praising them, you'll be editted and warned.

5. Reset Threads - Please don't post threads about the reset. Sometimes, there are issues that arise that keep the game from getting up immediately. Issues like this are best dealt with over e-mail, not on the forums.

This thread may be updated from time to time (like once every four years, apparently :)) as issues arise. Keep an eye on it. I'm going to lock it to keep it simple, but as always, the Comments Duo is always open to e-mail with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. Feel free to drop any one of us a line.

Have fun!
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